Christmas 1989 was memorable for my low income family.

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8 Dec 2017 00:13 - +4312
My pops somehow rustled up enough money for a less expensive ColecoVision. Only game we had for it was Smurf Rescue, so we played the hell out of that game day in and day out. Beethoven's 'Pastoral' from his 6th Symphony is forever burned into my mind in the best possible way thanks to it. Years later I found out he put in almost 40 extra hours of work in the weeks prior to get us that. Humbled the hell out of me.
8 Dec 2017 00:55 - +724
I was so poor I had to put it on lay away at walmart and make weekly payments from my $5 allowance. My dad went and got it out and surprised me after like 5 or 6 weeks. Also when I saved the princess, I paused the game and waited till my mom came home and met her at the driveway jumping up and down screaming "I SAVED THE PRINCESS! I SAVED THE PRINCESS!"
8 Dec 2017 00:29 - +353
I was working in a restaurant that year and I heard a very old waitress tell her bus boy "I would like to give you more because it's Christmas but I need to keep enough to get my Grandchildren the Nintendo they want so bad." The kid was shocked "You would take money from me to get your grandkids what they want for Christmas?" She took his hand in both of hers and looked him in the eye and very kindly said "Honey, I would *kill you* to get my grand children what they want for Christmas."
7 Dec 2017 23:49 - +211
thats the exact face i made when my folks got me the NES. we were pretty poor around that time too
8 Dec 2017 01:14 - +197
That was the same day I got my NES. I was 4, and it ended up being the love of the first 18 years of my life. I still can't beat goddamn Battletoads, though. Edit: Who am I kidding, it was the only love I had the first 18 years of my life.
8 Dec 2017 01:06 - +132
Ahhhhh that tv. Completely remember turning it off with a pop and then watching as the ghosts slowly faded away on the screen.
8 Dec 2017 02:08 - +93
As a single parent , my mom was able to buy my brother and I a Super Nintendo and a game boy for Christmas. I don’t know how she managed to do it making 15K/yr, but she did and it was the best!!!! Her sons are now college graduates and professionals. Now we get to buy her stuff.
8 Dec 2017 00:08 - +69
All my friends had one which would suck as I would have to sit and wait for them to get bored so I could have a go which was around the time it was dinner so I had to go home. But now that I’m a working man, we’ll let’s say the tables have turned.
8 Dec 2017 01:56 - +68
We were low income too and I remember begging my parents for a sega genesis and my mom kept telling me it was too expensive, so I gave up on that fantasy. I later found out my mom had worked overtime for weeks to save up enough money to get us the sega that Christmas.
8 Dec 2017 01:30 - +31
Wow. That's when we got ours. Same bundle, same low income situation. You got me reminiscing OP.
8 Dec 2017 02:41 - +27
Man this hits me in the feels today. My parents got one for my brother and I from Santa. They were pretty poor too. I loved it because my brother would actually let me play with him for once since I was the annoying younger sister. Our parents divorced the summer after and life was rough after but my brother and I still gamed together like crazy. Come time for us to go to college we agreed to share custody of the NES. He took it the first year, his freshman year. Then he let me have it for a year. I gave it back to him after my year with it and he returned to school. I went and stayed with him in October for a weekend and we spent the weekend playing Mario and partying. It was a very eventful weekend similar to dude where's my car. Unfortunately he died in early January following that October and my parents wouldn't let me go help pick his stuff up from his apartment. I was upset and said I was worried they'd miss something important. Sure enough they did not get NES. We spent our whole childhood building an epic collection of games and accessories and memories and it was the only thing I wanted and it was the one thing they left. I haven't played or wanted to play NES since.
8 Dec 2017 01:04 - +25
This was exactly my 1989 Christmas! I was 10 😀
8 Dec 2017 00:34 - +19
We don't have much but we have a Nintendo. Score!
8 Dec 2017 01:24 - +17
That is the most 80's picture I've seen in a long time and I'm pretty sure my house in that year was identical. Same TV, firewood on the floor, even the same brown wall panels.
8 Dec 2017 00:14 - +15
Hope we get this look from our little guys this Xmas. Got the COD WW2 Ps4 for them :) My middle aged ass might be more excited than them.
8 Dec 2017 01:28 - +15
I got my Nintendo on the same day. 1989 what a year!
8 Dec 2017 01:38 - +15
Make sure your TV is on channel 4
8 Dec 2017 02:22 - +13
Clearly not that low income if you were able to afford a home with that snazzy wood paneling.
8 Dec 2017 00:50 - +12
I was in the same boat. I had wanted the Power Pad set when it was released, but ended up getting the same set you are holding here. Greatest memories of friendships with neighbors and my childhood came from that set. I'm grateful my folks made it happen ❤️
8 Dec 2017 01:52 - +10
great pic, I am 35, this reminds me of myself when I got my nes. Thanks
8 Dec 2017 00:32 - +9
Great move going with the 2-in-1 Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt action set.
8 Dec 2017 01:57 - +8
This is really awesome. Growing up in a low income blue collar family, it was 3 years after Nintendo came out that we finally got one as a "family gift from Santa" I was never so happy in my life. My 3 sisters on the other hand could have cared less.
8 Dec 2017 02:14 - +8
When it first came out my brother got it for christmas and I shared his joy. No console I have ever had since was quite the same as that one. It was pure joy to play it and spend those days with my brother. Those were such good times.
8 Dec 2017 01:59 - +7
8 Dec 2017 02:18 - +6
I guess I was more low income....
8 Dec 2017 02:05 - +5
Awesome pic! I remember the xmas I got my Sega master system. Mom and dad had split, we were tossed out of our house a few months before that, but my mom was able to scrounge together enough money to get me a Sega. Love you mom!
8 Dec 2017 02:24 - +5
Got me all teary eyed and shit. 89' was the year my step dads car got stolen and apparently christmas was in the trunk.. but my best friend got a genesis. So I basically lived with them.
8 Dec 2017 01:58 - +5
Right there with ya buddy. Me and my sister had to share our Nintendo as it was the only gift we got that year. The hardest part was buying a new game. when my birthday or x-mass rolled around was the only time we had enough money to buy one. So many times I got burned by a crappy game. We didn't have any place to rent them from and not many of my friend (the few I had) had many games themselves. The games were so expensive we they were not to leave the house, so no trading. When one of us got a new game we all waited to find out if it was good or not.
8 Dec 2017 02:01 - +5
I got an NES on Xmas morning too - might well have been 1989 come to think of it. We didn't have that much money either but I knew it was a big gift and I had the same face as well!
8 Dec 2017 02:12 - +5
We used to walk across town to rent one of those at a movie store. Haul it back in a big black suitcase taking turns. Three brothers happy as hell, wasn’t able to afford one but could rent it every now and than.
8 Dec 2017 01:51 - +5
Good parents always find a way to give their kids. I bet your parents sacrificed a lot for this. Its not hard to be a good parent. Just think of your kid before yourself.
8 Dec 2017 03:06 - +5
Around about the same time I really wanted a Commodore 64. All my dreams at the time were about that computer. I knew we were shit poor but I still wanted it and knew I could take a job in a couple of years time and save up and buy it myself. My mum was a single parent and worked two jobs to keep us afloat. On Christmas Day I came downstairs and didn’t have a lot of presents. Only about three little ones and a ‘big’ present. I thought money must be really tight as my brother and sister had the usual amount. I figured I was the eldest so I’d understand. Lo and behold I opened the ‘big’ present and it was the computer. Turns out my mum had taken on a third job to pay for it and the games to go with it. I’ll never be half the parent she is but I’m definitely going to try Going to see her tomorrow. She’s getting an extra special hug from me!
8 Dec 2017 02:33 - +4
I’ll never forget that Christmas morning, where my brother got an N64 and we all got bullshit. “It’s meant for you all!” Then why did it have his name on it?
8 Dec 2017 02:34 - +4
Awesome! I got my Nintendo, for Christmas, the same year. Then my mom became the first one in the house to beat 1-4 Bowser. Good memories.
8 Dec 2017 02:32 - +4
We also had NES and SNES growing up and I have no idea how my parents found the money. It was definitely a treat that my sister and I really appreciated.
8 Dec 2017 02:55 - +3
Post Malone dat you?
8 Dec 2017 02:43 - +3
We got one too same year. Can't post a pic of it cause we couldn't afford a camera lol.. my parents played more than we did! Good times.
8 Dec 2017 02:07 - +3
I literally have another version of this exact picture. And it was also very memorable for me and my low income family as well. 👍🏼
8 Dec 2017 02:04 - +3
Yes! Check my post history, OP! I think we had parallel experiences.
8 Dec 2017 02:22 - +3
My low income family got that exact same set probably the exact same Christmas. So much Duck Hunt was played by all. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
8 Dec 2017 02:49 - +3
oh this melts my heart, it was a big day in my household too when we finally got a NES
8 Dec 2017 02:24 - +3
I also got a Nintendo that Christmas. I was apparently not too bright at the time - my dad and I went to Florida (DisneyWorld), and we went into a store and he bought the Nintendo *right in front of me*. I asked him why he was buying one, and he said that a neighbour's friend asked him to buy it for their kid. I said ok, and thought nothing of it. Yeaaaaah it was for me. Needless to say I went nuts when I received the gift. I guess the thought of getting one was *soooo* far outside of the realm of possibility for me that seeing my dad buying one didn't even register in my brain that it might be for me. Oh innocence. So cute.
8 Dec 2017 02:07 - +3
Fuuuuuck I’m so excited for you
8 Dec 2017 02:31 - +3
Christmas 88 for me, but same financial situation. Best memories of that system and family time. I was kid 4 out of 5... It was from Santa to me but was quickly informed it was "for the whole family."
8 Dec 2017 02:40 - +3
Those are the best memories, when you know your parents can't afford much, but they pull some magic out of their hat. My brother and I wanted an Atari in the early 80's and parents just kept saying no, come Christmas morning it was sitting there all set up with Space Invaders playing. Can't beat memories like that.
8 Dec 2017 02:31 - +3
when i got my NES, it was something that i absolutely fell in love with and will forever be burned in my memories as one of the most happiest days of my life.
8 Dec 2017 02:49 - +3
I still remember the Christmas I got my NES. I was born in '82, so I'm guessing I got it around the late 80's. Like 87-89. I believed in Santa, and had a similar reaction to this. Pure joy. I remember actually saying out loud to my parents and siblings after I opened it "I wish Santa was here right now so I could hug him!" For New Years Eve that same year I also remember going to the local video rental place (which was actually a bait shop that rented movies and games as well) and rented Zelda. It was a big deal staying up until midnight for kids, and I remember playing that game in the hours past my bedtime, waiting to watch the New Years countdown. I also remember leaving the NES on pause that night, because we weren't used to games having a save function, so I could be in the same spot the next day.
8 Dec 2017 02:33 - +3
Though people like to balk, sometimes money does buy happiness. As a former poor kid, I should know.
8 Dec 2017 02:51 - +3
Do you know what they were the best days. You didn’t have much so you appreciated what you had. Kids now get too much too quickly and it’s ruining them.
8 Dec 2017 02:56 - +3
Your smile in this picture is one of the most genuinely heartwarming things I've ever seen :)
8 Dec 2017 02:55 - +3
Man this brought up conflicting feelings for me. Being a kid, mostly oblivious to how hard my parents worked to provide me the gifts I got. I sometimes didn't get what I asked for, but each Christmas was awesome. Now, my 9 year old asked for a Switch, the first truly expensive thing he's ever asked for. He would be as happy as the kid in OPs picture if he got it and we simply can't afford it at this point in time. I hope I'm able to make it up to him someday.
8 Dec 2017 02:39 - +3
Nice! I'm a bit older, so in my world we wanted Atari, but got something called "Intellivision" instead.
8 Dec 2017 03:02 - +3
We got one from my grandma for xmas that year. She had no clue what a "Intendo" was but she knew we wanted it so she got us one. My grandma passed last year. Thank you so much for bringing this memory to the surface. I owe you one.
8 Dec 2017 02:34 - +3
I bought this exact box set this year for my boyfriend for his birthday. He still hasn't opened the box haha

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