My boyfriend hid his disability for 17 years & finally stopped hiding his hand. Super proud GF moment [13:19]


8 Dec 2017 00:36 - +3892
Seems like a nice dude. Good luck to y'all.
8 Dec 2017 01:46 - +3874
how he lift tho? seriously, straps? what kind of grip? thats super cool
8 Dec 2017 01:32 - +1808
my 6 year old son saw me watching this. his immediate reaction was, "wow that's awesome! I bet that helped him lift weights and get so strong!" he kept watching with me and eventually asked what the word disability means, I explained, and his response was, "that's not a disability, that's a super ability."
8 Dec 2017 01:13 - +1559
Hopefully the publicity and feedback from this video will boost your boyfriend's confidence around this issue. You can see how much it means to him and how much courage and bravery it's taken for him to do this. When he mentions not seeing (or often seeing) others with a disability like his, he could look up [Alex Brooker]( (presenter/journalist, best known as a presenter on 'The Last Leg' and there are many clips on youtube) whose hands/arm appear similar (I know it's not the same thing but just a public figure that's similar). Edit: I just watched the video of your boyfriend getting his prosthetic hand and that one was really awesome too.
8 Dec 2017 01:21 - +885
Teachers let him continue having his hand in his pockets during football and other sports without knowing he had a disability..?
8 Dec 2017 03:55 - +813
Watched the video from the beginning. He says, "*I'm going to step down from the whole role model character...*" /u/itsthatonegirlvyanca tell your BF that by removing the glove and accepting this part of him instead of hiding it, he failed at that -- what he's become is even *more* of a role model, IMO :)
8 Dec 2017 05:00 - +609
Please thank him for his bravery. I had a friend in college. She lost the end of her thumb when she was a child. A heavy door closed on it. And it was amputated at the knuckle. When she was in college, she confessed to me that she always hid that hand. And when I asked her to see it. I couldn't believe it. It was no big deal at all. But she started crying and wouldn't stop crying. I was like the only person who has seen it in since she was a child. If it took her that much courage and effected her that much for just a thumb tip. I could only imagine how much courage it took this hero to make this video and try to start to get comfortable with it. Please pass on the support and congratulations for doing something so brave! He will be so much more of inspiration to those with unique body features or handicaps now!
8 Dec 2017 02:49 - +487
Is being mind-numbingly handsome a disability? He's so attractive it's kinda distracting.
8 Dec 2017 02:04 - +442
as someone with a similar birth defect, this hit home.
8 Dec 2017 04:12 - +204
That’s Chris Ruden! I went to high school with him, such a good person and inspiration!
8 Dec 2017 04:07 - +165
The only thing I kept thinking was how much he lifts.
8 Dec 2017 01:49 - +147
Back in 2010 I was involved in an accident that severely reduced the functionality of my right hand. Essentially I have a claw like grip with a thumb that only moves at the bottom most joint. Confidence has never really been a problem of mine in most aspects of my life, but the gym is daunting. How did he start training? Has he always used the glove with the hooks? Does he use elastic bands? If he has a video or a walkthrough of exercises he does with his hand that would be fantastic!
8 Dec 2017 02:05 - +145
I have a kid that plays at my Airsoft field who was born with no hands and is a complete boss. Dont hide who you are, inspire people by showing them what you can accomplish.
8 Dec 2017 00:54 - +105
That's awesome. Good reason to be proud.
8 Dec 2017 01:35 - +87
Still looks like he can beat the shit outta me lmao, congrats to yall!
8 Dec 2017 01:16 - +84
Great job. It was one hell of a mental barrier to overcome.
8 Dec 2017 03:17 - +80
damn he fine
8 Dec 2017 01:16 - +72
I hate myself for [this]( but it's all I could think of. But seriously, true courage. Good luck to you.
8 Dec 2017 01:21 - +64
All those wasted opportunities to be a robot for Halloween.
8 Dec 2017 01:25 - +39
This is an incredibly hard thing to do and I hope that he sees that this is a great step towards visibility for people with disabilities. Its very inspiring and I wish you both the best.
8 Dec 2017 02:32 - +37
As someone with a foot disability, this really hit home. My parents put me through a lot of swimming lessons and i would always try to hide my foot behind my other. Other instances were times whenever i was asked to take my shoes and socks off. I went to a camp and we had to draw the outlines of our feet for some reason. I remember just running away so i could avoid it. I was able to hide my foot with a shoe so it was less noticeable but people are smart and can see that somethings wrong. Now that im older i look at my disability as something that made me stronger as a person.
8 Dec 2017 01:39 - +34
It sucks that as kids people are so judgmental and we have to sometimes hide things from people. I wish you the best man, you don't know me but I am proud of you.
8 Dec 2017 05:35 - +26
As someone with a hand disability, I thank him for this video. I too have spent most of my life, still to this day hiding my hand. Tell him to look into the Lucky Fin Project which is kids with hand disabilities a lot like ours. It would be awesome if he could talk to these kids and show them they too can overcome their disability and become anyone in life who they want to be. Respect to your boyfriend and I hope to one day be able to do the same.
8 Dec 2017 04:09 - +25
Anyone else thing his hand is pretty cool?
8 Dec 2017 02:24 - +18
I also have a physical disability, although not as severe as the person in the video and very different in general. This video made me feel a little better about it :)
8 Dec 2017 05:26 - +16
What the fuck is my excuse to not be in that shape man.
8 Dec 2017 03:26 - +15
Thought this was gonna be one of those finger hole beneath the waist videos.
8 Dec 2017 02:02 - +11
I feel so honored to be able to witness such a terrifying yet freeing moment in someones life such as this. You can feel the weight in his words. This is obviously going to be a journey and a new chapter in his and your life. I hope along the way he continues to finds peace of mind and body.
8 Dec 2017 04:22 - +10
I don't have a physical disability but this really hit home with me. I have puffy nipples and I was always super self conscious of them when I was a kid. I know it might sound trivial but it really bothered me as a kid. I wouldn't take my shirt off in public at all. When I went swimming I still wore a shirt. If there was a basketball game where it was shirts vs skins and I got on skins then I would refuse to play. I remember one time I got in trouble in gym class because of it. I didn't get comfortable with it until I was about 25 years old. I used to think why couldn't I just have normal nipples like the other boys. When he said everyone has that tiger in the room he was so right. Like I said, I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal to some people but it was really bothersome to me and it took a lot for me to get over it. This guy is a great motivational speaker and I'm glad that he made this video. Props to him for overcoming all that he has and I wish him the best of luck in life.
8 Dec 2017 04:17 - +8
This is what a role model looks like. This is what self actualization looks like.
8 Dec 2017 06:13 - +6
I don't know your BF, but I'm proud of him.
8 Dec 2017 04:23 - +6
My hand is also disabled and can totally relate. It even feels weird calling myself disabled, but I guess it's the right word. I lost fingers due to trauma at age 3. I always put my right hand in my pocket. I hide it a lot, sometimes use a book to cover it. What really gets me is handshakes, I always awkwardly use my left hand and often get strange looks. Part of me is afraid that people would feel disgusted if they were to touch my hand. But lemme tell you, my pinky makes up for all the other digits.
8 Dec 2017 03:57 - +6
I can relate hiding thungs you dont want to deal with or arent willing to accept. Hopefully one day I will have the same courage and strength this man has. I believe him when he said that this is the hardest thing he has ever done.
8 Dec 2017 05:11 - +6
Good for this dude. When I was in my teens, I weighed close to 300 lbs. Got picked on a lot. Over the years I lost a lot of that weight. At my lowest weight I was 172 lbs and 6 ft tall. Even then, and still now (I've put on some of that weight) I don't take my shirt off. Beach, gym, bed. Doesnt matter. I'm 30 years old and still struggle with it because I lost so much weight so quick that my body didnt tone properly. One day I hope to have the confidence this guy has. Props to him for stepping out of his comfort zone.
8 Dec 2017 05:38 - +5
Damn. As someone who has a disability extremely similar to your boyfriend, I am also very proud of him. As a kid, when my mom brought me clothes shopping. She asked the people working if she could possibly buy a set of gloves where one was a kids and another was toddlers. The employees were nice enough to do so for the two times I got gloves, rarely gets real cold where I live. I still feel the same sentiment as your boyfriend sometimes. I also like to wear long sleeves more than short because my arm with the disability is stuck at an angle and is half the size as my other arm so seeing this is pretty uplifting. On a side note, I find it awesome that he was in drum line. I also was in it, but in the pit since I can't get much movement from my arm and that much grip from my hand.
8 Dec 2017 03:56 - +5
Hell yea dude. Good for you, I’m happy for you. It’s crazy that someone can be so good looking and fit, and a tiny little issue like a hand can drive you up a wall. You’re doing A-okay brother, I don’t even know you but I’m proud. Have a good day.
8 Dec 2017 03:07 - +5
I want to see how he lifts with that hand.
8 Dec 2017 06:16 - +5
As someone who's missing a hand as well, I commend you brother!! It's not easy but accepting who you are and overcoming your limits servers as an inspiration to others!
8 Dec 2017 05:36 - +5
Chris has been such an inspiration to me. He continues to be one of my favorite IG accounts for so many reasons. Happy to be able to relate to him on a certain level or two. Thank you for being so awesome to him.
8 Dec 2017 03:44 - +5
I wonder if Alanis Morissette has this same disability.
8 Dec 2017 05:52 - +4
damn, i wish i could’ve been his friend growing up, seems like a cool dude but i can kinda understand hiding it especially throughout school cause kids are fucking brutal. Keep on keepin on!
8 Dec 2017 04:53 - +4
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Onward and upward fellow human

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