Guess we all played this DnD Version at some point...

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8 Dec 2017 01:47 - +1751
*rolls a one* "Because I couldn't pick just one joke about your weight"
8 Dec 2017 05:35 - +780
Red: Come on, high roll! avoid an argument! Yellow: you cant just roll to avoid an argument, are you trying to persuade her? or lie to her? or are you doing a charisma check against her will? Red: uhhh *checks character sheet* oh, can i use intimidate? ~~Yellow~~Blue: *smirks* lets try that and see what happens
8 Dec 2017 01:21 - +703
I always wanted to play d&d but never had any friends to play with. Finally I replied to a craigslist add from a dungeon master looking for new people to play with. I told him it was my first time and I was kind of nervous, he said it was okay, he was a firm but merciful dm and as long as I followed his rules I might enjoy myself while I learn my new role. I should have made sure we were both talking about dungeons and dragons before agreeing to meet up..... That was an interesting weekend.
8 Dec 2017 01:10 - +178
That's pretty clever! * critical fail * "Your wife wants a divorce."
8 Dec 2017 01:35 - +109
Nothing's better than a couple spiced potatoes, a rainbow bowl, and a nice game of O&B.
8 Dec 2017 02:45 - +87
Silly dragon. There's no way to avoid an argument with a woman that wants to have one.
8 Dec 2017 06:23 - +39
In case you haven't seen it, check out Humans and Households: Short series of videos about a group of D&D characters who play a game called Humans and Households, and have to figure out our world. They interact with our world the way we interact with things in D&D and it's awesome. It's by Dead Gentleman, a group that made another HILARIOUS series of movies called The Gamers: Don't let the production quality throw you off. This is hilarious if you play D&D. There's also two followup movies. The first is called The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, which is a continuation with better production quality. The next is The Gamers: Hands of Fate which is a Magic the Gathering spoof. They have a webseries, but it continues AFTER the movies.
8 Dec 2017 01:07 - +27
What do you mean I haven't memorized Find Keys today? I hate Vancian mnemonics.
8 Dec 2017 06:27 - +26
This feels like such a "I do a syndicated cartoon in the paper, and I've got a joke about a game I've never played" kind of joke. Obviously I'm not saying the artist never played D&D, but it really has that "sunday morning paper" vibe to it.
8 Dec 2017 05:12 - +24
"Does my ass look big in these jeans?" *rolls 20* "Yes honey, but that's how I like it" *Smooth talk bonus* "gain a power buff the next 5 turns, WOOHOO!"
8 Dec 2017 04:26 - +24
But people don't play as dragons in Dungeons and Dragons. For the analogy to make sense, they should be fighting humans, not playing as them.
8 Dec 2017 02:23 - +17
"Because you're beautiful & only attempting a shot at you could serve to ease everyone elses insecurities......?"
8 Dec 2017 02:46 - +12
This doesn't make sense when the dragons are in houses, too. Maybe a dungeon would be better.
8 Dec 2017 06:43 - +11
8 Dec 2017 01:39 - +10
When fantasy creatures play /r/outside.
8 Dec 2017 06:29 - +10
I prefer the Offices and Bosses module.
8 Dec 2017 05:53 - +9
Pretty sure foxtrot did it first guys,
8 Dec 2017 06:59 - +6
Then you always have that one guy in the group that just doesn't get it. "I breathe fire on him and eat him." "You can't breathe fire and he's too big to eat." "Then I unhinge my jaw and eat him raw." "Humans can't do that." "This game is bullshit!"
8 Dec 2017 03:04 - +6
8 Dec 2017 01:56 - +5
Green dragon is speechless
8 Dec 2017 04:21 - +5
[Papers & Paychecks]( FTW.
8 Dec 2017 07:02 - +3
Sometimes this game breaks out in the middle of REAL D&D.
8 Dec 2017 06:41 - +3
These are chromatic dragons. There's no way they'd concern themselves with humanity. That's the domain of metallic dragons.
8 Dec 2017 06:39 - +3
I was playing a game with friends once we were fighting cowboys outside of a mine, I ran in and killed one but was at 1 HP and had to wait till my next round to heal but I was able to take cover behind a tree, then one of the enemy cowboys threw a stick of dynamite at me, rolled a good on the throw so it landed at my feet, I did an acrobatics check to try and get out of the way, I passed with a 20 every one flipped their shit, DM wasnt to happy though, he rolled to see what happened, I threw it back at the cowboys and rolled for the throw barely made it by 2 of them, then got a 20 for damage killed them both. DM: "BUT, BUT, BUT, HOW?!?"
8 Dec 2017 03:47 - +3
Why do these dragons trigger a nostalgia feel in my brain? They look familiar.
8 Dec 2017 06:31 - +3
I've never understood how these RPGs worked. I've played video games like Final Fantasy or Pokemon, but never a real-life RPG
8 Dec 2017 05:20 - +2
Alan Moore did this joke in the short Smax miniseries. There were some [Hobbit equivalents] playing a game called "Malls & Muggers".
8 Dec 2017 06:50 - +2
I had a party member who was a bugbear wizard. He was a huge nerd and played "humans and highschools" in his downtime. He got myself and our druid to play as well, much to the annoyance of our other three members. He even made us minis. Eventually he burned to death, I keep some of his ashes in a necklace still.
8 Dec 2017 06:28 - +2
My group from years ago made an in game game called ‘ diners and drunkards’ with classes like line cook, server and bartender. We gave each other stats and played ourselves.
8 Dec 2017 07:00 - +2
Okay so here's what gets me about D&D: I played for maybe 6 weeks, while I was out of work due to an injury. There were dungeons. There were so many dungeons. But not once a dragon. When do the dragons come???
8 Dec 2017 07:12 - +1
Humans and homelife
8 Dec 2017 07:01 - +1
The comic strip 'Foxtrot' had a story line with this exact premise and game title, which makes me think this guy stole it.
8 Dec 2017 03:03 - +1
I love the genuine look of concern on Red Dragon's face.
8 Dec 2017 06:59 - +1
They should be playing in a dungeon!
8 Dec 2017 03:08 - +1
this comic just gave me some extra pep in my step for some reason.
8 Dec 2017 07:07 - +1
Let’s hope he doesn’t roll a “do I look fat in this?” card.
8 Dec 2017 06:48 - +1
This got a good hearted exhale of air from my nose
8 Dec 2017 07:11 - +1
They should be in a dungeon
8 Dec 2017 06:48 - +1
This reminds me of the farside comics for some reason and now I’m thinking about how much I miss those.
8 Dec 2017 06:56 - +1
[LET.S PLAY Existential Crisis and Dragons](
8 Dec 2017 06:52 - +1
[Like this](
8 Dec 2017 07:01 - +1
Offices and Bosses is better
8 Dec 2017 06:53 - +1
Should be in a dungeon.
8 Dec 2017 07:04 - +1
I have a shirt with the houses and humans thing, but instead of this comic it has really detailed drawings of the dragons sitting around an equally detailed table.
8 Dec 2017 06:39 - +1
alliteration and same syllable count? my works on several levels boner is pretty solid right now thank you
8 Dec 2017 07:07 - +1
Why are they not in a dungeon though?
8 Dec 2017 05:13 - +1
So, they play The Sims?
8 Dec 2017 07:10 - +1
The joke doesn’t really make great sense. No one other than a DM plays as a full on dragon
8 Dec 2017 06:35 - +1
love it
8 Dec 2017 06:53 - +1
Good for Ord for making new friends.
8 Dec 2017 06:29 - +1
I'm still playing it. My character keeps getting resurrected, but always wakes up in shackles in the castle dungeon.
8 Dec 2017 06:53 - +1
Dude I fucking live for this shit
8 Dec 2017 06:56 - +1
They could have called this "Houses & Spouses", but they didn't.
8 Dec 2017 07:08 - +1
I'd play the shit out of this.
8 Dec 2017 05:23 - +1
Another great variant is Malls and Muggers
8 Dec 2017 07:10 - +1
When is the release date?
8 Dec 2017 05:37 - +1
So... Fiasco?
8 Dec 2017 07:11 - +1
I'd say: babe, babe. Everyone except you loves your hair. Don't listen to Cassandra. She's a ho, and she doesn't know what she's talking about. Besides she can't keep a man, amirite? You're the most beautiful woman in my eyes. And i would never ask you to change. Bam!!! Perfect evasion.
8 Dec 2017 06:02 - +1
For most humans the response is more like “Oh HELL yeah! I knew holding onto that +3 pointed comment would come in handy. I’m gonna one shot this bitch!”
8 Dec 2017 06:15 - +1
I want to try and play this game but sadly couldnt find people in nyc. anyone?
8 Dec 2017 01:07 - +1
Hmmm, I guess you could say that they're game is [Earthbound](
8 Dec 2017 06:43 - +1
See this is why I've managed to stay single all this time.

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