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8 Dec 2017 06:37 - +4527
Maybe it's different for railroad trains, but on the subway we're just taught to stop the train and close our eyes/look away cause there is no chance in hell we'd have time to open the door and head to the passenger space. Still, as a subway conductor this sucks. I love my job, so much, but I hate this, it's stressing me to death, I dread the day it will happen to me. It's not all suicides either more than half are accidents, drunks or people high on some substance, or kids, or people that slipped. Heck a few months ago, someone was pushed in front of a moving train and still. Every fucking day I drive in with this massive train into a station going 50km/h and people still stand less than a meter from the edge as if they'll get on the train faster.... Still I'll have kids and young adults thinking it's the most hilarious joke to pretend you're gonna jump when you drive into the station. Every time my stomach drops and my whole day is ruined. Fuck.
8 Dec 2017 03:41 - +3389
That's awesome, I need conntext thought
8 Dec 2017 04:46 - +1262
When my wife gets home and says "We need to talk."
8 Dec 2017 03:45 - +731
I like how he makes sure to close the door behind him.
8 Dec 2017 06:24 - +442
It would be a good ABANDON THREAD gif
8 Dec 2017 04:47 - +373
[Nice job]( making that tired conductor meme funny again, OP
8 Dec 2017 04:00 - +203
When you are on the final boss but she texts “my parents aren’t home”
8 Dec 2017 08:40 - +173
I had a uber driver in Toronto a few weeks ago, we got chatting and he reveals he's a train engineer who works for CN (massive national rail company) and has a good job. Of course my question is "why the fuck are you driving an uber right now?" He proceeds to tell me how a 14 year old committed suicide by jumping in front of his train off of a short ledge, so that he hit the train around the front window. Guts and blood coated the whole thing so that he couldn't see. As he was telling me this story, he welled up and had to stop. He was visibly shaking. He finished by saying he'd never work on another train again and that years of school and training could never have prepared him for that day. Now he drives an uber for much less money.
8 Dec 2017 05:35 - +150 IDK if is this one, could someone help me find it?
8 Dec 2017 06:33 - +129
That’s actually the Engineer.
8 Dec 2017 07:09 - +73
This is an Engineer/Motor Man/Sideways Elevator Operator not a Conductor. Source: I am a Conductor. This is a pet peeve. As far as context. Someone either jumped in from of train or a vehicle ran a crossing.
8 Dec 2017 06:57 - +42
Pray for him, he just hit the Ye button.
8 Dec 2017 09:17 - +36
For those who are unaware: engineer: train driver conductor: train manager
8 Dec 2017 06:53 - +33
Im comfused do americans call train drivers conductors?
8 Dec 2017 06:52 - +27
[Train on the streets](
8 Dec 2017 07:05 - +17
Damn, that really fucked me up...
8 Dec 2017 07:27 - +16
This is actually pretty tragic. This is what conductors are trained to do when people commit suicide on the track
8 Dec 2017 04:58 - +15
Where is the full video? I really need it...
8 Dec 2017 04:50 - +4

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