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8 Dec 2017 05:18 - +6866
This rendition of Aquaman is literally just Jason Mamoa with a few more tattoos. EDIT: To be clear, I wasn't bashing it at all. In fact, I really like it! I was just saying that Jason Mamoa's whole image is this rough biker dude with lots of tats and rings and long hair, and he's basically just playing a more tatted up version of himself.
8 Dec 2017 03:28 - +6469
>When Wan first met with Warner Bros. to discuss taking on a superhero film, they famously gave him two options: One was a very popular character (The Flash) and the other was considered so impossible to pull off that the prospect of a movie had been a running joke on Entourage. Naturally, the veteran horror director picked the project that would terrify anybody else. “Aquaman has been the joke of the comic book world, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought how cool that would be,” Wan explains. “Let’s take the character everybody makes fun of and do something really interesting with him.”
8 Dec 2017 03:38 - +2435
DC Execs: "Alright, people weren't happy with Justice League so our marketing budget is pretty slim for Aquaman. What can we do?" James Wan: "Well we probably have plenty of topless photos of Jason. That should probably work."
8 Dec 2017 04:09 - +2015
So aquaman is going to spam Superman punches...
8 Dec 2017 03:28 - +1640
My man! Looking good! Slow down! On a more serious note I hope he has a bigger personality then just the typical surfer bro uncle. YyeeeeeeHawwwww
8 Dec 2017 05:01 - +762
This is great! This so great! Dwayne Johnson looks awesome there as Maui. I didn't even know they're making the live-action *Moana.* Fantastic! Can't wait!
8 Dec 2017 03:50 - +747
I love how they integrated Jason Momoa's actual tattoos into the character design. Looks awesome
8 Dec 2017 03:54 - +702
Looks like a wwe superstar
8 Dec 2017 03:38 - +601
I don't care what people say. The new Aquaman Aesthetic looks fucking sick. Those Tattoos are look badass as fuck and his armor from Justice League looked great imo. Can't wait.
8 Dec 2017 04:12 - +315
I hope it lives up to Vinny chase's aquaman movie.
8 Dec 2017 03:36 - +253
Now they just need to feature ["Children Of The Sea" by Black Sabbath]( as his entrance theme and it'll be legit!!
8 Dec 2017 07:39 - +155
"How do we make Aquaman less laughable? He swims around with a Trident and talks to fish. Remove him from the water and... he's just a guy with a Trident." "Cast the biggest sexiest motherfucker we can think of and make him a hard-drinking rocker type?" "Brilliant."
8 Dec 2017 03:44 - +145
Stupid, Sexy Aquaman.
8 Dec 2017 04:05 - +119
Man, the Undertaker really doubled down on tattoos....
8 Dec 2017 08:02 - +102
I'm not gay or nothin but God*damn*
8 Dec 2017 03:39 - +91
Sexy bastard.
8 Dec 2017 04:05 - +46
That must have been one long and expensive Henna session.
8 Dec 2017 05:50 - +42
Oh my!!! The BIG DOG!!!!
8 Dec 2017 08:14 - +17

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