I think Youtube overestimated my income

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8 Dec 2017 04:19 - +9047
"Mr President, how will we pay for these new tax cuts?" "We'll sell off one of the branches of our military. We can take out an ad on the YouTube"
8 Dec 2017 06:33 - +4367
There was a survey with a question "What's your average annual income". The lowest income choice was 90k+. dafuq?
8 Dec 2017 04:22 - +3153
Dang i had saved up to buy the coast guard but it wasnt offered Edit: sorry i didn't know coastguard origins, no more msg thanks, wasn't really gonna buy it til tax refund comes
8 Dec 2017 06:07 - +2116
This is almost exactly what was on my draft card that I got when I was 17. I checked none of the above. 2 weeks later I got a phone-call which was as follows: Me: Hello? Navy Recruiter: It shows that you checked that you would be interested in a career in the Navy. Me: Uh, no, I didn't. Recruiter: Well it shows here that you did. Me: Well I didn't. Recruiter: Well why wouldn't you be interested? Me: I don't do well with highly structured situations. Recruiter: Oh, it's not structured. Me: I don't believe you. Recruiter: Well, it's not, so why not give it a chance? Me: I don't like waking up early in the morning. Recruiter: Oh, you wouldn't have to wake to wake up early in the morning! Me (holding back laughter): I don't believe you. Thank you, goodbye. It was surreal.
8 Dec 2017 03:51 - +1144
Do I purchase the Air Force for high speed travel, or the Navy to reenact the Village People song?
8 Dec 2017 04:26 - +408
I think YouTube [wants me dead.](https://i.imgur.com/CXoSct5.png)
8 Dec 2017 05:08 - +370
Marines are the best bang for the buck, plus all the other services give them free rides to places
8 Dec 2017 06:27 - +348
I prefer these questionaires to the other ad types. Just click item one everytime and it's basically just a fancy skip button that gives marketing companies badly represented data.
8 Dec 2017 07:05 - +342
I mean I can’t afford it RIGHT now, but maybe in a few trillion paychecks or so I’ll treat myself to a nice Naval fleet
8 Dec 2017 04:00 - +109
Buy Air Force yo! They got all the cool toys.
8 Dec 2017 06:15 - +104
8 Dec 2017 09:34 - +44
Buy Navy get Marines for free.
8 Dec 2017 05:03 - +34
Think I'll go with United States Colonial Marines, good solid choice for the apocalypse... or a pizza. Not sure I can afford both
8 Dec 2017 07:27 - +26
How appropriate Coast Guard isn't there.
8 Dec 2017 08:31 - +22
"I know you soldiers were expecting to invade Iran but the Marines were sold to a guy who really hates Canada so ...."
8 Dec 2017 07:58 - +22
it's tricky...if i had enough money to buy a military branch..and the DOD isn't an option (because darpa)...navy...because we haven't explored enough of the ocean...would be putting the ships and submarines to use mapping the ocean...maybe build a sea lab... of course if i bought the branch...do i still get tax money to continue funding it?
8 Dec 2017 09:00 - +21
But the US Navy and you get the worlds largest navy and the worlds second largest Air Force.
8 Dec 2017 07:29 - +21
Pretty sure the Marines are a department of the Navy. So, if you purchased the Navy you'd get both, right?
8 Dec 2017 08:08 - +18
I think the Army would be the best value. Seems to me the Navy and Air Force would come with a lot of maintenance. The Marines are likely overpriced given their strong brand.
8 Dec 2017 08:41 - +16
I can afford to purchase skip survey
8 Dec 2017 10:08 - +11
The Coast Guard isn't listed because you might actually be able to afford that one.
8 Dec 2017 09:45 - +11
You elect one businessman as your president and suddenly he's selling your Army.
8 Dec 2017 08:56 - +9
Coast Guard for the value.
8 Dec 2017 04:26 - +9
Coast Guard it is, then.
8 Dec 2017 08:51 - +9
The Navy. Especially once we are space-faring.
8 Dec 2017 04:21 - +8
Guess you’ve been watching the private jet channel on YouTube yo.

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