An Analysis of Net Neutrality Activism on Reddit

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12 Dec 2017 13:06 - +4507
Nothing like a reddit blog post at midnight EST
12 Dec 2017 13:14 - +2980
I seriously cannot understand users on reddit who don’t support Net Neutrality. Responses like “I doubt it will be that bad” and “oh Reddit is just over reacting” are mind boggling. Unless your dad owns Comcast or you are a literal ISP inhabiting the form of a human, having Net Neutrality repealed will be bad for you.
12 Dec 2017 13:40 - +1278
My question is what's the next step if the FCC repeals it? There has to be a huge number of lawsuits coming from this.
12 Dec 2017 13:02 - +437
**Write to your Government Representatives about Net neutrality** (The brand new) [MailMyGov]( was founded on the idea that a real letter is more effective then a cookie cutter email. MailMyGov lets you send *real physical letters* to your government reps. We can help you find **all** your leaders: * federal (White house, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, FCC & more) * state (U.S. Senate, Governors, Treasurers, Attorney General, Controllers & more) * county (Sheriffs, Assessors, District Attorney & more) * and city representatives (Mayors, City Council & more) ...using just your address *and send a real snail mail letter without leaving your browser.* **** **Other things you can do to help:** You can visit these sites to obtain information on issues currently being debated in the United States: * * * * * (suggest more sites here? msg this bot please with un-biased, non-partisan factual sources only!) Donate to political advocacy * [Set up your favorite political activist orgs as you charity on Amazon Smile]( **Other websites that help to find your government representatives:** * * * * *!/ (will send an email on your behalf to your senators.) * * Most importantly, ***PLEASE MAKE AN INFORMED VOTE DURING YOUR NEXT ELECTION***. Please msg me for any concerns. Any feedback is appreciated!
12 Dec 2017 13:14 - +389
Thank you for this post! I hope that the continued awareness efforts make a difference.
12 Dec 2017 14:12 - +270
Does this include the obvious botting and vote manipulation of small subs reaching the front of /r/all?
12 Dec 2017 14:02 - +214
Not to be a "that guy", as I obviously am full-tilt for net neutrality both remaining and becoming stronger and more securely ensconced.. .. but in light of the "Correct the Record," the international manipulation, the shilling.. it's bold as all fuck to proclaim Reddit to be some kind of gold standard of genuine communication. Until the admins take some concerted effort against corporate, political, and other _dangerous_ efforts to manipulate conversations and create controversy, talking points, marketing interest, etc. that don't exist.. this site is far from what it was, should be, or could be again. That there has been no such broad, wide-reaching effort really just makes me feel like it's because it generates revenue for Reddit in some fashion. It's the only real reason that it makes sense to just blithely ignore it.
12 Dec 2017 13:16 - +136
Here from Canada, I wish my American neighbours to the south all the luck in convincing the FCC to maintain net neutrality. I'm rooting for you all, and I wish I could do more to help.
12 Dec 2017 15:20 - +80
> Not only did we find the activity to be an authentic, truly grassroots phenomenon, but it represented some of the most fervent organic activity we have ever seen on the front page in all of Reddit’s twelve year history. I am skeptical. It strains my credulity to think all these threads from all these states organically hit the front page at the same time. My intuition tells me that this was a submission campaign orchestrated by the and people at [Demand Progress](, [the Free Press Organization](\(organization\)), and [Fight for the Future]( that was promoted by reddit admins here: This is not a complete listing of all the threads that were created that day, but these are the ones that hit the top 100 of r/all that my scraper picked up. If you examine these user's submissions, there are other threads that didn't hit the rising lottery. Also, if you read r/undelete many of these threads were removed by moderators for various reasons, but they were all re-approved later. I stopped with Senator Dog, because that's when people started to jump on the bandwagon. thread_id|subreddit|author|created_utc|link :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-- 7guj0w|Georgia|HELPHEISINTHEBACKYAR|1512129452|/r/Georgia/comments/7guj0w/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_georgians/ 7gukkt|Atlanta|HELPHEISINTHEBACKYAR|1512130063|/r/Atlanta/comments/7gukkt/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_georgians/ 7gurfe|Iowa|Cheesecoveredtoes|1512132607|/r/Iowa/comments/7gurfe/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_iowans/ 7gux73|Michigan|acoy1208|1512134555|/r/Michigan/comments/7gux73/sen_huizenga_sold_us_out_to_big_telecom_for_7500/ 7guxkq|texas|mynameisakshayk|1512134678|/r/texas/comments/7guxkq/this_is_texas_senator_john_cornyn_he_sold_me_my/ 7gv1s2|NorthCarolina|NovaDose|1512135995|/r/NorthCarolina/comments/7gv1s2/these_are_my_senators_they_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv2gz|Louisiana|Simple_Danny|1512136188|/r/Louisiana/comments/7gv2gz/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv4u8|netneutrality|jdw242b|1512136905|/r/netneutrality/comments/7gv4u8/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv53c|missouri|RayBrower|1512136979|/r/missouri/comments/7gv53c/this_is_senator_roy_blunt_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv6ln|newyork|demevalos|1512137395|/r/newyork/comments/7gv6ln/this_is_my_representative_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv6zb|Kentucky|jdw242b|1512137507|/r/Kentucky/comments/7gv6zb/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv7zf|Ohio|a_self_cleaning_oven|1512137788|/r/Ohio/comments/7gv7zf/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_ohioans/ 7gv8p3|philadelphia|cap10wow|1512137998|/r/philadelphia/comments/7gv8p3/pat_toomey_is_still_a_scumbag_he_sold_out_net/ 7gv9fc|StLouis|GaslightManifesto|1512138195|/r/StLouis/comments/7gv9fc/this_is_senator_roy_blunt_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gv9ls|minnesota|xPlatypusVenom|1512138249|/r/minnesota/comments/7gv9ls/this_is_my_representative_tom_emmer_he_sold_out/ 7gva85|Columbus|a_self_cleaning_oven|1512138419|/r/Columbus/comments/7gva85/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_ohioans/ 7gvac9|kansas|toremygooch|1512138443|/r/kansas/comments/7gvac9/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_kansans/ 7gvam6|Maine|Condo103|1512138515|/r/Maine/comments/7gvam6/this_is_my_senator_she_sold_me_my_fellow_mainers/ 7gvbpa|newyork|zerokill92|1512138813|/r/newyork/comments/7gvbpa/this_is_my_representative_eliot_engel_hes_been/ 7gvbwo|wisconsin|SLthrOwaway11|1512138866|/r/wisconsin/comments/7gvbwo/this_is_my_senator_ron_johnson_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvc18|florida|Nohumornocry|1512138898|/r/florida/comments/7gvc18/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvcb5|SouthDakota|ChrisTahoe|1512138965|/r/SouthDakota/comments/7gvcb5/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_south/ 7gvcls|newjersey|grooljuice|1512139049|/r/newjersey/comments/7gvcls/the_5_new_jersey_congressmen_who_sold_you_out_to/ 7gvcxw|northdakota|forrefugees|1512139153|/r/northdakota/comments/7gvcxw/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_north/ 7gvdoe|Nebraska|Beezer-12|1512139353|/r/Nebraska/comments/7gvdoe/these_are_our_senators_they_sold_our_internet_to/ 7gvfbv|Ohio|ThrustGoldy|1512139787|/r/Ohio/comments/7gvfbv/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_ohioans/ 7gvfcx|wisconsin|stevedidWHAT|1512139798|/r/wisconsin/comments/7gvfcx/this_is_my_senator_tammy_baldwin_she_stands_for/ 7gvfhx|Indiana|strongerthings|1512139835|/r/Indiana/comments/7gvfhx/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_hoosiers/ 7gvfvw|wyoming|kjvdp|1512139941|/r/wyoming/comments/7gvfvw/this_is_my_representative_from_wy_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvglc|mississippi|JerryfromTomandJerry|1512140127|/r/mississippi/comments/7gvglc/this_is_senator_roger_wicker_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvglz|massachusetts|trashcan86|1512140133|/r/massachusetts/comments/7gvglz/this_is_my_senator_he_will_not_sell_you_out_to/ 7gvh76|Cleveland|e3o2|1512140292|/r/Cleveland/comments/7gvh76/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvi0d|Knoxville|_TotallyChuckNorris|1512140487|/r/Knoxville/comments/7gvi0d/this_is_my_senator_mr_bob_corker_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvig7|Michigan|travelingisdumb|1512140590|/r/Michigan/comments/7gvig7/this_is_congressman_jack_bergman_he_sold_out_to/ 7gvix0|newjersey|ihateradiohead|1512140710|/r/newjersey/comments/7gvix0/this_is_my_senator_he_refused_to_be_bought_out/ 7gvixx|arizona|existential_lunchbox|1512140715|/r/arizona/comments/7gvixx/this_is_arizona_senator_john_mccain_he_sold_me/ 7gvj2f|Idaho|hkystar35|1512140743|/r/Idaho/comments/7gvj2f/this_is_my_senator_mike_crapo_rid_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvjaq|greenville|nat1127|1512140797|/r/greenville/comments/7gvjaq/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow_south/ 7gvjqi|Syracuse|MustacheEmperor|1512140916|/r/Syracuse/comments/7gvjqi/this_is_my_congressman_john_katko_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvjua|pittsburgh|btcsilver|1512140943|/r/pittsburgh/comments/7gvjua/this_is_pennsylvania_senator_patrick_toomey_he/ 7gvk6b|vegas|trshtehdsh|1512141020|/r/vegas/comments/7gvk6b/this_is_nevadan_senator_dean_heller_he_sold_out/ 7gvlgd|minnesota|PM_ME_YOUR_FAV_HIKE|1512141333|/r/minnesota/comments/7gvlgd/this_is_my_senator_hes_fought_hard_to_protect_net/ 7gvm1y|Louisville|the_woot_shoot|1512141492|/r/Louisville/comments/7gvm1y/this_is_my_senator_mitch_mcconnell_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvm7w|arizona|pregnantchihuahua3|1512141532|/r/arizona/comments/7gvm7w/this_is_arizona_senator_jeff_flake_he_sold_out/ 7gvmna|Idaho|CrazierWithanO|1512141650|/r/Idaho/comments/7gvmna/this_is_idaho_senator_jim_risch_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvmy5|Michigan|travelingisdumb|1512141728|/r/Michigan/comments/7gvmy5/this_is_mike_bishop_he_sold_us_out_for_40500_let/ 7gvnoq|Connecticut|BK_95|1512141896|/r/Connecticut/comments/7gvnoq/this_is_my_senator_chris_murphy_he_did_not_sell/ 7gvnrx|Tennessee|Iamnotdaredevil|1512141917|/r/Tennessee/comments/7gvnrx/these_are_the_tennessee_senators_bob_corker_and/ 7gvo39|RhodeIsland|lazydictionary|1512141997|/r/RhodeIsland/comments/7gvo39/these_are_my_senators_they_did_not_sell_me_out_to/ 7gvpky|WestVirginia|21migraines|1512142388|/r/WestVirginia/comments/7gvpky/this_is_my_senator_shelly_moore_capito_she_sold/ 7gvq1f|Seattle|ThinkBEFOREUPost|1512142508|/r/Seattle/comments/7gvq1f/this_is_my_mayor_jenny_durkan_she_sold_me_my/ 7gvq49|KeepOurNetFree|Sirusly|1512142524|/r/KeepOurNetFree/comments/7gvq49/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvqxa|massachusetts|trashcan86|1512142730|/r/massachusetts/comments/7gvqxa/this_is_my_senator_she_will_not_sell_you_out_to/ 7gvs1n|Arkansas|TheGreatestGaine|1512143012|/r/Arkansas/comments/7gvs1n/this_is_senator_john_boozman_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvsuz|illinois|BoyNosNcheerios|1512143205|/r/illinois/comments/7gvsuz/these_are_my_senators_they_stood_up_for_me_and_my/ 7gvtxv|kansascity|thecrazyman68|1512143470|/r/kansascity/comments/7gvtxv/this_is_senator_roy_blunt_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvujt|vermont|Ilikereddit420|1512143621|/r/vermont/comments/7gvujt/this_is_senator_bernie_sanders_he_has_not_sold/ 7gvv5a|Connecticut|skankopita|1512143779|/r/Connecticut/comments/7gvv5a/this_is_senator_richard_blumenthal_he_didnt/ 7gvv87|Pennsylvania|Raysor|1512143801|/r/Pennsylvania/comments/7gvv87/this_is_my_senator_he_sold_me_my_fellow/ 7gvwz1|de|FuriousFurryFisting|1512144231|/r/de/comments/7gvwz1/this_is_my_agriculture_minister_he_sold_me_my/ 7gvxli|oregon|Zenigen|1512144373|/r/oregon/comments/7gvxli/this_is_representative_gregory_walden_he_sold_me/ 7gvy34|SandersForPresident|Secularnirvana|1512144489|/r/SandersForPresident/comments/7gvy34/this_is_senator_bernie_sanders_he_has_not_sold_me/ 7gvy7n|newhampshire|platypust|1512144515|/r/newhampshire/comments/7gvy7n/this_is_my_senator_she_did_not_sell_me_my_fellow/ 7gw4ro|Denver|jpmmcb|1512146062|/r/Denver/comments/7gw4ro/this_is_senator_cory_gardner_he_sold_me_denver/ 7gw5m8|sandiego|iaintyourbabydaddy|1512146263|/r/sandiego/comments/7gw5m8/this_is_representative_duncan_hunter_he_sold_me/ 7gw81y|sweden|Doodinator|1512146798|/r/sweden/comments/7gw81y/this_is_my_king_he_did_not_sell_me_and_my_fellow/ 7gwbjh|Utah|Chilangosta|1512147625|/r/Utah/comments/7gwbjh/this_is_senator_mike_lee_he_sold_us_to_the/ 7gwj7g|europe|Viszty|1512149389|/r/europe/comments/7gwj7g/this_is_my_political_and_economic_union_they/ 7gwodu|MarchAgainstTrump|HolySimon|1512150586|/r/MarchAgainstTrump/comments/7gwodu/this_is_my_president_donald_john_trump_he_sold_me/ 7gx8ax|pics|ILoveAnt|1512155246|/r/pics/comments/7gx8ax/this_is_senator_dog_he_did_not_take_money_from/ My scraper tracks [scores]( and [ranks]( over time. It's something of a hobby.
12 Dec 2017 14:22 - +71
>not labeling your axes What is with the growing trend of tech blog posts throwing up graphs without labeled Y axes? Even worse when there might be 4+ lines with no labels.
12 Dec 2017 13:21 - +65
In an echo chamber, nobody can hear you scream
12 Dec 2017 13:42 - +57
I want to just say this is not an attack on the actual issue here. A lot, but not all, of the accounts that posted on local subreddits about their congressmen had been inactive for months and then used for this. It feels like they were karma farmed accounts. What do the admins have to say about this?
12 Dec 2017 14:49 - +52
THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE: In any given situation, there are certain strategies that will be effective, and certain strategies that will be ineffective. The ISPs want this. The FCC wants this. The federal government wants this. However, we will only lose if the collective we allows us to lose. If we all really want net neutrality, we need to show them that we aren't messing around. The only way to show them that is to threaten to cut your ISP subscription on a certain date if they do not abandon this agenda, and if they do not abandon the agenda, you and about 10 million people need to cancel their subscriptions immediately. Think about it. That's $600 million every month we maintain a boycott. But we need numbers in the millions. We need those numbers to place their names on a list as a petition and a pledge, a *true and honest pledge* (not like that worthless DARE pledge you took in gradeschool). [So, to save Net Neutrality, you'll have to DO IT YOURSELF! Sign the petition to pledge to boycott Your ISP, AND request the resignation of Ajit Pai!]( I hate to say it, but if this doesn't work, you might as well consider your Net Neutrality gone. The petition to the White House is nice, but it lacks a pledge and a call to action. Beyond that, Trump appointed Pai. This is Pai's entire purpose.
12 Dec 2017 14:00 - +50
the reason why I stayed off r/all the last couple of weeks because this whole issue is getting extremely spammy
12 Dec 2017 13:44 - +47
Calling bullshit on the "organic" voting on the "This is my senator..." posts. Other major news outlets detailed this as well, but the posts appeared over a very short period of time, and all reached their subreddits front page in exceedingly short time. It is suspect, regardless of origin location of the post. And this is coming from a guy whose stuck under Grassley, and gave him a nice empty bottle of mead.
12 Dec 2017 13:55 - +42
What’a the point of this blog post? I support net neutrality but don’t get what the conclusion of this post is.
12 Dec 2017 14:17 - +37
It was astroturfed to all hell. Being proud of this is waving a giant flag saying "The rules only apply selectively here."
12 Dec 2017 14:26 - +37
Yeah I'm sure it was totally authentic, and I totally trust your assessment. I mean, you said it *twice* in this post, so it must be true, even though you've provided no detail whatsoever as to how that conclusion was reached, and even though it was the single most obvious astroturfing effort in history.
12 Dec 2017 14:40 - +35
How are we meant to take any of this seriously when you guys botted the numbers of all these sticky posts to the sky & beyond? We had sub's where there were an average of under 150 visitors at any time and the NN sticky had cracked 10K upvotes in less than an hour..... Doesn't this sort of Admin and Spez-driven garbage actually completely compromise subjects like this and completely work against the cause? I mean, the story is so laughable it actually compares massive public interest events like the McGregor/Mayweather fight and the social media activity around it, to how little that was compared to every dead sub here suddenly having 10K-100K+ Net Neutrality sticky posts............ Could you guys maybe just stick to the actual issues and flesh it out from both sides of the argument? No one actually wants NN laws gutted, obviously. But at this stage it's extremely hard for anyone without knowledge to really figure out what gutting current Net Neutrality regulations actually does and doesn't do, because most of the protections being discussed here aren't even current existing protections as it is.
12 Dec 2017 14:33 - +33
Reddit activism is like jerking off and thinking you just had sex There is an insane confirmation bias here.
12 Dec 2017 15:50 - +29
Activism? Admins orchestrated everything and made it look like it was organic. It feels extremely hollow to celebrate net neutrality while Reddit is overrun by shills and astroturfing, much of it involving admins.
12 Dec 2017 14:20 - +20
"Lots of bots"
12 Dec 2017 20:14 - +9
Oh yes reddit, champions of free speech except when it comes to opposing views.
12 Dec 2017 22:44 - +7
I really wish Reddit would make it more apparent that them and their parent company (Advance Publications) have a huge financial stake in this fight. *i.e.*, even if NN was not in our best interest, they would be plastering it all over the site much like they are now.
12 Dec 2017 22:41 - +7
What's to analyze? Reddit controlled what appeared on the front page to help its own financial interests.... That was easy.
12 Dec 2017 14:18 - +4
Honest question, do the mods give the main posts gold themselves, or is it someone else? Genuinely curious. It seems odd for someone to gift an admin gold (other than the fact it helps a tiny bit in keeping the site running)
12 Dec 2017 22:45 - +4
Perhaps my opinions on Net Neutrality might be unpopular so maybe someone can answer my questions on this. Isn’t getting the government out of the internet a good thing? Wouldn’t having the government removed create more competition in the free market and drive internet prices lower? Usually that’s how these things work...

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