These GUSHY posts and i'm offended!

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12 Dec 2017 14:41 - +7771
“How can I make everything about me today?”
12 Dec 2017 14:26 - +7408
How dare you love your parents, fuckin’ asshole
12 Dec 2017 13:58 - +3903
12 Dec 2017 15:09 - +1983
12 Dec 2017 14:41 - +1567
Because no one is allowed to be happy if I am not happy.
12 Dec 2017 14:06 - +751
Wow, what a fuckin' asshole. I see why their mom drank.
12 Dec 2017 14:44 - +554
You would think someone who has been through that much in their life would have thicker skin than to be offended by a completely innocuous post like that?! What a self-absorbed lunatic!
12 Dec 2017 14:17 - +400
My dad died when I was six. This asshole makes us all look bad.
12 Dec 2017 14:07 - +394
Wow! Clearly jealous but that doesn't mean you can poopoo on others.
12 Dec 2017 15:13 - +257
>Tfw your childhood is so bad you ruin other people's adulthood.
12 Dec 2017 16:34 - +147
The stupid thing is that, as far as we can tell, the mother of the original poster could have been an abusive alcoholic as well, she's just wondering why some fucking cookies don't taste the same.
12 Dec 2017 15:22 - +123
Batman doesn't get offended when Superman invites him to Smallville for dinner with Ma and Pa Kent. He just goes and enjoys some home-made cookin'. This guy could learn a thing or two from Batman. We all can.
12 Dec 2017 14:50 - +67
That’s just life son! Damn people will find anything to complain about these days.
12 Dec 2017 16:57 - +27
I have a coworker who makes similar comments about the fact that her partner died of cancer last year. I bought a charity badge for kids with cancer last week, and her response was “thanks, because I need a constant reminder.” We work in a home for people with dementia, and are doing a secret Santa for the residents and she refused to take part and ranted about how it’s just a way for everyone to rub it in her face that she’s alone this Christmas. Maybe you could be like okay so maybe she’s just lashing out because she’s hurting...if it wasn’t for the fact that she said she uses “the grieving widow card” to get what she wants and in the next breath is bragging about all the men she can sleep with if she wants to.
12 Dec 2017 17:57 - +26
I used to work with a guy who asked us not only not to play any Christmas music around the holidays but not even talk about our plans for holidays anywhere near his vicinity. In our tiny 4 person work area, because his mother made him hate the holidays. People like this are honestly so insufferable
12 Dec 2017 16:00 - +25
I have a Facebook friend like this, except she’s infertile and does this about people posting about their children.
12 Dec 2017 14:58 - +24
I missed out on a lot of family-type stuff growing up. Sometimes seeing a post like this makes me sad. This is more likely to happen during the holidays. So, like an adult, I just stay away from social media during the holidays. It's like a magic trick! I don't have to be sad and no one notices that I'm not commenting depressing things!
12 Dec 2017 16:58 - +24
>"...and ruined most of my holidays growing up." The cycle continues.
12 Dec 2017 14:07 - +24
What a asshole! No wonder mommy drank!
12 Dec 2017 15:54 - +17
Maybe Mom drank to tune out all your cot damn whingeing!
12 Dec 2017 14:33 - +17
Yeah good on ya . Do what the rest of us do and suffer in silence.
12 Dec 2017 15:45 - +16
*Image Transcription: Facebook Post and Comment* --- This image is a screenshot of a facebook post and a comment. All names have been censored with color bars. > **Blue**: is 🙁 feeling sad. > Why don't my Mom's X-Mas cookies ever taste like my Mom's X-Mas cookies when I make them??? [Yellow], TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!! 😩 --- > **Brown**: Try and be a little more sensitive to the people who didn't even have Mother's who baked them cookies. My mother for instance was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and ruined most of my holidays growing up. It is very very painful and frankly sometimes downright insulting to the kids and now adults who didn't even have adequate parenting growing up, I'm frankly sick of these gushy posts. --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit! [If  you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](
12 Dec 2017 14:33 - +15
What a fucking whiner lol
12 Dec 2017 16:39 - +14
Do I feel envy when my friends talk about how great their parents are? Sure. DO I make them feel like dicks about it? No. Because its not their fault my parents are dead and they shouldn't have to feel guilty for it.
12 Dec 2017 15:10 - +14
12 Dec 2017 15:00 - +12
What the fuck is wrong with people
12 Dec 2017 18:25 - +12
And this is why getting triggered is ridiculous. Everyone has triggers but you can't live your life like you're stepping on eggshells with everything you say.
12 Dec 2017 15:53 - +10
This person must be fun at parties.
12 Dec 2017 17:29 - +9
That sounds a bit like my mom. Whenever she saw me laughing and enjoying spending time with my siblings, that's the time she want to start talking down on me and make me upset. It's like she's allergic to see me happy.
12 Dec 2017 17:37 - +9
People like this are like Kirby. Pink, round and they suck all the life and joy out of everyone around them.
12 Dec 2017 17:38 - +8
I'd remove that person from my Facebook friends. And block him/her. And never interact with that person again in my life.
12 Dec 2017 20:07 - +8
This is a joke, right? “I’m offended that you have a decent parent.”
12 Dec 2017 19:39 - +8
Wow that guy needs therapy. I grew up with an abusive mother, I'm an only child and now have PTSD. Days can be lonely and tough, especially during the holidays seeing families celebrate together. But I would never take that approach. That is some serious triggering that needs CBT. Happy Holidays all, if you have a loving family around appreciate them and don't sit on your phone. Some of us could become billionaires but it would still never buy the security and happiness you have.
12 Dec 2017 15:41 - +7
Holy shit. I hate people.
12 Dec 2017 17:45 - +7
Try spooning flour into your measuring cup instead of scooping. Scooping compresses it.
12 Dec 2017 18:30 - +6
This is when you reply, "if you were my kid, I'd be an alcoholic too."
12 Dec 2017 17:02 - +6
Well I guess we all know who shat in that guys cereal.
12 Dec 2017 17:24 - +6
How dare you be happy if I'm not happy??
12 Dec 2017 16:52 - +6
My mom is dead and Christmas was her favorite holiday. My dad hasn’t taken down the Christmas tree since her death five years ago and barely leaves their house. This year is the first time since she died I have my own Christmas tree in my house. My family broke apart after her death and we don’t really celebrate the holidays together. I can’t imagine telling someone else not to enjoy their holidays because of anything. Christmas is so special and people deserve to have whatever happiness they can. Especially when they are celebrating the holidays doing things they love with people they love.
12 Dec 2017 20:37 - +6
Yeah well I never had the luxury of a mom who did cool shit like drink and do drugs. Maybe be a little more sensitive to those whose parents were boring.
12 Dec 2017 15:09 - +5
Alright, Phoebe
12 Dec 2017 17:46 - +5
Check your privilege cis family fucko
12 Dec 2017 20:45 - +5
Sounds like you should only be talking to your therapist, or someone who gets paid to give a fuck
12 Dec 2017 22:22 - +5
I have a condition that kept me from growing up: it's insulting to me to see you brag about growing up.
12 Dec 2017 18:41 - +5
"How can I make this about me?"
12 Dec 2017 18:25 - +4
If they had just done a sympathy post instead of being so aggressive, someone might have felt sorry for them and baked cookies for them
12 Dec 2017 16:33 - +4
That woman is so rude, some people don't even have parents
12 Dec 2017 18:06 - +4
I saw mommy shooting up with santa clause
12 Dec 2017 16:52 - +3
>If you didn't have this same experience growing up then this doesn't pertain to you. Move along you unloved prick.

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