Uncle Bernie in 1972, after painting the house


12 Jan 2018 23:50 - +7650
My parents’ friends Libby & Bernie painted their house like this in 1972. Libby explained to my mom that they got an estimate for painting the house that was $1500. Bernie was appalled. "We have 6 kids," he said. "We can get THEM to paint it." So they told every kid to pick a favorite color, told Melanie (the eldest) to draw lines, and this was the result. But wait. There's more. Roslyn Estates, NY was (and presumably still is) an upscale area of Long Island. Some of the neighbors were not happy with this color scheme -- including the people who lived across the street, who asserted that this lowered their property values. So they sued. Only to learn that, legally, nobody could tell you what color(s) you can paint your house. Afterwards, Libby & Bernie put up bright spotlights on the front lawn. "For security," they explained to anyone who asked. The people across the street sold their house and moved away.
13 Jan 2018 01:13 - +5284
I can't help but think that Uncle Bernie dropped a tab or two of acid in his day.
13 Jan 2018 01:32 - +1670
I was really confused because I assumed this was going to be Bernie Sanders and thought damn Bernie was even really old 40+ years ago
13 Jan 2018 01:07 - +1060
Clearly this man is not a part of any HOA...
12 Jan 2018 23:53 - +695
This was better than I ever could have imagined. Between the paint scheme and his look, you have visually defined the term "Uncle Bernie." There can be no other, ever.
13 Jan 2018 00:54 - +306
acid camo - keeps stoners from finding your house
13 Jan 2018 01:15 - +244
Some HOA president somewhere is having a heart attack about this.
13 Jan 2018 00:24 - +90
Now THIS is oldshool cool
13 Jan 2018 01:33 - +85
I’m incredibly disappointed that it wasn’t Bernie Sanders when I zoomed in
13 Jan 2018 00:17 - +67
It looks like the Partridge Family School bus should go in the garage.
13 Jan 2018 00:52 - +51
13 Jan 2018 01:31 - +48
Musta read the big orange splot
13 Jan 2018 01:56 - +29
This is the type of thing that is awesome when it's on reddit, but not when it's across the street from you and you're trying to sell your house. I still wouldn't be the jackass trying to sue him though.
13 Jan 2018 02:21 - +27
People might find this off putting but where I live most houses are cookie cutter houses with cookie cutter designs. Every block same houses same colors. So anyone painting anything out of the ordinary white/greyish/creme/brownish creme is a welcome sight to me.
13 Jan 2018 00:36 - +20
I want to be friends with Uncle Bernie
13 Jan 2018 02:17 - +19
Is Uncle Bernie secretly Captain Spaulding without makeup?
13 Jan 2018 01:56 - +16
I was squinting and zooming in on this picture going *wait... That's not Bernie Sanders...*
13 Jan 2018 02:17 - +15
that's a lot of painting, ~~how long did the acid trip last~~ how long did it take him ?
13 Jan 2018 02:38 - +14
Yes, I did think your Uncle was Bernie Sanders for second...
13 Jan 2018 02:00 - +13
Immediately thought by the title that was Bernie Sanders for some reason. Very disappointed, but not entirely disappointed. Take my upvote.
13 Jan 2018 03:15 - +11
I wish more houses were this un-uniform and original. I mean.. There's that lady's house by Lake Harriet, but this is much cooler and less creepy.
13 Jan 2018 02:25 - +10
Love this... I think the vibe of the 20's is going to be very 1960's/70's LSD culture. Wishful thinking?
13 Jan 2018 00:26 - +9
Now I want to see what the inside looked like. That's some Willy Wonka shit right there.
13 Jan 2018 00:40 - +8
I’m tripping out, man!
13 Jan 2018 02:20 - +6
Anybody at r/fakealbumcovers wanna touch this one? EDIT: Thanks u/username_no_caps
13 Jan 2018 01:57 - +6
Uncle Bernie was tripping balls that day.
13 Jan 2018 02:03 - +6
uncle bernie is fucking crazy
13 Jan 2018 02:27 - +6
I’ll have what Uncle Bernie is having.
13 Jan 2018 04:32 - +6
uncle bernie just fucken gets life, he is secure in his own skin, doesnt care about politics, doesnt buy into peoples bullshit, could care less about how much he makes annually or doesnt care about what he drives...as long as it runs.
13 Jan 2018 02:49 - +5
The HOA was invented ten seconds later...
13 Jan 2018 02:27 - +5
Probably put a whole new twist on "Weekend at Bernie's"
13 Jan 2018 01:33 - +5
Did you spend a lot of...weekends there?
13 Jan 2018 02:12 - +5
Omg- this is my favorite old school cool pic ever!! Love the house!!!
13 Jan 2018 02:21 - +4
Wierdo alert

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