Do you like my nudes?

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13 Jan 2018 01:27 - +5059
You know what the secret to sending good dick pics is? Being asked for a dick pic.
13 Jan 2018 02:16 - +3090
A guy asked me if I wanted to see his dick. I replied you wanna see mine first? He blocked me🤷🏾‍♀️ lol
13 Jan 2018 01:31 - +1018
Here, please take this survey so that I may improve my unsolicited nudes in the future. If you fill it out you get a free drink with purchase of a large sandwich.
13 Jan 2018 01:46 - +550
Just ... don't send a dick pic unless you're sure that it's wanted.   How do you know if it's wanted? The other person will tell you. They'll either ask for it themselves, or you can ask if they'd like one - and asking is pretty much only appropriate if you're already "sexting", too. Don't just randomly ask people if they want to see your dick. And then if they say no don't fucking do it anyways and say it was an accident or say you thought they'd change their mind once they saw it. The other person already told you not to. Also don't keep asking, if they deny you once they don't need convincing, they're telling you no. Period. If another person sends *you* an unsolicited nude and you're into it then it could also reasonably be presumed they're down for random nudes in return. But they can still ask you to stop at any time.   That's it, though. It's not difficult to parse out.
13 Jan 2018 03:36 - +250
*zooms in* *zooms in more* *more* *more* *more* *more* OHH there's his dick
13 Jan 2018 01:25 - +242
Probably "eww, there's his dick"
13 Jan 2018 00:49 - +121
Such insecurity.
13 Jan 2018 00:35 - +120
I’ve always wondered what women enjoy seeing, cause I’m sure if a chick sent boob pics no matter the shape, color or size, to a guy. He would certainly enjoy them. So is it just that women are picky, or is it just different mindsets?
13 Jan 2018 02:59 - +111
It's more like "oh...THAT'S his *dick*?"
13 Jan 2018 02:24 - +88
I've made it my mission in life to respond to unsolicited dick pics with unsolicited Prince Albert pics. I'm particularly fond of [this one](
13 Jan 2018 02:27 - +85
*Image Transcription: Private Message* --- **Sender**: Do you like the nudes I've sent? Or is it just like, oh there's his dick Or is it like, OHH there's his dick **Reciever**: Well I don't particularly enjoy opening random dick pics --- ^^I'm a volunteer content transcriber for Reddit! [If  you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](
13 Jan 2018 02:17 - +39
Guys: don’t sent a dick pick unless you’re asked. Period. Best case scenario: You don’t send one and she likes you and is down for one, she’ll ask or get the photo sending started. Worst case scenario: She didn’t want one and you aren’t coming off as creepy, desperate, or offensive.
13 Jan 2018 03:42 - +28
Hey, from 1 to 10 how much did you enjoy my nudes? Would you recomend it to a friend?
13 Jan 2018 01:19 - +21
He seems like a smooth operator.
13 Jan 2018 04:50 - +12
Wait. When guys send dick pics they’re sitting waiting nervously for a review? It’s. A. Dick.
13 Jan 2018 03:26 - +11
How about “Oh THERE’s his dick”
13 Jan 2018 05:00 - +9
Girls should always have a backup dick pic to send to guys that do that. But like enormously big so they feel inadequate
13 Jan 2018 04:53 - +9
Why can *I* never get dick pics? :(
13 Jan 2018 01:49 - +7
Was the third option supposed to be like you just solved a Where's Waldo? That's the impression I got.
13 Jan 2018 03:22 - +6
I don't know I thought this was pretty fucking hilarious.
13 Jan 2018 03:55 - +5
Or oh, therrrres his dick
13 Jan 2018 02:25 - +4
I have something I've been wondering but never see it come up. Is sending dick pics to someone randomly legal? I'd imagine sending something like that to someone who doesn't want to see it could really effect certain people.
13 Jan 2018 02:43 - +4
More like, "Do you like how addicted I am to validation?"
13 Jan 2018 04:37 - +3
#**OHH** ^^^^^^^^shit
13 Jan 2018 04:44 - +3
[Before sending a dick pick, please remember](
13 Jan 2018 04:36 - +3
When in the history of photography has an unsolicited dick pic worked?
13 Jan 2018 04:23 - +3
Do you like me? Check one: [ ] Yes [ ] No
13 Jan 2018 04:41 - +3
"OH, there's his dick," or "Oh, THERE'S his dick," or "Oh, there's HIS dick," or "Oh, there's his DICK."
13 Jan 2018 04:13 - +3
Do you like my nudes? Do you like it?

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