1915: A French soldier slumps down dead with food in his hands after being shot while he ate. [800×516]

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13 Jan 2018 03:40 - +4764
What a sad image. A man getting shot while enjoying the briefest reprieves of a meal. All war is vile.
13 Jan 2018 03:46 - +1288
I realise the guy is a soldier, and therefore a legitimate target for his countries enemies. Still, to my mind, it takes a mean hearted SOB to kill a man sitting down enjoying a meal.
13 Jan 2018 04:07 - +651
World War I was insane. We had developed amazingly efficient war tools, but were still using the same combat techniques we were using for hundreds of years. Hell, the French were even wearing breastplates and other armor at the beginning of the war. What's even crazier, is that airplanes completely changed warfare, but it wasn't fully utilized until WWII.
13 Jan 2018 05:07 - +455
For those who call the French "Surrender Monkeys", let me give you context. As an American who spent childhood summers at my grandmother's farm in the south of France, I got perspective on their defeat in WW2. In the village square was a WW1 monument with a long list of names. Seemingly every local family had suffered loss. Few came back, even fewer fully intact. Multiply that by the hundreds of villages, towns and cities throughout France. WW2 was only 20 years later. Memories and heartbreaks were still fresh. The country was mentally unprepared to add so many more names to the lists. France had put all its hopes in the Maginot line to hold back the Germans and minimize the carnage. When that failed, it's not hard to understand the collapse of national resolve.
13 Jan 2018 03:41 - +321
Really drives home the waste and needlessness of war
13 Jan 2018 04:53 - +253
Why do we, or I anyway, feel that WW1 was a more sad or sombre war than say WW2? Is it the writers who came about with stories and poems afterwards? The conditions? That modern technology collided with old cavalry tactics and with many clueless generals sending people over the top?
13 Jan 2018 03:31 - +162
Very emotional picture. The colouring adds more depth.
13 Jan 2018 04:55 - +88
*In Flanders fields, the poppies blow* *between the crosses, row on row*
13 Jan 2018 04:19 - +76
"The true Last Supper" keeps popping into my mind.
13 Jan 2018 02:44 - +64
Gosh millions of french solidaires died in first war! It was a massacre! Jofre let his solidiers died as a shield to tire the Germans.
13 Jan 2018 04:34 - +53
It's such a waste of life. I don't see a dead person here. I see the loss of a son/father/brother/uncle, the loss of a lifetime of experience and the loss of unimaginable unknowns that he might have achieved in his life, had he not died right there in a muddy and desolate battlefield.
13 Jan 2018 06:47 - +38
This is why you should eat your dessert first.
13 Jan 2018 06:02 - +26
I had a friend who was a WWII combat vet. He told us, several times, about killing a German soldier who was taking a shit.
13 Jan 2018 05:49 - +23
The few decades between late 19th century - 1930s are depressingly interesting to look back on. Nationalism in full swing side-by-side long standing empires crumbling, incredibly destructive and radical ideas such as fascism and communism gaining a foothold in a super short time, all against the backdrop of technology advancing at an unprecedented rate. A recipe for the two most vile conflicts to follow, christ christ christ.
13 Jan 2018 06:25 - +21
What a fucking pity. It really is. Possibly the only moment you can normally enjoy yourself and you die while doing it. War was going to get him one way or another though. Poor guy and everyone else who had to fight in this gory, dark war.
13 Jan 2018 04:42 - +19
Wow, that's cold. Like, unusually cold. To be killed while posing no real threat like that, wouldn't be the norm in a war like WW1. If I am to believe all the stories, that is; of people not realizing they were "supposed" to shoot *any* enemy they came across. It just wasn't natural to them. Only about 20 percent would actually kill on sight, in an otherwise quiet peaceful situation. And only a subset of those 20 would actually kill somebody who's just eating some food.
13 Jan 2018 04:11 - +19
Steel helmets were not widely adopted by any Army until the summer of 1916.
13 Jan 2018 07:10 - +14
The name of this subreddit kind of creeps me out when I see shit like this.
13 Jan 2018 05:01 - +14
This image is fucking heartbreaking. War is cruel. I hope this man didn't suffer. RIP.
13 Jan 2018 07:33 - +11
Someone probably saw he got stuck eating the veggie omelette MRE and put the poor man out of his misery
13 Jan 2018 08:00 - +11
Aw man... Poor guy. He just wanted 10 minutes from the insanity of battle to sit down and enjoy some food... but the war wouldn't even give him that. Rest in peace.
13 Jan 2018 06:23 - +6
If anyone else was wondering what he was eating: http://17thdivision.tripod.com/rationsoftheageofempire/id16.html
13 Jan 2018 06:38 - +6
And this is how I would have died in war
13 Jan 2018 09:08 - +5
WWI is so depressing. It’s basically a war that no one knew why they were in it, no one wanted to be in it, and everyone hated being in it.
13 Jan 2018 09:18 - +5
My grandmother was from Ireland.she came to the USA after WW1 I remember she always had an old picture on the mantel of her brother in a military uniform she said he was a Lieutenant? An was in charge of blowing a whistle to signal to the men it was time to charge an go up & out of the trench. She said that he was murdered by his own men one day as the men did not want to leave the trenches.she also had two vases made from artillery shells (trench art) also she must have still been in Ireland-when the war ended because I recall her saying she worked in a sewing shop and one day a woman burst open the door and shouted!! Girls!! Girls!! The war is over!! The woman she said who said this had on a great big round hat and as she said this the sun was behind her!! After that they all took the day off & celebrated!! It must have been great. I also had an uncle who was in WW1 he was born & raised in New England. An old New England farmer. His job was taken care of the mules well one day he was kicked in the back by one An I believe it contributed to him being deaf , he always had that old time hearing aide with the wire from the ear to his front pocket. If I had to describe him i would have to say he looked like Frankenstein. He was nonetheless a great man and I’ll never forget uncle rolling...
13 Jan 2018 06:31 - +5
Shot or artillery? Just seems odd to shoot someone while they were eating but.... War is hell. I'd only suspect artillery because it seems 'to whom it may concern' versus the personal matter of castling your sights on to the silohuette of a man eating.
13 Jan 2018 08:51 - +4
This photo really hit me with the mundane reality of dying in war. Most often, you don't have the chance to die in some noble/heroic way. Instead, you die while walking to the latrine, mid sentence while in conversation, or an errant step in a mine field.
13 Jan 2018 07:05 - +3
Looks more like shrapnel from a tree strike got him, poor guy. RIP.
13 Jan 2018 07:41 - +3
I was listening to Debussy's Clair De Lune when I opened this pic. It sent shivers down my spine...
13 Jan 2018 08:16 - +3
Highly suggest Dan Carlin’s Blueprint for Armageddon.
13 Jan 2018 05:18 - +1
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