Thank you Microsoft for helping me try to convince my wife to get me an Xbox one X! Much appreciated.

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13 Jan 2018 02:37 - +1981
Been married over 10 years. I can tell you "Hahaha I'm sure it would" means it isn't happening... I am hoping I am wrong and you do get it but my years of experience with such responses from a wife is what it is.
13 Jan 2018 03:06 - +344
Here's some ammo when making the case for a new console: It's important to understand that the Xbox One X isn't just a great game-playing device, and the most powerful game console ever created, it's also a great way to enjoy streaming and physical media in 4K and HDR. Also, you can use it to surf the Internet right on your TV, enabling you to explore educational websites as a family. The Xbox One X is also aesthetically pleasing, with a dark, modern color scheme that enhances the decor of any room, and telegraphs your sophisticated taste in design to your friends and neighbors. If your tastes run more to minimalism, the vertical stand enables you to tuck the console behind the TV. How am I doing?
13 Jan 2018 03:53 - +157
Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
13 Jan 2018 04:14 - +53
"Hahaha I'm sure it would" in my marriage literally means hahahaha no.
13 Jan 2018 02:22 - +34
ha that's great
13 Jan 2018 02:25 - +33
Key words here: "try to." I'm gonna assume it didn't work? xD
13 Jan 2018 02:42 - +24
Thought for sure when I started reading MS was gonna hook you up.
13 Jan 2018 03:28 - +11
You loved MS's post but only liked your wife's post... I'd fix it before she notices and decides to not give you the xbox
13 Jan 2018 03:03 - +11
Watch them end up giving you the Xbox one X
13 Jan 2018 03:00 - +11
I'm just upvoting so you can show her this post and put more pressure on her :) Hope you'll get one!
13 Jan 2018 02:23 - +10
Happy Birthday Randy enjoy your present!
13 Jan 2018 05:33 - +9
My girlfriend is crazy for extravagant gifts. She bought a PS4 for my birthday last year then asked if I wanted a Switch for Christmas. I talked her out of that though, since my Wii U would end up gathering too much dust and I've still got a backlog to get through.
13 Jan 2018 02:29 - +7
hahaha... awesome XD
13 Jan 2018 02:30 - +6
Haha this is great
13 Jan 2018 05:12 - +6
I got married in 2013 right before the xbox one came out. I saved for it and told my wife that i was getting it regardless of her opinion. Now she uses the damn thing more than I do for blu-rays, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube(Vlogs), Live TV (she loves the ability to pause live TV) and we occasionally play overcooked together. We now have two young kids and its been great for all the Disney movies we have on Bluray Or Digital Copies. My wife is better at me when it comes to quickly controlling media too. she knows where everything is in the menu for controlling media content on XBO. Once i even mentioned to her about selling the kinect and she wouldn't let me. haha
13 Jan 2018 06:18 - +6
Good luck to you on finding your balls and buying yourself something.
13 Jan 2018 05:46 - +6
You need your wife to buy you an xbox?
13 Jan 2018 02:59 - +5
Good luck randy something tells me you're gonna need it
13 Jan 2018 02:36 - +5
It's my birthday today, I wish I would've thought of this :(
13 Jan 2018 05:40 - +5
Dear Whitney, Lets talk about this whole Xbox thing. After all these years of being together, my man Randy has undoubtedly tried his hardest to get you the perfect gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, your birthday, just because, and inevitably to escape the dog house. Now is the time of year where it is your time to shine. It is your time to make Randy as happy as he makes you all year round. Sure, Randy isn't perfect, but he's a stand up guy. And if you really... REALLY... want to wow him.... you know that this is the perfect gift. So, Whitney, think about it. Think hard. Think about all those times Randy has tried to get you the perfect gift. And seize the opportunity to make this a birthday for him to remember. Sincerely, some guy from the internet.
13 Jan 2018 03:44 - +5
Microsoft also "helped" me get an Xbox one when they announced dvr functionality coming soon. We are cord cutters and I explained to my wife how we could record shows and skip commercials just like cable tv. Then Microsoft never implemented dvr... now I get nagged for playing games when a firestick does everything we use the Xbox for.
13 Jan 2018 06:35 - +5
My girlfriend of 11 years got me one for Christmas. It was a complete surprise. She doesn’t make much, so I never in a million years expected it. Good luck. Hope their little push helps.
13 Jan 2018 02:42 - +4
MS is a bro sometimes.
13 Jan 2018 05:53 - +4
Buy your own present. Easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
13 Jan 2018 03:26 - +4
Im not married and i just grabed my money and bought an xbox one X all for my self =P happy birthday Randy good luck ;)
13 Jan 2018 03:37 - +3
Congrats on marrying one of those
13 Jan 2018 07:09 - +3
why not just buy one instead of hoping the wife buys it?
13 Jan 2018 06:04 - +2
You forgot to black out the guys name at the bottom
13 Jan 2018 04:35 - +2
I make deals with my wife not to do 1 thing for the whole month, such as sarcasm or any bad habit I have. Then I am free to get whatever I want.
13 Jan 2018 07:07 - +2
Why is nobody talking about the fact that George Michael’s ghost had an opinion to share in that thread?
13 Jan 2018 04:42 - +2
Gets served with divorce papers the next day.
13 Jan 2018 04:42 - +2
"Much Appreciated." I think someone's wallet has other feelings.
13 Jan 2018 04:31 - +2
Awesome man!!! Hahah this is amazing, I love life
13 Jan 2018 03:00 - +2
Well played bill... Well played...
13 Jan 2018 07:36 - +2
I asked for a waffle maker
13 Jan 2018 05:14 - +2
I load faster than anyone else in Smite, and the higher framerate makes awesome plays easier to land. Plus, they have 4K textures available. Just tell your wife if she gets you an Xbox One X, you'll buy her a 4K TV ;)
13 Jan 2018 06:08 - +2
MicBROsoft, amirite?!
13 Jan 2018 05:54 - +2
Ma nga
13 Jan 2018 06:45 - +2
She should've tweeted: "It would mean a lot to him if it came from you"
13 Jan 2018 06:08 - +2
Good looking wife bro...
13 Jan 2018 05:27 - +2
ahahahha! this is awesome! The XboxOneX is great. I hope you get it.
13 Jan 2018 06:10 - +2
This is great lol.. now if they can do the same for me that would be great
13 Jan 2018 05:32 - +2
@Champ9889 I was 3 months creating an inception to my wife that I needed to change the Xbox and TV for a 4k, until finally she decided that I could buy everything. Now even she enjoys the power of the X.
13 Jan 2018 07:05 - +2
Happy Birthday Randy!
13 Jan 2018 05:37 - +2
Pretty sure you want some of those dirty cheeseburgers from the mustard tiger.
13 Jan 2018 07:08 - +2
lmao, Microsoft has your back randy! Seriously though, what is the problem with men gaming? lol ._. I know I had found it so much easier to learn to play video games over time and found some fun games I play with my husband. Convert her Randy! Do it!
13 Jan 2018 05:47 - +2
Microsoft follows the Bro Code pretty closely. Well done, guys.
13 Jan 2018 07:41 - +2
Based on the tittle and picture I thought OP already got the console from her. I even thought "damn, how did he get so lucky with that response she gave." Until I read she hasn't given it yet. Lol, good luck OP.
13 Jan 2018 05:53 - +2
You are the luckiest person in the history of Microsoft lol Whitney get the Xbox
13 Jan 2018 03:24 - +2
Translation: Not happening.
13 Jan 2018 03:33 - +2
Hey Randy!
13 Jan 2018 05:16 - +2
It’s funny when guys have couple pictures and the girls just keep their solo ones up.
13 Jan 2018 05:35 - +2
I want to thank everyone here. I was on the fence about starting a new relationship and after seeing grown men give each other tips on how to convince someone to let you buy something with your money I think I'm going to go back to being selfish and single. Reddit is such a good place to get perspective on things. So again, thank you guys.
13 Jan 2018 05:55 - +2
13 Jan 2018 03:08 - +2
Microsoft can be a good wingman.
13 Jan 2018 05:42 - +1
I want to get an Xbone but don't see a reason to get one over a PC other than exclusives. Can someone help me out?
13 Jan 2018 08:07 - +1
I think the best solution is to buy your wife an Xbox 1 X
13 Jan 2018 07:00 - +1
Randy. Please tell me you are from the deep South
13 Jan 2018 07:06 - +1
Lucky you. My gears of war 4 that’s a digital download won’t play so I deleted it and tried to reinstall. But they’re saying I have to rebuy it!!! Thanks micro transaction soft
13 Jan 2018 06:38 - +1
But did you get it?
13 Jan 2018 05:18 - +1
Enjoy your socks, pal.
13 Jan 2018 07:03 - +1
And then, later, they had an unpleasant conversation about the fact that it costs $500. Dollars to donuts, I'm tellin' ya.
13 Jan 2018 05:26 - +1
I love my Xbox One X, but the thing irks me every time I look at it. Why is the bottom half of the console not centered with the top half like it is on the Xbox One S? Instead the bottom sits aligned to the right side of the top with an overhang on the left side when looking at it head on in the horizontal position. It drives me crazy, I realize it was probably done to accommodate the vertical stand, but perhaps they could have figured out a design that looked good horizontally and worked with the stand.

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