When you hear that Dark Souls is getting remastered

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13 Jan 2018 04:23 - +5470
I lost it when I saw the bird
13 Jan 2018 05:25 - +4490
Could someone please explain this particular, uh, funny walk style? I've seen it in a video from a convention, but I don't know its origin.
13 Jan 2018 05:31 - +2461
for pete's sake. I just finished them all and thought I'd be free of the curse for time being.
13 Jan 2018 04:04 - +1984
[Honestly better with sound too.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzJDimvPW1Y) Pruld has some great videos on his channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp28JPs25ek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DGe4RtPmWw Youtube disabled the music in that second link, [so here's a version with the music.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNO9oeFX150) I wanted to still link Pruld's original though for credit.
13 Jan 2018 06:10 - +1216
This should be the official trailer
13 Jan 2018 05:02 - +647
If this doesn't win an Oscar for best short animation, then there is no justice in the world
13 Jan 2018 05:58 - +635
**\\[T]/** *Praising intensifies*
13 Jan 2018 08:16 - +457
I love that Dee from Always Sunny shows up at the end
13 Jan 2018 06:14 - +337
I’ve never played a Dark Souls game. They’re really just not my cup of tea. But, this gif (and video) crack me up so I watch it no matter how many times it gets reposted. It’s Ministry of Funny Walks level funny.
13 Jan 2018 05:51 - +181
I'm so glad to have a portable Darksouls with the Switch version.
13 Jan 2018 05:23 - +118
[This is my style of celebrating](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I6fmvp37TU)
13 Jan 2018 08:20 - +112
try finger but hole
13 Jan 2018 08:48 - +100
Y'know, for years people been tellin me bout this damn game. How well made it was. How deep it got. How difficult, but consistent it was. Not only people I know and whose opinions I trust, but strangers on the internet as well. I've always been on the fence about trying it out. I think whoever made this silly gif just knocked me off the fence and now I have to play this damn game. Thank you sir/madam.
13 Jan 2018 06:44 - +97
As long as they don't fix any of the bugs or exploits, the purists will only be slightly outraged
13 Jan 2018 05:53 - +85
BAHAHAHAHAHA I knew what this was before I even clicked on it. Thanks for sharing
13 Jan 2018 05:54 - +56
"Grossly Incandescent."
13 Jan 2018 05:06 - +42
With close to 1200hrs across all souls games, I didn’t even know I needed this in my life. Thank you for sharing OP.
13 Jan 2018 05:27 - +40
WTF did I just watch?
13 Jan 2018 07:16 - +37
Memes aside, how was this made?
13 Jan 2018 06:40 - +26
I was expecting this to be [praise till you're hollow](https://youtu.be/mp28JPs25ek)
13 Jan 2018 07:29 - +16
I've never played dark souls but I don't live under a rock so I know it's a good/brutally difficult game. I think I'll get this for my switch but only play in docked mode with my pro controller
13 Jan 2018 08:28 - +14
This is from the youtube channel “ The Pruld” they do awesome stuff.
13 Jan 2018 08:33 - +12
Good old thePruld
13 Jan 2018 09:08 - +9
This is how friendships are made and brotherhoods are born

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