TIL the city of Houston, Texas has a program where they train citizens to write tickets for handicap parking violations. After taking a course in proper procedure, you are given the authority to ticket anyone you see parked in a handicap spot without a placard.

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13 Jan 2018 11:49 - +8933
Live in Houston, can't confirm, but will be signing up soon to write tickets
13 Jan 2018 13:21 - +4231
Wife has some medical issues that are not obvious. We have a handicap placard and nothing infuriates me more than people who park there illegally. My wife just says its ok, we can walk...But I see how much this hurts her, even though she thinks she is hiding it. On the plus side, My city just created an app that lets you report any violations you see. Take a clear picture showing the violation through the app and report the location. A ticket is in the mail. I hate to admit how much satisfaction that app gives me.
13 Jan 2018 11:26 - +1121
Now THAT is a program that should be made available nationwide! I would totally sign up for that, as I constantly see idiots parking in those spots without placards or DP plates.
13 Jan 2018 15:32 - +1036
Could someone theoretically park there illegally, write themselves a ticket, put it on their car then just throw it away after without formally submitting it? Or am I misunderstanding the process?
13 Jan 2018 14:30 - +445
So if the person issued the citation contests it will the citizen be subpoenaed to court?
13 Jan 2018 12:27 - +437
So how do they prevent abuse? If a deputized person wants to be an ass, they could write invalid tickets, for example, to harass someone.
13 Jan 2018 12:11 - +220
Sounds like a great idea on paper. Sadly, people tend to ruin everything.
13 Jan 2018 11:56 - +210
Can they check the front seat before they ticket you? I forget to put it on my mirror sometimes.
13 Jan 2018 12:21 - +105
I've lived in Houston (greater area) for almost 10 years and have only seen someome park in a handicapped without permit once... and they were in a wheelchair, (I assume they just forgot it).
13 Jan 2018 14:08 - +65
Do they also have a program where you can rat your neighbors out to the Stasi if they're reading capitalist literature!?
13 Jan 2018 14:39 - +50
I’m not sure who I hate more here, people who park in handicap spots or all the twats signing up to give out parking tickets (for free no less)
13 Jan 2018 15:26 - +48
Can I just say that this is a terrible idea. We don't need to allow people another excuse for a power trip. Especially in Texas. I'm not defending people who park in handicap spots. But allowing the citizens authority over each other in this manner sucks. We already pay people to do shit like this. And I can't help but feel the people who get excited over this would be the same kind of people who get excited about being selected for jury duty.
13 Jan 2018 14:09 - +48
Can it be expanded to the idiots in Wal-Mart's fire lane......
13 Jan 2018 15:09 - +42
Also, Texas disabled veterans, get your damn disabled vet license plates. You don't need no placard. Free parking at city metered parking *and* handicap parking. Oh, and on top of that, free fucking tollways. Seriously, I was out for three years before I found out about the free tollways. I'd been paying $80/month in tolls for 3 fucking years. I don't math that well, but that's like $3000 in tolls.
13 Jan 2018 11:57 - +39
This is one ticket that I would never contest. These people are assholes. I had a cast on my foot and realized that there's a huge amount of assholes who take unnecessary parking
13 Jan 2018 14:28 - +39
Yeah, I'm sure nobody is going to abuse that power.
13 Jan 2018 15:26 - +25
And a program like this is how I wound up wasting 2 hours of my life in traffic court. Unqualified twat decided I was in a handicapped spot. NEVER in my life have I EVER parked in one. BUT the spot where I worked was painted over - it moved the spot from further from the ramp to closer and made the formerly handicapped spot normal parking again. They gave me 3 tickets in like a two week period. I had to waste all that time in traffic court to get it dismissed. They do not check these people's pictures after they submit them, in the county i was in. I can't speak for Houston. But I did ask the judge if the picture was looked over and he said no. If another human looked at it, they would have seen that the spot was painted black (in fucking acrylic paint, I'm not joking) over the blue. Shitty paint job was shitty paint job, and I get that. But still. The distinct lack of accountability pissed me off. If it had been anywhere but the place I worked and therefore knew the situation with the crappy paint job, I would have paid the county 100 in fines for a law I did not, and have NEVER broken. I consider it a privilege thatI don't need to use those spaces. I've left parkinglots before parking in one of them. To get a ticket for a law I would never ever ever consider breaking made me so dang angry. And made me wonder how much bank the county was making on people that just paid the fine rather than spend 2 hours in court.
13 Jan 2018 15:48 - +23
This is a very slippery slope to allow a private citizen to have ANY legal authority whatsoever over another private citizen that could be handled accordingly by the courts. This is different from a citizen's arrest, because you can make a citizen's arrest, and the cop can show up and still make the determination to let that person go. Hell, you'll probably have a lawsuit filed against YOU if you can't prove that this person committed the crime you are "arresting" them for. But to be able to literally cite someone for an infraction that they are now liable for if they don't comply......this also sounds like an episode of South Park.
13 Jan 2018 15:00 - +22
So does the state mail you a 10 dollar bill when you do this, or do you just have the satisfaction of ruining someone's day?
13 Jan 2018 15:13 - +18
Sounds horrible; most righteous people have no idea what they are doing especially in situations of seriousness such as writing a ticket.
13 Jan 2018 17:32 - +17
Guarantee this is going to result in old nosy busy bodies writing tickets for people who “don’t look disabled” and therefore “are abusing the parking spot.” People leave ugly notes on the cars of people with invisible disabilities all the time because they “don’t look disabled” now those same people are going to be encouraged by the government. I hate this.
13 Jan 2018 15:20 - +15
I saw this in action at the now closed Ruggles Green on West Alabama. Some dude was writing tickets for people parked in the handicap spot. The catch? There was no handicap spot. He was writing tickets to the cars where he thought there should be a handicap spot. People were not happy, but it was a handicap guy writing the tickets and he wouldn’t back down. I left, but they probably should have just called the regular coppers.
13 Jan 2018 16:51 - +9
One time I was trying to park and this guy litteraly stole my spot no big deal but then i see he dosent have a sticker. I tell him he cant park there hes not handicap he tells me to mine my own buisness I open my door and show him my stub. His face just droped and said sorry sir and moved his car.
13 Jan 2018 15:30 - +8
I'd be nervous that I'd give a ticket to a person that forgot to put their placard up. You are only supposed to have them up when you are parked, but I think most people leave them up while driving.
13 Jan 2018 15:53 - +4
If something like this existed for texting drivers in Washington we would be able to support half the country on fines alone.
13 Jan 2018 15:16 - +3
Worked in a parking lot, wish we had this.

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