Throwaways of Reddit, have your stories posted here ever been uncovered by family/friends/spouses? How did it turn out?

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13 Jan 2018 17:53 - +9930
I used a throwaway to look for help when I realized I was raised in a cult... I was terrified that my wife, who was also a member, would leave me if she found out that I was doubting. Well, I'm no espionage expert and she found out. It turned out she was feeling the same way as I was... fast forward a couple of years and we're both out of the group, and working towards freedom. There's a lot of family pressure and recrimination, but that's ok. Therapy, constant dialog and mindfulness are helping heal us. We both ended up using the r/exjw subreddit to help figure things out, so thanks Reddit! You saved us both! EDIT - Wow, so many upvotes and comments!!! My most successful post ever... Thanks for all the interest everyone.
13 Jan 2018 17:33 - +5295
Not exactly the same, but I posted some pictures of CAD details (call notes from ambulance calls I work) on what I thought was a private album, that were humorous. They got picked up by someone several months later and circulated all over the internet. The only identifiable information in any of them was my unit number, no patient info or addresses, just humorous notes. Luckily my boss was very cool about it. I unfortunately had to sweat for like 24 hours until I met with my boss. Worst feeling ever. Edit: Since so many people are seeing this I would just like to plug the [First Responders Children's Foundation]( They are a charity who provides scholarships to the children of first responders (of all sorts, not just fire, EMS, or LEO) who died in the line of duty or made permenantly disabled.
13 Jan 2018 18:31 - +4983
I used a throwaway once to tell a hilarious story of when I used to work at a doctor's office, and met a patient with an unusual medical problem. I was on a date a few weeks later and the guy told my story back to me, but said it had happened to him, instead. It was like a hilarious game of Telephone; his version was slightly more elaborate, with a few small things changed to make it even funnier. The fact that I didn't seemed shocked by the punchline threw him off a little bit, though.
13 Jan 2018 18:03 - +3461
Yes, actually. I had registered an alternate account to ask a private, family-related question about an abusive situation between myself and a close relative. They just so happened to stumble on it in the Reddit feed, and they knew it was me right away because the details were exact enough for them to make the connection. I was quite embarrassed when they told me in person, but at least they recognized that what they were doing to me was wrong. Fully 95% of the participants took my side.
13 Jan 2018 17:24 - +3036
Got found out that I post **a lot** of porn We have raunchier sex now It's great
13 Jan 2018 17:42 - +2538
My sister claims to know my account but hasn't ever mentioned anything I've ever posted so maybe bluffing. My husband is a lurker posts maybe once a year I know he checks on me and will drop shit I've posted in conversation. Annoyingly I can't remember his username ever. Babe, you out there?
13 Jan 2018 18:01 - +2402
I used a throwaway to post in a forum about some struggles I was having in my marriage (we'd been married for a little over a year at that point). The ladies there gave very helpful advice, but when my husband found it, he was very upset. I definitely phrased things less carefully than I would have if I knew he was going to read it. After a couple weeks, he asked if I'd be willing to meet with a marriage counselor. The counselor asked what advice the forum had given me, and when I explained, he was a bit shocked. "You actually got some pretty great advice from the internet!"
13 Jan 2018 17:48 - +2018
My friend found out my main account because I wasn't careful. My post history had lots of things I didn't want known but luckily he never bothered looking so I'm safe. I switched to this account for anything I don't want seen now. Edit: Thanks for all the kind words, actually smiled for real lol.
13 Jan 2018 17:55 - +1818
I made a very detailed post on r/raisedbynarcissists using my main account, which has my first name in the username. A few days later, a family member sent me the link in a Facebook PM and asked if it was me. I said no and then deleted the post anyway. Nothing more came of it, but after someone found my Fetlife account and linked it to my mom, I didn't want to take any chances.
13 Jan 2018 17:54 - +1600
Not a story but an additional question. There are always people posting on r/relationships with specific problems like "I told my wife that her sister looked mad hot in her dark blue Topshop dress" and include details like the town they live in and the fact the wife is a 164.3cm tall, 32 year old hair dresser and they are a 34 year old delivery guy. Then they state the names are changed because their wife is a Redditor or even subs to relationships. Are any of those people here? Did you get caught? Did you really think changing a few details would work?
13 Jan 2018 17:17 - +1430
I'm too scared to post anything, because a previous post (not on reddit) was uncovered, screenshot and sent to my partner. It didn't cause any issues like they were probably hoping, but made me feel like nothing I post is safe anymore. Its taken away a huge outlet.
13 Jan 2018 18:02 - +1231
I found an ex-boyfriend's account years ago, every 3 months I check up on him. Decided to right now, he usually just posts in his university subreddit or sports threads. I literally just found him posting in a furry subreddit. Welp.
13 Jan 2018 16:36 - +750
Nope, never been discovered. I change all the names and even some of the ages/time periods in my posts. Even if I do get discovered I feel like my stuff is pretty mild compared to most people, I'd say my wife is aware on some level of almost half of what I've posted already. I use this throwaway (technically it's an "alt") more to hide from other Redditors than from my family and friends. The other guys in my gaming clan who I chat with here on Reddit REALLY don't need to know a damned thing about how I lost my virginity or any of my boring fetishes, it'd make for a super awkward few weeks on Discord chat and while I would be able to deal with that long term, why fucking bother if I can avoid the hassle so easily and just use a separate account to post smut?
13 Jan 2018 18:26 - +684
I once posted my résumé for feedback on a pretty small subreddit, hid all personal information like name, address etc. But kept my photo in it. A few months later I started my masters degree and this international student who also just started said: 'hey you posted your resume a while back didn't you?' If you're still watching, hi Davis!
13 Jan 2018 17:52 - +602
It's how I became "Prof Douche Canoe"... I posted about something that happened at the University I taught at (I wasn't a prof, but people make that mistake all the time). Anyways, I tell the story and I guess the context wasn't clear it was a long time ago so I only half remember what was said, but this kid responds with a 100% accurate "guess" as to the school I was referring to, the class I was teaching, etc. and he ends it with, "And the prof sucked so much dick I hated him." And the "Prof" was me, I guess however I told the story that part wasn't clear. But I'm freaking out cause all the beautiful anonymity is gone. So I just responded with, "Yeah, the prof was a total douche canoe." and that seemed to end the thread. So last time I told this on Reddit, a ton of people tagged me as "Professor Douche Canoe". So I just went the extra mile and got a tattoo that says that.
13 Jan 2018 18:34 - +600
On the other side of this question: A friend of mine and I are avid hobbyists of a specific hobby. The friend doesn't use reddit and can barely navigate Facebook (exmormon, thinks the internet will corrupt you). I noticed one day that there was a post to the subreddit of a young guy showing off some very distinct equipment he borrowed. I walked over to my friend's office and asked him about his equipment. Turns out he let someone borrow it. I pulled up the reddit page and we both laughed about how famous his equipment had become as soon as he lent it to someone else. I showed him how easy it is to snoop on someone (friend is paranoid about the internet). It was fun having a glimpse into an acquaintance's life by viewing the account's post history. He had posted to multiple subreddits talking about the equipment and how much it was helping him with the hobby and related hobbies. We stopped laughing when my friend scrolled down and found pictures of the young guy's dick with a paragraph detailing his fetishes. --- **Edit**: I am not identifying the hobby (just look at the theme of the thread!). Think something along the lines of a unique telescope, bird watching equipment, or a specialized tool that attracts specific wildlife like butterflies or small adorable mammals. Something wholesome and nature oriented. The acquaintance posted to one of the hookup subreddits (whatever one includes things like [m4f] or [male looking for female]) and a subreddit where you just straight up post your dick (gonewild maybe?). He apparently didn't know why you would use an alt account.
13 Jan 2018 17:23 - +543
I feel as if I was born for this question, but even my main account has never been uncovered
13 Jan 2018 18:20 - +516
I wrote gonewild stories about how I slept with my roommate and they got way more popular than I ever thought they would. She eventually became my girlfriend and I deleted the stories and my account I posted them on. But someone else copied the stories and posted them on an erotic stories website. I made the mistake of not changing her name very much and it's not a very common name. And also said where we live. Someone we know worked it out it was about her and I and showed her the stories. To start with she was kind of mad because not everything I wrote about her was nice (especially the early stories). Then she admitted she thought it was hot reading what I had written about our sex life and how our relationship developed. But yeah she was pissed off about it for a while and would use it against me in arguments. Eventually she got over it though and we're still together.
13 Jan 2018 17:08 - +424
I used to use a 'main' reddit account for browsing reddit and another one (this one) for posting my YouTube videos, animations etc but after while it just looked like i never browsed reddit and ONLY posted my videos so i stoped using my main in fear of looking like a complete self promotion redditer. While this isn't really the juiciest answer its my multiple reddit account story.
13 Jan 2018 17:56 - +307
Met someone from my high school because I mentioned the lady in a photo was my lunch lady and they said omg me too. They added me on Facebook and that was the end of it. Different account my ex found me because of a specific story. I just nuked the account.
13 Jan 2018 16:19 - +295
Upvote the hell out this AskReddit people, so as to give throwaways time to come out of the woodwork.
13 Jan 2018 18:04 - +294
I used to only use one Reddit account. I'd had the same one for 4-6 years. Then my girlfriend confronts me about talking about her and her sister online. Turns out she saw me on Reddit one day and made note of my username. She then went through all of my old posts and confronted me about I made months before. It was pretty innocent about me dating a twin with no identifying information nor a juicy story. I deleted my account later that day and that became a regular thing for me. I've also broken up with her.
13 Jan 2018 18:06 - +253
My sister found out I was planning to propose when the secret wasn't meant to be out to family yet (I posted asking for advice). I blew up at her and abandoned the account.
13 Jan 2018 17:29 - +247
[I live an open life; I keep no secrets but none of my friends and especially none of my family would be able to identify me by this story that I love to tell.]( edit: it's been fifteen years, i'm going to try to find these people... I suppose I'll start with posting this to Yokosuka newspapers tomorrow.
13 Jan 2018 18:08 - +236
Not on reddit no, but a vid of me and my boyfriend was the top result for "fisting" on pornhub for a while and some of our friends found it to my embarassment. I think it's gone now but the damage was done. And I don't just mean to my pussy, lol.
13 Jan 2018 17:37 - +211
Sometimes I think about that. I feel like on this account I give away exactly enough information for somebody who knows me to read some of the things I post and think "heeeey wait a minute". Sometimes now I also use it for some random shit but its purpose was to post some stuff about teenage years, legal trouble but the general outcome is a positive "my uncle is awesome and saved my life". I don't always post things that I'd want my mom to read.....but I don't think my mom's on here. Right mom?
13 Jan 2018 19:59 - +169
I ended a three year relationship about 8 months ago. I missed her like crazy and it got to the point where I posted on r/relationship_advice for advice on how to get her back. It only got a couple of comments. Mainly telling me how dumb i was for breaking her heart. One comment in particular was very helpful though. A couple months after making the post we got back together. We always use each others phone when ours dies or something. Reddit being the only app I use 90% of the time, I went onto the app using her phone. Turns out she was still logged into the alt account and I saw that she was the one to leave the comment. It had a whole different meaning after finding that out. Love her to bits. Edit: [The post]( (she was AustinS80)
13 Jan 2018 18:51 - +91
I once went through a terrible time and became suicidal for the first and hopefully only time in my life. I ended up posting to a suicide help subreddit. I made the mistake of talking about fairly unique situation in the comments of my post. I just started noticing everyone treating me super nice, asking how I was. I was getting several invites a day from random people I knew, asking if I wanted to do random things like go shopping, get coffee, walk a dog, all from friends that never really called me to hang out. One of my better friends eventualy had an intervention, which is when i found out that everyone knew i was going through a suicidal phase. I was devastated at the time, but I'm glad I found out.
13 Jan 2018 17:26 - +72
Yes, and it was pretty uneventful. None of my stories have been *bad*, I'm just shit at choosing a username. I think I'm the most non-throwaway throwaway in the history of poorly chosen usernames.
13 Jan 2018 18:29 - +63
Used a throwaway for asking for relationship advice after I became *more than just friends* with my best friend. I was afraid of things getting weird between us. She found out, approached the matter delicately, and now we're in an open relationship. Best friends are best friends for a reason, I guess.
13 Jan 2018 19:31 - +42
Yepp a few days ago my BF and I got into a huge fight whrre I felt we were going to break up. I posted on r/relationships later that night he calls me mid panic attack because all the comments were about how wrong he was and that I should leave him. Reading what I was feeling objectively from a 'strangers' POV made him realize he had acted like a.huge ass and apologized, really apologized not just saying sorry to say sorry and he agreed to go see a therapist for his anger so it was a pretty good thing he read it..
13 Jan 2018 18:22 - +38
Disappointed that not every response is from a throwaway account.
13 Jan 2018 18:51 - +36
Wasn't a throw away, it was my main account. It was bad. I posted a lot of private stuff on there that I don't share with anyone and they ended up telling a few people about it. I ended up ending the account, the friendship, and worst of all lost the people in the subs I thought I could share my troubles with. Now I dump main accounts every eight months and have to change details of stories I share. And I don't go to the support subs I used to go to as much anymore. Worst part was the name. I *loved* that accounts name.
13 Jan 2018 18:52 - +31
An ex who I hadn't seen in years sent me a PM here to say that she checks my Reddit every few months to see if I'm still alive. I was horrified at first because I didn't think anyone knew my username and I don't use a throwaway for anything, but it was actually heartwarming in her own strange way. I know you're watching Xqz and it makes me smile

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