South African protestors destroy H&M store over a sweater that was never sold in the country

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14 Jan 2018 02:21 - +1
Company that doesn't use black models: "Wow, your lack of multicultural models is disgusting, you should be ashamed, fuck your company" Company uses black models: Walks on eggshells so to not be called racist. Innocently gives a child a sweater: "Wow, racist scumbags. Fuck your company"
14 Jan 2018 00:20 - +1
Why the fuck is everyone calling this protesting? This isn't a protest This is vandalizing and looting a store because you disagree with ~~the ideals of the company~~. One thing the company did
14 Jan 2018 02:06 - +1
Wtf is this...a jungle now?
13 Jan 2018 23:29 - +1
I feel bad for the minimum wage workers who will have to clean this shit up. Congrats protesters, you really showed those big-wig fat-cats who run the company. I'm sure their interns are typing you up an industry standard corporate apology right now....
14 Jan 2018 01:15 - +1
The MOM of the kid didn’t even care about it. That’s the sad part.
13 Jan 2018 23:51 - +1
Even the mom of the boy who wore the sweater told people to shut the fuck up
14 Jan 2018 02:09 - +1
This whole thread is toxic. Wtf.
14 Jan 2018 01:30 - +1
South African here. The people who did this belong to a party called the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) their leader has also encouraged the students to seize education establishments and force entry which is not feesable in our developing country and to force families out of the lands they own destroying the country
13 Jan 2018 23:58 - +1
Logic: “I think they called us monkeys...let’s go prove them wrong by trashing an entire store”
13 Jan 2018 23:21 - +1
What's crazy is that the monkey theme and little boy's clothing is what they all wear. Not the little black boys. All little kids love monkeys and don't make the racial association ever. To tell you kid he is "a king" all his life is setting him up for a huge disastrous life ruining disappointment. Its a huge expectation that so rarely gets met. It's wrong also.
14 Jan 2018 02:14 - +1
I feel like this is more than just a sweater...
14 Jan 2018 00:33 - +1
I remember a time when these one-of incidents lead to absolutely nothing other than a few concerned phone calls and a realization of error. But with the internet, the mother of the child gets harassed by hundreds of slags because she's not as offended that her child wore a sweater for a clothing photo shoot
13 Jan 2018 23:43 - +1
They were good boys goin to astronaut camp n spreadin the word of Jesus
14 Jan 2018 00:50 - +1
Do you have a source for this? I'm shocked no one else has even asked for one.
13 Jan 2018 22:35 - +1
"We aren't monkeys!! And to prove it we are going to act like monkeys!!" Anyone got that racial IQ statistic at hand?
14 Jan 2018 00:41 - +1
What was on the sweater? I feel like I’m missing something.
14 Jan 2018 02:03 - +1
Welcome to my country...Great isn't it.
13 Jan 2018 23:02 - +1
Ah, yes. Peaceful protest really is a good way to get your point across.
14 Jan 2018 00:49 - +1
Protestors that destroy things are called rioters
14 Jan 2018 01:35 - +1
It wasn't for sale in their country. It wasn't advertised in their country. The mother of the model doesn't think it's racist, and thinks everyone who does is an idiot. All this is going to do is drive away jobs from their region, resulting in it being an even bigger shithole.
14 Jan 2018 01:42 - +1
This is fucking stupid. I saw the original sweater and photo ad. I can honestly say, finding it racist was a long long long stretch. Are people sitting around LOOKING for things that *could* be considered racist? My son has all kinds of "cool monkey" or "cutest monkey" t shirts and stuff. Would it be huge backlash if he was black? I don't understand. This is like if a cracker barrel ad was full of white people, and the world in uproar because "clearly they are refering to the racial side". What the fuck. What year is this? I thought we were past all this BS.
14 Jan 2018 01:24 - +1
Best way to react to being called a monkey? Well act like a wild troop of monkeys clearly.
14 Jan 2018 01:34 - +1
ITT: why are they getting so offended?! Also ITT: >>stupid fucking baboons >>stupid monkeys >>low IQ monkeys >>🍌 Yeah guys, really proving their point in this thread. "I'm not racist but fuck those monkeys" Yeah, totally not racist. This sub has turned to shit.
14 Jan 2018 00:29 - +1
This thread is an entertaining way to start a day
14 Jan 2018 01:41 - +1
What a shithole thing to do.
14 Jan 2018 02:39 - +1
If you can't distinguish someone calling a black person "monkey" in a racist way, from what h&m made, you are the racist.
14 Jan 2018 02:09 - +1
My feelings got hurt. Lets go on a crime spree.
14 Jan 2018 01:23 - +1
It's worth noting the group that did this, EFF, also did this to take away attention from the African National Congress party celebrations. This was very much a political move and not solely about H&M.
14 Jan 2018 01:37 - +1
Can we not call them "protesters" and call this what it is: a looting. Whoever did this doesn't give a fuck about any ad, they're looking for an excuse to total a shop and those juvenile marketing idiots in Sweden (which is how far away from SA again?) gave them that excuse. Calling this a protest in some way legitimises it as a reaction to something else - but it is not legitimate and not genuinely a reaction either. A boycott is a protest, placards on the street if necessary, speeches and articles attacking ignorance with meaningful words. This is not a protest.
14 Jan 2018 01:16 - +1
Lmao South Africans calling other countries racist XD
13 Jan 2018 23:59 - +1
The only people that saw that shirt as racist, were,..... racist.
14 Jan 2018 00:34 - +1
It’s not a protest when things are vandalized to oblivion. That’s just a group of angry assholes.
14 Jan 2018 01:16 - +1
Way to not live up to the shithole stigma
13 Jan 2018 23:31 - +1
What a shithole.
14 Jan 2018 00:06 - +1
What a shithole.
13 Jan 2018 22:40 - +1
I live in South Africa and I've never seen an H&M store

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