Turns out it was a drill, and this message was an error

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14 Jan 2018 02:52 - +6384
Just to add to this post, EVERYONE in Hawaii was getting this notification, as well as the scroll on TV screens saying that it wasn't a drill. Fucking crazy, but I'm glad it actually was a mistake
14 Jan 2018 03:26 - +3028
"woops, lol." - some poor intern.
14 Jan 2018 03:53 - +1774
I was terrified. I literally dragged my kids out of bed and went into the bathroom downstairs. I am so unprepared for this.
14 Jan 2018 02:54 - +1487
Holy fucking shit. >"This is not a drill" >error
14 Jan 2018 03:32 - +1207
That's one way to quit your job in style
14 Jan 2018 02:47 - +700
Jesus fuckin'Christ.
14 Jan 2018 03:56 - +450
Damn it must have been crazy. Found [this video](https://mobile.twitter.com/Breaking911/status/952257989339119616?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet) showing a man putting kids down a storm drain.
14 Jan 2018 03:13 - +398
My dad told me a fictional story about how something similar happened in another city. So this family thinking it was the end of days shared all of their darkest secrets with each other, thinking it was their last chance to come clean and there wouldn't be a tomorrow to suffer the consequences anyways. I can't help but wonder if this happened to any Hawaiian families.
14 Jan 2018 04:34 - +342
I wonder if it was real life but they shot the missile down.
14 Jan 2018 03:54 - +336
This was what woke me up this morning. Me and my roommates were all crowded in the living room trying to figure out what the best move was. There were no sirens or anything but the confusion and panic on all the islands was so real.
14 Jan 2018 03:45 - +334
Do we even have public bomb shelters? I don’t know where I would even go in an event like this. Google, I guess. Like I can get inside my house but it would be my coffin if it takes a hit. Get under a desk and kiss your ass good bye?
14 Jan 2018 04:43 - +225
I have family that lives in Hawaii and he said he got the text message at a farmers market, everyone looked at their phone, looked around, and went back to shopping because there was no alarms going off. After about 5 minutes some people started to leave and get a little uneasy. After Bout half an hour the message was said it was a mistake. But it certainly woke people up to the possibility of North Korea pulling something stupid.
14 Jan 2018 03:54 - +212
14 Jan 2018 03:36 - +194
Well I guess a drill works best when people think it's real...
14 Jan 2018 05:27 - +192
I live on O'ahu and we couldn't call 911 because the line was busy, the civil defense line was a recording saying to call 911, the radio wasn't saying anything, the TV had the red banner scrolling across... There was just no information. I happened to be on a highway at the time, and people were driving to the tunnel and stopping on part of the lanes and leaving their cars to hide in the tunnel. There were also people sprinting trying to get home or to loved ones, it was pretty chaotic. Hopefully, this will show the state that we don't have shit prepared for a threat like this. It took almost an hour before we got the all clear. Bad way to spend a Saturday morning.
14 Jan 2018 04:05 - +147
And then they replied "jk" with a winky face emojie
14 Jan 2018 04:56 - +120
Let me put on my conspiracy theorist hat, and wonder if this isn't an intentional test. Considering the last time an emergency broadcast was during the cold war and today we have our president having a twitter war about nuclear threats. Yeah right, the only two times the emergency broadcast system were accidentally activated were when we thought we were under a realistic threat? I don't believe it was an error to activate it, I think they are testing public reactions to better prepare for a real emergency.
14 Jan 2018 02:28 - +116
14 Jan 2018 02:59 - +80
Gee I hope someone got fired over that blunder.
14 Jan 2018 02:54 - +79
Holy shit was this on TV too?
14 Jan 2018 05:36 - +65
I like how it still has the option to edit the settings. Just in case you are tired of seeing ballistic missile alerts.
14 Jan 2018 04:44 - +48
I feel especially bad for people that have heart conditions. I am glad that it was a false alarm though.
14 Jan 2018 04:42 - +45
This is why people have trust issues....
14 Jan 2018 02:37 - +41
I haven't received any type of cancellation message
14 Jan 2018 05:56 - +40
Getting a call from my auntie, cousins, mother in law, best friend on earth - all telling me goodbye, was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.
14 Jan 2018 04:34 - +39
Obviously it wasn't a drill. It MIGHT have been an error. It's also very likely the threat was real, but did not happen. Can we really say our government wouldn't downplay a real threat?
14 Jan 2018 06:25 - +34
My wife is on vacation with our 2 year old and her parents in hawaii. She called me crying that they had just gotten this text. I had to try to calm her down while thinking it might have been the last time i would talk to her and that id never see my family again. Oops. Just a mistake. Thanks for destroying my world for the morning.
14 Jan 2018 05:08 - +30
Costco is about to be very very busy.
14 Jan 2018 04:49 - +30
Talk about crying wolf now. Nobody will take any alerts serious now.
14 Jan 2018 05:24 - +29
This alert made me realize how many other Redditors also live in Hawaii.
14 Jan 2018 05:51 - +24
My dad is in Hawaii right now and we woke up to a text saying he loves us and there a missile headed for Hawaii lmao.
14 Jan 2018 04:10 - +24
14 Jan 2018 03:51 - +23
Fun. I certainly hope this kinda thing doesn't cause the real thing. How fun would that be.
14 Jan 2018 03:19 - +22
Everyone you can change your undies now 🤦‍♂️
14 Jan 2018 04:50 - +20
Some one pushed to prod instead of dev.
14 Jan 2018 04:54 - +15
So the *next* time this happens when its real, people will shrug it off
14 Jan 2018 05:50 - +11
The very definition of a nonononoyes post.
14 Jan 2018 05:56 - +11
It was a drill, and I’m certain it was purposeful. Of course you need to see how actually your citizens react to, “**THIS IS NOT A DRILL**” and if they take proper emergency course
14 Jan 2018 05:27 - +8
Why didn't they just climb into their refrigerators like Indiana jones
14 Jan 2018 05:27 - +8
Someone's fired.

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