Tested out the new emergency alert system boss

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14 Jan 2018 03:01 - +1283
I'd shit myself if I saw that.
14 Jan 2018 02:43 - +954
If anyone is wondering this is a real mistake sent out by the Hawaii alert broadcast system.
14 Jan 2018 03:29 - +484
It took about 40 minutes to communicate that it was a false alarm.
14 Jan 2018 03:20 - +189
Idk what I'd even do. Get as far into the middle of nowhere as possible? I doubt there'd be time for that.
14 Jan 2018 03:20 - +154
Duck and cover. You know, so the isotopes can kill you over a few months instead of just checking out with the flash.
14 Jan 2018 04:10 - +141
Ok here's a conspiracy theory for you guys: WHAT IF there really was a ballistic missile incoming, but our Surface-to-Air missile defenses shot it out of the sky before it could reach Hawaii? And the Govt just said it was a false alarm to keep people from panicking...
14 Jan 2018 03:40 - +117
I can’t imagine the horror of reading something like that and trying to figure out what’s next.
14 Jan 2018 03:16 - +97
r/fakehistoryporn General at pearl harbor receives a warning before disaster
14 Jan 2018 03:33 - +83
It would be even worse if they timed this during the monthly siren test.
14 Jan 2018 05:03 - +33
[Here’s the actual TV emergency in the middle of a football game.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=49&v=5X-x5KtE9mg)
14 Jan 2018 03:54 - +22
A mistake like this says a lot about the readiness of U.S
14 Jan 2018 04:31 - +12
What spot is the best place to take shelter from missiles in the average person's house?
14 Jan 2018 05:33 - +10
Fuck, I’m from Hawaii but currently on the mainland for school. I got a text from my mom begging me to call her cause she thought they were all about to die. Fucking terrifying
14 Jan 2018 05:57 - +9
Local kid here. Dad came running into my room right after the alert went off, and after that the next 10 minutes were surreal. I’ve never had to deal with a situation like that before, but as far as we knew we were literally going to die in the next couple of minutes, so we called my grandparents and told them we loved them. My sister was at a friend’s house and my mom was working, so we gave them calls too to make sure they knew what was happening, and then we just prepared to get vaporized I guess. 10 minutes later news had gotten out via Snapchat and some group messages that our congresswoman had confirmed the message to be a false alarm, and now a couple of hours later, most people are back to living their lives. Overall, it was a really odd experience to go through as a senior in high school, when so much of my life is focused on preparing for the future, and then believing the future could be the next 10 minutes or less. The weirdest part for me was just the lack of fear of death. I wasn’t worried about dying, mostly just resigned to what I believed to be imminent vaporization. I know this’ll get buried but I just wanted to write down my experience as someone who went through this shit storm.
14 Jan 2018 05:20 - +6
I’d be on Zillow looking at property in Maine if I saw this! Get me as far across the damn country as possible!
14 Jan 2018 04:18 - +6
It was the North Koreans, that way when it really is a real threat (fucking grade A sentencing i know) the people would say “maybe they fucked up again”
14 Jan 2018 04:44 - +3
Least we know it works, right? Right? Where are you going?
14 Jan 2018 05:57 - +2
Biggest problem now is probably that no one will ever take those messages serious again, in case something happens for real.
14 Jan 2018 06:02 - +2
Waiting for the TIFU post
14 Jan 2018 05:38 - +2
The text that read wolf...
14 Jan 2018 05:59 - +1
Does anyone besides Christopher Walken as Calvin in Blast from the Past know exactly where they should seek shelter if they got such an alert? I would definitely be googling nearby nuclear fallout shelter, and then taking an Uber.
14 Jan 2018 05:54 - +1
I was at work when this happened. Fuck dude. It was terrifying.
14 Jan 2018 03:56 - +1
And thank goodness our fearless shithole leader was occupied with golf otherwise he would've slammed that big button of his and ww3 would've started already. ^/s
14 Jan 2018 05:58 - +1
The 30 seconds between originally seeing the message and then learning it was fake was one of the worst feelings I've ever felt. And I live in San Francisco. I frankly can not imagine being in Hawaii for that.
14 Jan 2018 06:02 - +1
The work of Tyler Durden
14 Jan 2018 05:49 - +1
Well it was *someone's* job. I doubt they have that job anymore though.

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