After slowdown controversy, iPhone 6 Plus users must wait for batteries

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14 Jan 2018 05:52 - +3288
i'm personally waiting until later in the year, since my battery life is not *too* bad right now, and i want to make this phone last. but i accidentally upgraded to ios 11 last week and my battery performance has definitely gone down.
14 Jan 2018 04:26 - +1106
“They are used to waiting, so make them wait longer” said Apple.
14 Jan 2018 06:01 - +648
If you call AppleCare, they will reserve a battery for you at the closest store to you without you having to go in. The store will then call you when it’s in stock to come drop it off for repair.
14 Jan 2018 04:53 - +576
Apple is letting people get new batteries even if they don’t actually need new batteries. They’re doing the diagnostic, showing the results saying the battery is 98% healthy, not 80% which is the threshold for a battery replacement, and 9/10 people they do the diagnostic for don’t need the batteries but they’re still opting to get them swapped. People who don’t need any repair are fucking things up for people who actually are affected. And Apple is telling people that this program is going until December, please come back later so they can take care of people who do need battery repair first, but people are entitled. I get you’re pissed at Apple, I am too, but you’re screwing over people who need new batteries for real.
14 Jan 2018 04:44 - +242
Does this mean us Plus users get the replacement for free? Probably not, but fingers crossed.
14 Jan 2018 07:12 - +95
Funny question, but why is this issue exclusive to iPhones? I have a shitty low end android phone as a backup phone for 5 years. Couldn't keep it pass 3 hours SOT but it never turns off under heavly load or specific percentage. Same goes with my sister's Galaxy S6, shitty screen-on time but never turns off.
14 Jan 2018 08:06 - +66
I honestly don’t know what iPhone I have anymore.
14 Jan 2018 07:14 - +54
10 years wireless experience. Front line retail manager. I think people are blowing this out of proportion and have unrealistic expectations for a phone to last 4 to 5 years. To put this in terms of a computer. (Which phones are basically pocket computers) You buy a laptop, and 4 years later after using it and charging it THOUSANDS of times, dropping it and using it every single day, you will expect to replace the battery and see slower performance in most cases. People need to understand that they are buying a phone with certain capabilities at the time of purchase. Technology changes programs require more processing power, software has more multi tasking capabilities etc. You can’t expect your phone to perform at the same pace as a brand new product. Apples intent was correct here to lengthen the life of the phone. Did they handle it the proper way, I think not, but that’s another conversation. Bottom line, you can’t expect a 4 year old phone to perform the same as a new one. You should know going into it with a 1 year manufacture warranty that the product is not going to last you 4+ years on average without replacing at least the battery. /end wireless customers rant Edit: front line retail manager
14 Jan 2018 07:41 - +24
Anyone else intrigued by the caption on the picture in the article? "A man is seen calling on an iPhone on October 30, 2017." Ok...
14 Jan 2018 09:05 - +15
I work for the Geek Squad and we're doing battery replacements now as an Apple Authorized Service Provider and I may be able to give some more insight into the whole thing. For one it's a shit-show but I'll go through some of it. For context, the closest Apple Store is over an hour from us. * They shipped us maybe 8 batteries for each phone that were gone within a day of this plan rolling out, thinking it'd be enough batteries, while also scheduling us so many appointments we had to turn away walk-ins for two days. * Each person was told by Apple there was ample stock and that they'd have their battery that day. * They told us to order a batteries individually for each phone, tying them into the serial number. So if another shipment gets sent in and a battery could fit your phone? Sorry, your specific one might not be here for another month. * They started off telling us to quote about three days for shipments and now it's been about two weeks and we're still dry for the individual orders. * The first couple days the iPhone 6 was saying, again, that they could have a battery in three days. Later that week telling us to quote customers up to three months?? * If you get lucky enough we might get a shipment of ONE consignment battery and if you just happen to walk up, it's yours. No priority for orders that have been on hold for weeks already because it ties the ordered battery to their phone's serial number. * The 5s, 5c, and 5 will still ring up as $29 right now, at least for us. The SKU used is the same as the one for the SE, so we will still do them for $29. Turn time is still about the same from what we've seen. I'll edit if I can think of anything else, or any other info.
14 Jan 2018 07:17 - +12
The last update made my 6s faster again. Is that possible?
14 Jan 2018 11:18 - +10
I’m still trying to understand this. Apple releases update that is draining battery life on older iPhone models. They then apologize and tell you to buy a new battery for the phone, but discount the cost and we’re all supposed to be grateful for that? Am I missing something? I think I may switch to Android.
14 Jan 2018 08:07 - +8
Have a 6 Plus, still an iOS 9.3.3, battery is slightly screwed but not as bad as some issues that come with iOS 11 free of charge.
14 Jan 2018 07:55 - +6
For those wondering why, they've stopped production of the 6 plus so anyone who wants their battery replaced has to wait for them to go through production
14 Jan 2018 09:14 - +6
I hate that manufacturers have moved away from removable batteries. I don't even mind not having full water resistance, I just want a device I can keep for longer than 2.5 years.
14 Jan 2018 12:21 - +5
I have an iPhone 6plus. It runs significantly slower with the upgraded os. No messages have EVER appeared on my phone telling me I needed to replace my battery. And if you search “Apple admits to slowing” you’ll learn everything you need to about this subject. It’s poor business. It’s corporate greed. Planned obsolesces. France is even suing them with laws that have in place that prohibit this.
14 Jan 2018 10:30 - +5
A lot of people are getting new batteries when they don’t need them. I know an Apple store employee and their store is like 400 batteries behind. They said a lot of people with totally functional batteries are getting them replaced just because they can for cheap.
14 Jan 2018 10:40 - +4
This is why I'm Jailbroken. I drastically notice battery improvement on my Jailbroken device and my unjailbroken device, both which run the same OS on the same type of phone bought on the same day.
14 Jan 2018 12:01 - +4
Apple lost me as a lifelong customer due to this. Macbooks, iPhones, iPods. I had invested so much money over the years in their products until this. My 6s couldn't make it until noon and it would disconnect from wifi when locked. I had enough. I bought an android. I'm never going back to Apple.
14 Jan 2018 12:12 - +3
First we have to wait longer for reddit to load, then we have to wait for batteries. Nice job apple, you really do screw over people that don’t have an iPhone X.
14 Jan 2018 10:33 - +3
I understand why people are frustrated, but this program is something Apple actually started earlier than they stated they would. It wasn’t supposed to start until the end of January with the release of a version of iOS that would indicate battery health, but they started replacing batteries earlier to mitigate the problem sooner. Another reason stated as to why the program wouldn’t start till the end of January was so that they could stock up on batteries. The 6 and 6 Plus are out of production, so I imagine most stores don’t have a large inventory of those batteries. It just seems unreasonable to expect any given Apple Store to have enough batteries immediately on hand for a program that they stated wouldn’t start until the end of the month.
14 Jan 2018 12:38 - +3
Samsung was replacing batteries ON SITE at CES 2018, in 2 hours.
14 Jan 2018 10:37 - +2
This is why I don’t always jump to the new updates. And also why my mini 4 is going to be a legacy iOS 10 device. That and I have apps I literally need daily that won’t work with iOS 11.
14 Jan 2018 09:11 - +2
Ah, supply lines...
14 Jan 2018 10:14 - +2
I have been checking daily since the day it was announced they are going to start replacing batteries now instead of the end of Jan, and I cannot get an appointment. You can only schedule up to a week in advance and I am unable to get an appointment. I had been calling Apple about the phone being super laggy since October, way before the news was announced. I have wasted over 12 hours with Apple support, and I am very dissappointed overall. The phone was just a week out of warranty when the issues started happening. They never got to the bottom of the issue, from day one they wanted me to upgrade to a new phone, it was very frustrating. I feel so upset overall with the whole experience. Edit: The in store tests said everything is fine with my phone, according to the "genius". They also said my phone battery was healthy. Then they made me wipe my phone and do a clean install, meaning I lost all my data because my iCloud was full. When that didn't resolve the issue, they said to upgrade to a new phone to resolve it, I declined. They then ran logs on my phone and did sent it to their "engineers", and said there is an issue, but declined to tell me the issue and again pushed me to upgrade to a new phone. Then they called back a week later and said "congratulations, you can pay $29 for a battery replacement, but we can't schedule it for you, you need to go online and schedule the replacement." I tried, it's been booked ever since. I've called support twice since then, and they have not been able to reserve a battery for me as others have been able to get it reserved. I just don't want to even deal with support anymore, it feels like Comcast took over Apple support.
14 Jan 2018 08:09 - +2
Yep 3 weeks and an option to replace the unit for $325 just in case they can't repair it back to their desired quality. You have an option to keep the phone as is or replace it (with another ip6s/+)

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