Video From Hawaii Children Being Placed Into Storm Drains After False Alert Sent Out

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14 Jan 2018 04:33 - +14463
Somebody fucked up bad. Made it worse that it said this is not a drill.
14 Jan 2018 10:30 - +7033
If you are told you’re about to be hit with an ICBM, which carries a nuclear warhead, you’re going into a mode most people can’t comprehend. In any other circumstance, this would be wrong to do. These people literally thought they were about to all die, and as hopeless as an effort like this appears to us, it’s the best decision they could come up with other than killing themselves, which I’m glad no one did.
14 Jan 2018 04:54 - +6881
Imagine being woken up at 8 am on a Saturday with the news that a nuke is on the way. Not the best way to start a weekend.
14 Jan 2018 04:41 - +6274
Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
14 Jan 2018 04:03 - +5909
Safer than above ground I would imagine. I’d do anything to save my kids, including this if I thought it would help their chances of survival.
14 Jan 2018 04:10 - +5628
“It’s ok honey. There’s a clown with a balloon down there.”
14 Jan 2018 04:40 - +3699
it's like the opposite of those animal rescue gifs.
14 Jan 2018 09:29 - +2881
There is nothing fucked up about this man staying calm in what everyone believed to be an impending disaster and trying to save people.
14 Jan 2018 07:03 - +2761
Now that they know it was a false alarm and everything is fine I see this conversation in the future when she’s a teen: Kid: remember that time you threw me in the sewer? Dad: ya. I should have left you there
14 Jan 2018 06:23 - +2303
In a fallout game you would be exploring the sewers and find a child's skeleton.
14 Jan 2018 08:57 - +1271
I'm just waiting for the TIFU post from the guy who turned the alarm on.
14 Jan 2018 09:46 - +1052
My mom and step dad just landed in Hawaii last night. They were not too thrilled for their first morning in Hawaii
14 Jan 2018 09:18 - +916
People need to understand how completely helpless everyone felt. I'm active duty air force and I live on Hickam. I called my leadership and asked what to do and was basically told there wasn't much I COULD do.
14 Jan 2018 04:05 - +769
Poor kid, that must have been terrifying.
14 Jan 2018 10:29 - +656
Hawaiian guy here... I work at a 5-star resort here in Hawaii. I happened to be the point-person for my department today (which is a coffee shop). After our alarms all went off, concerned and confused, a guest looked up at me and asked, "Is this real?" My response, also slightly nervous, was, "I hope not! But, here's your latte. Have a lovely morning." A part of me wanted to find out wtf was going on but the other part was like, *well, I still got to do my job I guess...*
14 Jan 2018 09:46 - +556
This might be buried but my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my sister and her boyfriend are all in Hawaii together right now (aunt and uncle live there, grandparents are there for the winter, sister and her BF are visiting for a couple weeks). They were sitting there eating breakfast when they got the alerts on their phones and sirens started going off. Everyone ran out of the restaurant screaming and panicking. Police were on the loudspeakers telling people to remain calm and seek shelter. They ended up being herded into the basement of a nearby hotel. My mother and I got texts from my sister telling us about it, saying she loved us and didn't know what was going to happen. Scary as hell. I'm still really spooked by it.
14 Jan 2018 06:46 - +541
Why save the children? They have no ability to rebuild civilisation after the radiation levels fall. Any mutated mudcrab will take their little legs off in a second.
14 Jan 2018 05:04 - +512
If anyone knows how to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it's the CHUD. These kids will be in good hands.
14 Jan 2018 04:08 - +325
Yeah what happened???
14 Jan 2018 07:09 - +275
At least no one is talking about oregon anymore
14 Jan 2018 07:27 - +210
Vault 111
14 Jan 2018 09:59 - +198
PSA: DONT CLIMB INTO STORM SEWERS. They often trap bad gas and can knock you out and kill you in secconds. Kids die often while playing in storm sewers. People then go in afterword and die trying to rescue the victims. It beats getting nuked, but find a better shelter.
14 Jan 2018 11:12 - +149
I just don't see how anyone is debating the parents' actions. What would you do if an icbm was about to vaporize your entire family?
14 Jan 2018 10:12 - +148
No way it's as simple as pressing 1 button. I would think a password or passwords would need to be entered, 2 step verification, followed by multiple Are You Sure? prompts. I mean really, 1 big red button like the cartoons?
14 Jan 2018 09:59 - +104
Reverse the gif and make it a rescue story.
14 Jan 2018 09:39 - +90
Now, the guy's heart is in the right place but those covers are fucking heavy. I could probably lift one from the bottom, but a child? Probably not.
14 Jan 2018 10:26 - +65
We TMNT now bois
14 Jan 2018 04:21 - +58
Now she can tells us if it floats...
14 Jan 2018 11:11 - +57
Amazing how people think this is funny or are calling the family names. They literally thought they were going to die since we are living in a world where this is a very real scenario. Almost 40 minutes, 40 MINUTES, went by before the alarm was cancelled. Think about that. 40, long and anguished minutes. You think you and your family might be killed. How is any of that funny? How would you react if this had been you?
14 Jan 2018 09:53 - +35
Oh fuck that. As a kid, I always thought alligators and IT the clown lived down there. As an adult I feel the same way.
14 Jan 2018 11:42 - +30
Why are people making fun of this guy? Assuming there’s no Nuclear Fallout Shelter, this seems like a reasonable place.
14 Jan 2018 10:43 - +24
Maybe this wasn’t a false alarm and attack was neutralized over the ocean. Rather then tell everyone they were almost fucked they said my bad.
14 Jan 2018 10:25 - +21
This is just evidence that no matter what is happening, someone will be filming on a phone. Nuclear strike, tornado, hurricane, whatever.
14 Jan 2018 11:02 - +18
Kudos to that dad/guy for taking initiative not just panic freezing like I would have.
14 Jan 2018 12:22 - +1
I was awoken by the emergency sounding off on my phone on Oahu today. It was legit one of the scariest moments, a 'this is it moment." The adrenaline didn't subside for hours; I honestly still don't feel normal. Being on an army base didn't make me feel any safer. Repect to this father putting his kids before all else. Humbling being here today.

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