Haitian Immigrant Alix Idrache graduating from West Point in 2016

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14 Jan 2018 06:14 - +18088
*Idrache was a leader in his class of 950 cadets and was named a regimental commander. Idrache said that he grew up in Port-au-Prince watching U.S. troops perform humanitarian missions in his native Haiti. He became West Point’s top graduate in physics, earning the school’s Brigadier General Gerald A. Counts Memorial Award.* *"I am from Haiti and never did I imagine that such honor would be one day bestowed on me. Men and women who have preserved the very essence of the human condition stood in that position and took the same oath. Men who preserved the Union in a dark period of this country’s history. Men who scaled the face of adversity and liberated Europe from fascism …Women like CPT Griest, LT Haver, MAJ Jaster who rewrote the narrative and challenged the status quo to prove themselves worthy of being called Rangers.”* *“Knowing that one day I will be a pilot is humbling beyond words, I could not help but be flooded with emotions knowing that I will be leading these men and women who are willing to give their all to preserve what we value as the American way of life. To me, that is the greatest honor. Once again, thank you."* [Source](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2016/05/25/the-story-behind-the-american-dream-photo-at-west-point-that-went-viral/?utm_term=.596ce92c05ed)
14 Jan 2018 07:15 - +4798
Fuck, I can feel the fucking overwhelming sense of personal pride and honor he feels from just the look on his face.
14 Jan 2018 06:58 - +1924
The point is our asshat in chief had to ask “why” we would want immigrants from shithole countries, this is why, and it should be obvious especially for a president. Using shithole is disrespectful and shameful but the context is what is really wrong with his statement.
14 Jan 2018 06:27 - +1374
Have we learned nothing from France? Haitian military men can mobilize the population against the colonial power.
14 Jan 2018 08:08 - +1248
We had a kid, back in 2014, in my psychology class junior year of high school who I guess escaped from some horrible child military camp in Africa under the cover of night while being shot at. This guy I was friends with the entire year until he graduated and I didn't know his backstory until after he left and it seriously left me shook. You can't even imagine what people like this have been through. He showed no signs whatsoever of anything that happened and never talked about it for obvious reasons.
14 Jan 2018 08:02 - +1036
I have to say this for the US: Damn snappy uniforms!
14 Jan 2018 06:14 - +504
pretty high cadet rank, too.
14 Jan 2018 08:06 - +472
Alix, we're better for you being here.
14 Jan 2018 08:08 - +309
The man who pushed me through Great Lakes was Haitian. Mother fucking Senior Chief Petty Officer. 20 years honorable service. Came to this country as a young man and joined the military on a whim. Nearly 50 years old and smoking literally everyone on the running track including the other RDCs without breaking a sweat. Thank God we allow people to immigrate through lottery and not only merit. The young often cannot show their merit until given the chance.
14 Jan 2018 08:10 - +230
Served in marine corps with many marines that were not citizens and were man enough to be called marines. It’s an embarrassment we have a piece of shit president who does the shit he does.
14 Jan 2018 08:19 - +199
What is sad is how everyone, all of media, late night comedians have completely missed the point. Everyone in the media is outraged that he used that word. The whole point is it is extremely heatless to judge a bunch of people born into poor countries just by the country they were born in. They did not ask to be born there. If every person before being born had a chance to ask god for a place to be born, i dont know how many would pick to be born in places like Africa and Haiti. Lets be real here. It shows a complete lack of empathy to just disparage people because they were born in poor countries. They were dealt bad cards and it is not fair to dismiss them because of that. They did not ask for it, it is not in their control. There are millions of babies born in africa and other poor parts of the world where all they have known is suffering. Babies are born into abject poverty, struggle for 1 meal a day. All they know is suffering and misery, hunger and poverty. What have those babies done to deserve it? Why do your kid/my kid in america get to be respected just because it was born here? Think about it from those kid's perspective. A lot of those kids never make it into adult hood, never get to a stage where they can do something about their situation. Millions are born into misery and die in misery before they are even adults. So it is extremely harsh to judge people based on where they are born. You can call those countries whatever you want, but disparaging those people is very harsh. These people didnt choose to be born here. Every single one of them would choose to be born as donald trump, son of a multi millionaire in new york. Many of these people are so busy struggling to get food and stay alive that they never get a chance to do something, change their country. If anything, these people have the mental strength most people in the 1st world cannot even fathom. There are so many african mothers who have lost multiple kids in infant stage, right infront of their eyes, all because they cannot afford to give them the minimum, even an animal should get: water and food. Imagine watching your kids starve to death infront of your eyes. These people have insane strength and it is extremely unfair to disparage them all because they are in a "shithole". They all got dealt very very bad hands, but they are still in the game. They are still fighting everyday, they still refuse to give up. This is not about whether haiti is a shithole. Whatever it is, it shows a massive lack of empathy to judge people from poor countries because their country is poor. So yes, there are billions of poor people all over the world, majority of who would move to the US if given a chance in a heartbeat. That doesnt mean the US has to let them all in. That is understandable. Your country, your policies. But atleast we should have the decency to acknowledge the fact that these poor people were born into these places for no mistake of their own. All they are doing is trying to survive, continue living. We should show atleast some respect for that, if not help them.
14 Jan 2018 07:39 - +153
14 Jan 2018 08:38 - +139
It’s too bad the only reason this is posted is because the president called Haiti a shithole. This man deserves to be commended, and should’ve over a year ago when this actually happened.
14 Jan 2018 08:14 - +85
I work as a cesspool installer. I find it deeply offensive that some people seem to think that "shit hole" is some kind of insult. I feed my children with shit holes!
14 Jan 2018 06:21 - +75
Hey I was at this one. Joe Biden was the keynote speaker and everyone still thought Hillary was going to win. Diamond Joe also outed the Class President/First Captain as gay while discussing the repeal of DADT. He hadn't told most of the class yet, or his parents for that matter.
14 Jan 2018 10:21 - +30
you can be a good person from a shithole country. haiti is an objectively terrible country doesnt mean the people in there are shit people just that as a country it isnt a good place to live
14 Jan 2018 09:18 - +13
**virtue signaling** *noun* the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue.

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