TIL that after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said NBA referee manager Ed Rush "wouldn't be able to manage a Dairy Queen", Dairy Queen management took offence and offered to let Cuban manage a Dairy Queen for a day. Cuban accepted.

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14 Jan 2018 12:27 - +8253
TIL in 2012 Mark Cuban offered Donald Trump $1 million to a charity of Trump's choosing if Trump shaved his head.
14 Jan 2018 12:25 - +7915
I just love the thought of some DQ manager in the middle of no-where thinking "Hey! Fuck you Cuban you dickwad"
14 Jan 2018 14:19 - +5674
And for that reason, I'm out.
14 Jan 2018 12:35 - +5431
I remember this. Mark had to do a new schedule for the dq employees on the day he was at DQ being a manager and he just copied last week's schedule but then a couple employees needed certain days off and Mark had a hell of a time with that lol
14 Jan 2018 14:44 - +1801
Here is a photo of him working in full glory - https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/jan-2002-dallas-mavericks-owner-mark-cuban-licks-his-fingers-as-he-picture-id1489592
14 Jan 2018 14:47 - +1575
I want Cuban levels of fuck you money
14 Jan 2018 13:01 - +960
Cuban is the best entrepreneur. He’s been fined several hundred thousand for cursing out refs and cursing on national TV.
14 Jan 2018 14:53 - +930
Mark Cuban is the billionaire that Donald Trump thinks Donald Trump is.
14 Jan 2018 12:21 - +629
This was classic early Cuban. I remember seeing the footage on Fox Sports Net.
14 Jan 2018 18:13 - +392
He bought everyone free cones that day too. I only know because I went through the drive thru that exact day. Second time I met him I was in high school at a journalism conference in downtown (Dallas) & was in line complaining that I couldn't afford a $10 T-Shirt from the event. I feel a tap on my shoulder & Cuban hands me a $20 & says "here get your friend one too." Then spent about an hour talking journalism & taking photos/signing autographs for a bunch of high schoolers. Genuinely nice guy.
14 Jan 2018 19:14 - +295
Haha, this guy invested in a League of Legends team so he was on one of their live shows. He accidentally said fuck while they were streaming a swear free stream, and they told him he'd be fined. "How much is the fine?" "£30000 to charity. You wanna do it again!?" "Fuck it." Literally has fuck you money.
14 Jan 2018 15:23 - +278
TIL that he is a fucking young looking 59 year old.
14 Jan 2018 12:56 - +185
Haha it's funny, doesn't really relate to his comment about Ed Rush tho. Probably still can't run a Dairy Queen
14 Jan 2018 14:57 - +161
Did they really think a self made billionaire like Cuban can't manage a fast food restaurant? His while life is management.
14 Jan 2018 14:06 - +87
He probably only did it because Warren Buffet's company owns Dairy Queen and he didn't want to piss off Warren by bad mouthing his company.
14 Jan 2018 16:33 - +46
And?!?! I feel like this TIL stops at the most interesting part. Could Mark Cuban manage a Dairy Queen? Was it, like officiating an NBA game, harder than he thought? I need answers!
14 Jan 2018 12:48 - +34
The performance appraisal at the end of the day would've been interesting.
14 Jan 2018 15:44 - +31
And I got a blizzard from him. He even held it upside down.

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