Instead of throwing away the bathroom vanity in our new house, I used some paint I had leftover and spent $38 on new hardware. The results were better than I expected.

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14 Jan 2018 14:39 - +1222
renovation rule: if it's solid wood, *(not laminated particle board)* it's usually worth salvaging.
14 Jan 2018 13:25 - +790
Looks great, but please take my advice and make sure you use the clear poly not yellow poly (or something else intended to water proof). Also, keep rubbing alcohol away from it even once it's waterproofed. We just redid our bathroom and learned the hard way.
14 Jan 2018 14:51 - +232
I like wood grain, call me crazy.
14 Jan 2018 13:30 - +165
Only thing I would say is also paint the hinges black for the full transformation, but looks outstanding!
14 Jan 2018 13:58 - +92
I've been telling clients for years that painted cabinetry saves tons of money during remodeling. I make sure the cabinets are worth the effort, sometimes they are beyond help or repair. The money saved goes into flooring and appliances. Even flooring can be overlaid in ideal situations. Simply changing hardware makes a huge difference and improves a tired kitchen. Nice job.
14 Jan 2018 15:14 - +49
its like when people put carpet over hardwood floors.
14 Jan 2018 14:20 - +44
Did you have to sand it down first before painting?
14 Jan 2018 15:18 - +40
Am I the only one who thought the before was the after? Looks ugly now.
14 Jan 2018 14:52 - +34
I think the before looks pretty awesome too. What's made you change it?
14 Jan 2018 16:41 - +30
Am I the only one who liked its original form?
14 Jan 2018 21:13 - +20
Who knew there were so many people who think that painting wood is a mortal sin? I think your bathroom vanity looks absolutely fabulous. The color and the hardware are dynamite.
14 Jan 2018 17:43 - +14
Was anyone else looking for the hole from the old handles?
14 Jan 2018 17:14 - +11
Looks like an untextured mesh on 3DS max
14 Jan 2018 16:52 - +11
I loved the before more
14 Jan 2018 16:53 - +10
14 Jan 2018 20:03 - +9
This day and age we have to refurbish. Cost of new is through the roof anymore.
14 Jan 2018 15:12 - +8
Wow that looks amazing. What a great use of time and Elbow grease. Excellent decision op. Can we get a pic of the home room to see how it all fits together?
14 Jan 2018 14:02 - +8
Looks good to me! Love the handles too!
14 Jan 2018 17:37 - +8
Looks fantastic, looking to buy a house recently and so many people's bathroom looks like the before pictures. Now, I know what I'm doing with my new bathroom,or at least have an idea
14 Jan 2018 16:23 - +7
Looks way better. Nice work.
14 Jan 2018 16:16 - +6
Good job OP!
14 Jan 2018 20:24 - +6
im surprised how well the paint took to it- what kind of paint did you use?
14 Jan 2018 19:58 - +6
I’m not a fan of the colour - but that’s just a preference. Nicely done.
14 Jan 2018 13:15 - +6
Looks awesome!
14 Jan 2018 21:04 - +5
Very nice! Actually looks very modern
14 Jan 2018 18:06 - +5
That’s fantastic OO, way to modernize such a piece!
14 Jan 2018 18:51 - +4
Looks so much better! You've done a great job. This has inspired me to do something similar to improve my ugly old kitchen counters.
14 Jan 2018 19:43 - +3
The after pictures look great! Bravo! Did you fill the grain before painting?
14 Jan 2018 22:06 - +3
Awesome work OP. Not my style, but certainly in the theme of this sub. If it were me, I’d probably have sanded it all down and gone with new stain - likely a driftwood grey tone. Keep the grain but make it more subtle. Good job though!
14 Jan 2018 21:36 - +3
We did the same to our kitchen. Wow. What a difference. That $129 paint sprayer from Home Depot did wonders for our house. We also kept most of the old hardware on the cabinets as they gave a rustic appeal since they were older. Our kitchen is much brighter and has a very classic look to it
14 Jan 2018 19:04 - +3
What kind of paint in particular did you use? Looks great!
14 Jan 2018 20:10 - +3
Very well done, looks great!
14 Jan 2018 19:39 - +3
So many experts, I will simply say it looks great.
14 Jan 2018 19:59 - +3
Really want to do my kitchen like this. Any tips?
14 Jan 2018 19:39 - +3
Well done! Did u fill in holes after removing hardware? If so, w what material? Did you need a drill for new hardware? What type of wood is this?
14 Jan 2018 17:46 - +3
Well now.... can you do mine??? Lol. Thats awesome.
14 Jan 2018 20:16 - +3
Great job, superb modernising.
14 Jan 2018 19:26 - +2
Looks really modern, wow!
14 Jan 2018 16:09 - +2
Not bad at all man. I should try similar crap at home
14 Jan 2018 18:57 - +2
That looks great!!
14 Jan 2018 19:35 - +1
That is beautiful. Bravo!
14 Jan 2018 17:46 - +1
Was this veneer? I've been thinking of staining my kitchen cabinets a walnut color and painting my bathroom cabinets a grey color but it's thin veneer on particleboard and idk how to go about it.
14 Jan 2018 21:23 - +1
How did you cover the holes where the old knobs were?
14 Jan 2018 20:59 - +1
Is it breathable? Plastic paints might cause an issue down the line.
14 Jan 2018 13:45 - +1
14 Jan 2018 22:36 - +1
No way the same piece.
14 Jan 2018 22:15 - +1
The new color makes it look very Art Deco.
14 Jan 2018 22:01 - +1
Ha... Top comment nailed this, you had real wood. We had laminated fake 70s brown plastic veneer ugliness... I've still got it in my second bathroom! We found out it originally went with this mirrored palm tree yellow wallpaper thst was behind it.
14 Jan 2018 22:02 - +1
Looks great! I see an optical illusion, though. The bottom rectangles on the painted cabinet doors appear to be taller than the rectangles on the unpainted doors. Looks to be quite a difference to me. Must be the angle.
14 Jan 2018 22:43 - +1
Wow, it looks different after you painted it. That's crazy
14 Jan 2018 22:36 - +1
What kind of paint do you use so it didn't get all sticky
14 Jan 2018 22:54 - +1
Hi op love the results, my husband and I sold our first home this summer and I had the long and arduous task of painting oak kitchen cabinets we picked up on Craigslist (we gutted the entire kitchen). Did you sand your cabinets or use a deglosser to remove the top coat? What top coat did you end up sealing your cabinets with? I used a rustoleum kit so I’m super curious as to what products you used to achieve such a wonderful result.
14 Jan 2018 22:53 - +1
This looks awesome!
14 Jan 2018 22:57 - +1
Very nice. We just replaced our kitchen cabinets. We kept the old ones and mounted them in the garage as storage. We seriously considered just painting the cabinets instead of replacing.
14 Jan 2018 23:03 - +1
14 Jan 2018 23:04 - +1
Dad used to tell Mom that, “any old barn looks good with a new coat of paint” but that may have been a makeup reference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
14 Jan 2018 17:57 - +-1
Congrats. You took nice solid wood furniture and painted it to look like Ikea pressboard. (Unless you accidentally swapped your before/after pic... did you?)
14 Jan 2018 17:59 - +-2
Looks way worse. booooo

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