Gourmet steak and egg skillet [1080x1349]

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14 Jan 2018 13:31 - +66
How do you get an egg to cook like that?
14 Jan 2018 13:32 - +50
Now this is beautiful.
14 Jan 2018 16:29 - +20
14 Jan 2018 16:06 - +18
Oh my god.... As a lover of warm salads the steak ontop of the lettuce really does it for me.
14 Jan 2018 16:31 - +3
Damn that looks good!
14 Jan 2018 16:13 - +3
After eating that I’d be ready to lift a car
14 Jan 2018 16:43 - +3
this looks so delicious.
14 Jan 2018 15:47 - +2
A chef a long time ago taught me the easiest way to do a sunny egg, with no crispy bottoms (I hate any color on my eggs and it is kinda taboo in certain restaurants) start with a cold pan, put your oil in the pan and head over a med high heat until it starts popping hard and keep the pan somewhere warm for a minute or two, for us it was the side of the grill at about 200° but it works well if you have gas burners and just leave it on the burner, heat off. Electric burners make it harder. The whites should be completely cooked and the yolks warm, but runny. Hope this helps, Cheers.
14 Jan 2018 16:09 - +1
Well done sir
14 Jan 2018 16:29 - +1
This looks too good
14 Jan 2018 18:09 - +1
Now, you know you're just teasing my pocketbook right now, right? Friggin' looks succulent.
14 Jan 2018 18:34 - +1
Just I think its overcooked on the bottom?
14 Jan 2018 17:57 - +1
Just had a mini orgasm.
14 Jan 2018 17:49 - +1
14 Jan 2018 18:16 - +1
Found the Source: [Set LES at 127 Ludlow Street, NYC](https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ8HeqEgqZX/?hl=en)
14 Jan 2018 16:33 - +1
14 Jan 2018 17:01 - +1
I actually cried looking at this. Looks soo 😍😍
14 Jan 2018 15:52 - +0
Flank steak tho... Edit: imo flank steak is an inferior cut of meat if one is suggesting something is "gourmet". It needs a marinade ti be at its best. If I'm having steak and eggs I want a strip steak.
14 Jan 2018 16:17 - +-1
Steak looks awful
14 Jan 2018 15:13 - +-1
Now this is sexy. Sunny side up is not that hard. You have to fork around the yolk fo it all to cook. Slightly easier is “over easy” , where you keep the pan covered. Both are great. I’ll take this to scrambled any day .
14 Jan 2018 15:45 - +-6
When eggs are over cooked, their whites become rubbery and smell of sulfur. Eggs should be cooked in a skillet; a griddle’s temperature is too high to cook eggs without burning them.

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