8 years of braces time lapse

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14 Jan 2018 15:08 - +5057
I bet they were glad when that innermost tooth finally got into place. I hope they wear their retainers. Such a good result.
14 Jan 2018 15:45 - +1945
Modern dentistry is one of the reasons I'm most grateful to have been born when I was born. Thanks for posting! This is really cool.
14 Jan 2018 17:57 - +1184
Damn, braces AND a camera in your mouth for 18 years. That’s dedication to Science!
14 Jan 2018 15:49 - +847
That’s incredible. That is an amazing transformation. I wore braces for about two years and I can’t imagine having them on for 8.
14 Jan 2018 18:51 - +718
I never had braces but I imagine this was moderately to severely uncomfortable for almost 8 of the 8 years
14 Jan 2018 15:15 - +485
I bet that sucked for most of that process.
14 Jan 2018 19:00 - +190
Good god what a jacked up set of teeth to start with.
14 Jan 2018 19:29 - +134
I had braces, a retainer, and a headgear I was *supposed* to wear at night (but how the shit are you supposed to sleep with that thing strapped to your head?). It sucked majorly but I'm glad I got it done so young.
14 Jan 2018 15:22 - +120
Wow, that one, who couldn’t decide it’s 4th or 5th in a row looks really painful.
14 Jan 2018 19:51 - +101
I remember having an impliance (the metal on the inside of the teeth to widen your bite). Something went wrong and it began stabbing my cheek at the beach and my mom's friend had to pull it out with plyers. When it came out I remember running along the beach pain free.
14 Jan 2018 19:33 - +43
How does that one tooth gets so far out of alignment compared to all the rest?
14 Jan 2018 20:45 - +38
Maaaaaaaan my teeth were waaay better than that at the beginning and my dentist pulled 4 teeth out! This is bullshit! Then again I again at least I didn't have to deal with the pain of wearing braces for 8 years...
14 Jan 2018 20:02 - +30
Wow, those teeth were CROOKED to begin with. How is that even possible??? It’s like they were completely randomly dropped in that mouth.
14 Jan 2018 21:10 - +23
To me, the most surprising thing is the way the person's mouth is reshaped over time.
14 Jan 2018 21:16 - +22
I've seen some comments here about dental insurance. I work in a dental office and my primary job is verifying benefits. Almost no one that comes in know what their benefits are or what their insurance covers. Most plans that I check have 100/80/50 coverage, with preventative (cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments for children, and sealants for children under a certain age) usually covered at 100%. Most plans do not make you pay your deductible for preventative care. Basic includes fillings and usually extractions, root canals and periodontal treatment such as deep cleanings at 80%. Major coverage (crowns, implants, dentures, bridges) is usually covered at 50%. In my location paying for a crown completely out of pocket will cost between $700-$800. Orthodontics is a separate benefit and will usually only cover children under a certain age. It is also normally covered at 50%. Check your benefits if you have dental insurance. And please get those cleanings and check-ups. Even with insurance treatment can get very expensive, and problems left unaddressed will get worse and treatment will get more expensive. Edit: A reply to this reminded me of TMJ. Don't ignore jaw issues. We are seeing more and more instances of people having jaw pain and symptoms related to grinding and clenching, sometimes requiring expensive orthodontic treatment when left unchecked. If your dentist recommends you get a guard but you don't want to pay their cost (most insurances don't cover guards and the ones we make in-office vary between $350-$650) then at least consider trying one of the guards you can buy at the pharmacy. Edit 2: To specify, I work in the central US.
14 Jan 2018 15:54 - +19
Gross! But neat!
14 Jan 2018 20:59 - +17
No wonder orthodontists get paid well, that first shot looked like Sloth from the Goonies.
14 Jan 2018 17:11 - +16
I've watched this like 10 times now. A little disgusted, but at the same time... turned on? help
14 Jan 2018 20:55 - +15
Besides the marvel of the teeth straightening, I think the camera alignment is also REALLY interesting. I’d love to see the rig the orthodontist used to take a photo every session and have such a small margin of error in terms of aligning the height/depth/pivoting. That is also some dedication and forward thinking.
14 Jan 2018 19:04 - +15
Most of those teeth moved at least half an inch. That must have been painful as fuck
14 Jan 2018 18:31 - +7
14 Jan 2018 21:06 - +6
Really amazed they got that straggler on the inside.
14 Jan 2018 19:17 - +6
Poor kid.. I'm glad it worked out though.
14 Jan 2018 21:19 - +4
Reading the comments makes me happy cause I realize I’m not the only who fucked up the post-braces part and will need braces again...
14 Jan 2018 20:48 - +4
This can also be in oddlysatisfying

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