Unemployed Irish guy creates epic commercial to prove himself to ad agencies


20 Jan 2018 03:06 - +3051
ITT: Everyone is suddenly Steven Spielberg. Lad shot a pretty decent video on what I'm sure was a limited budget in order to make a bit of splash in some agencies HR inbox, and get a foot in the door. Job done.
20 Jan 2018 01:22 - +2365
"Not like I am that desperate or anything" haha
20 Jan 2018 02:21 - +2331
What’s with the 15 seconds of darkness at the end?
20 Jan 2018 01:01 - +1536
Nice job. Not epic.
20 Jan 2018 01:00 - +1400
Good on him, showing his skills and initiative
20 Jan 2018 03:55 - +559
Sorry, but [this is an Epic ~~Irish~~ Scottish Commercial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2caT4q4Nbs) done by unemployed ~~Irish~~ German guys to prove themselves to ad agencies.
20 Jan 2018 00:59 - +502
lol @ "casting myself"
20 Jan 2018 01:19 - +327
Did it work though? I didn’t really find this all that impressive tbh.
20 Jan 2018 02:43 - +216
Liberal use of the word epic
20 Jan 2018 03:12 - +202
reddit: >I hate ads, its why I have adblock Also reddit: >haha lmao XD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my dudes hire this guy
20 Jan 2018 03:41 - +138
The comments section on reddit has become toxic. People are actually criticizing the lighting and the type of shots he used. He is trying to work for an ad agency. He isn't an aspiring director or cinematographer. How about you take a second and respect that he tried doing something different instead of spending his time going on Reddit and hating on something someone else did. Pretty sad.
20 Jan 2018 02:51 - +118
This reeks of vote manipulation.
20 Jan 2018 02:42 - +113
20 Jan 2018 03:53 - +78
Soooo many salty cunts in here.
20 Jan 2018 04:58 - +63
13K upvotes.... 10K views....
20 Jan 2018 02:11 - +60
Sorry but nothing about it is really creative. I get what he was going for but there are people out there that have real ad campaigns much more impressive than this on their CVs.
20 Jan 2018 04:30 - +52
It's cute, but doesn't blow me away. (I work at a small ad agency, if that means anything.) Saw a vid here recently where a guy created a spot in the flavor of those big-budget car commercials for his girlfriend's 2003 Honda Accord or something with a bazillion miles that she was selling for like 1500 bucks. Now THAT was an awesome spot.
20 Jan 2018 01:21 - +47
Yea, I don't know about this. Wouldn't fly with many US agencies.
20 Jan 2018 04:19 - +15
epic? really?
20 Jan 2018 04:00 - +12
likes/dislikes disabled? Not a natural at marketing then.
20 Jan 2018 04:39 - +9
Barely 10k views but 10.6k updoots... hmm...
20 Jan 2018 05:18 - +8
Reminds me of that Johnny Walker advertisement a student made. I think he got loads of offers because of it. Edit: [Here it is](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2caT4q4Nbs)
20 Jan 2018 03:45 - +8
[Relevant HIMYM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuLcxg5VGuo)
20 Jan 2018 03:45 - +3
Just do like everyone else who works for an ad agency, talk to your uncle. At the ad agency I used to work for, everyone was related to each other.
20 Jan 2018 05:44 - +1
Can a person just do a thing without people shitting all over it?

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