Charged $39.35 to hold your own baby

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13 Feb 2018 21:59 - +5927
On second thought, let's not go to America. Tis a silly place.
13 Feb 2018 20:52 - +2066
I should be a lot more thankful to be born in middle Europe.
13 Feb 2018 21:57 - +1667
In the United States, hugs are a commodity...
13 Feb 2018 22:11 - +1413
Wait it costs 13K to give birth in a hospital with C Section? What the fuck?
13 Feb 2018 22:21 - +665
Meanwhile my uncle had brain and spinal cord surgery and only paid 20 bucks for the cab ride
13 Feb 2018 20:18 - +436
I am.. screaming. I hope this isn't real, like... imagine printing this bill out and not realizing how messed up it sounds. They could have at least renamed it as "other". Jesus Christ...
13 Feb 2018 21:41 - +429
Why does it say "quantity 79 for delivery c section"??
13 Feb 2018 22:47 - +374
Just to let you know, you're not just holding the baby, but you're employing the services of the ~~midwife~~ recovery nurse, on standby, just in case something goes wrong during skin to skin post c-section. Here though, it's free! Source: work in hospital but live in Eurozone.
13 Feb 2018 22:27 - +276
Real life microtransactions.
13 Feb 2018 21:08 - +152
What are the other $9800 in charges?
13 Feb 2018 22:20 - +93
How has no one mentioned the lactation consult for $61.96?
13 Feb 2018 22:56 - +92
Isn't the parent paying for the hospital staff's time and supervision in case something goes wrong? Seems misleading to say they are charging you for the hug. Not saying at all saying 13k for a birth is reasonable, just that we may be misinterpreting the receipt.
13 Feb 2018 23:11 - +79
>This Is Why That Hospital Charged A Family $40 To 'Hold' Their Newborn BabyThe dad's hospital bill that included a "skin to skin" charge went viral. A dad has revealed just how much a baby’s cuddles are worth, at least according to one hospital. >Ryan Grassley posted a photo on Reddit of the hospital bill he and his wife, Lidia, received after she had a C-section and they welcomed their second child. The bill shows a charge titled “SKIN TO SKIN AFTER C-SEC” and totals almost $40. “I had to pay $39.35 to hold my baby after he was born,” Grassley wrote as the title of his post. >The hospital bill Ryan Grassley and his wife received after welcoming their second child features an almost $40 charge for "skin to skin" contact with their newborn son. >A representative from Intermountain Healthcare, which includes Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah, where Grassley’s wife had her C-section, told The Huffington Post that the hospital is an advocate for skin-to-skin contact after birth and that the charge is to ensure the safety of both the mother and child.  >Though she could not comment on specific patients, she clarified that the charge is not for simply holding the baby, but to bring an additional caregiver into the operating room “to maintain the highest levels of patient safety.” “In the case of a C-section, where the bedside caregiver is occupied caring for the mother during surgery, an additional nurse is brought into the OR to allow the infant to remain in the OR suite with the mother,” said the representative.   >Grassley clarified on Reddit that he had a “positive experience” at the hospital and that everyone involved was “great.”
13 Feb 2018 22:31 - +44
one skin to skin, please
13 Feb 2018 22:34 - +31
The charge is probably compensation for the time the nurse took to bring the baby into the room and offer guidance/support to the mother. I’m not necessarily saying it’s a fair charge or a *good* reason, but it probably is the reason.
13 Feb 2018 22:39 - +22
$1626.52 out of pocket for a C-section delivery? I would absolutely be glad to pay that.
13 Feb 2018 23:13 - +20
"Why is our birth rate declining?" asked the republicans
13 Feb 2018 22:35 - +17
The hospital system where my son is a patient recently started charging patients for being in the waiting room while waiting for their appointment.
13 Feb 2018 22:54 - +11
Last time something like this came up a medical professional said that it's because you have to have a nurse in the room with you while this happens that would normally be doing other things.
13 Feb 2018 23:58 - +10
When the child grows up & messes up something- Dad:Do u know how much it cost me to bring you into this world? Child:Yes, dad. I checked your reddit accomplishments folder.
14 Feb 2018 00:25 - +8
That is not what that means, a nurse has to be on standby during skin to skin contact incase anything goes wrong. You’re paying for her time.
13 Feb 2018 19:44 - +1
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