Swiss team practicing for the Olympics

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13 Feb 2018 23:39 - +10685
"The Swiss are so good at using pallet jacks because when the weather gets bad everyone uses pallet jacks to get around town". -NBC, probably.
13 Feb 2018 22:51 - +4270
I love the group of guys just standing there like there is nothing out of the ordinary.
14 Feb 2018 00:15 - +3996
*Gets sent to the biggest stage in the world to compete for your country where everyone is counting on you *Breaks leg on fucking pallet jack
13 Feb 2018 22:49 - +2289
This could have gone so painfully wrong
13 Feb 2018 22:29 - +1427
Yeah good luck stopping on that.
13 Feb 2018 23:11 - +820
World class athletes during the most stressful and important weeks of their lives still finding time to goof off.
13 Feb 2018 22:56 - +768
14 Feb 2018 00:03 - +352
You have about a 5 degree turning radius, everything else is just skidding and bandaids. Source: former walmart pallet Jack jouster
13 Feb 2018 22:59 - +345
I'm surprised how well they steered that
13 Feb 2018 23:27 - +147
13 Feb 2018 23:00 - +130
I know I’m getting old because my first thought was “Wow that looks immensely unsafe”
13 Feb 2018 23:49 - +108
Unfortunately, they lost to the Mexican pallet jack life team by .02 seconds
14 Feb 2018 02:25 - +88
And that's how an Olympian becomes a Paralympian.
14 Feb 2018 01:59 - +78
These guys do that and everyone thinks it's funny. I do it and I'm "mis-using company property" and "being a distraction".
13 Feb 2018 23:45 - +63
If one of those Swiss boys ever came across a pretty girl he would probably yell 'eins, zwei, drei' and try to push her down some ice!
13 Feb 2018 23:00 - +32
This is how all those "training" accidents happen.
14 Feb 2018 02:57 - +28
This is the Swiss slopestyle team. They’re the same guys that posted [this]( earlier.
14 Feb 2018 00:16 - +26
palette jacks are a lot of fun to ride Source: would use one as a gondola with the help of a broom when things got slow in the warehouse.
14 Feb 2018 01:36 - +16
OSHA is flipping their shit right now.
14 Feb 2018 02:31 - +14
Where is the Jamaican pallet jack team?
14 Feb 2018 01:03 - +11
This is incredibly dangerous. I worked at a bakery / warehouse and I watched a guy do the exact same thing, but at the end of the ramp he wasn't able to steer the pallet jack and he ended up knocking out his 4 front teeth. Pallet jacks are very hard to steer, especially from the wrong side..
13 Feb 2018 23:30 - +8
When I was 16 we used to race pump carts in the store after hours. If you give them a bit of a push then kinda slalom them on a flat surface they can get some decent speed going. Much product was knocked over doing this.
13 Feb 2018 23:18 - +5

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