As a designer, this is me every time an engineer helps me.

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14 Feb 2018 02:21 - +3038
Everyone knows that any command line interface transmits directly to the White House mainframe
14 Feb 2018 02:26 - +2747
That eye roll in panel three though...
14 Feb 2018 03:07 - +1238
As a developer, this is me every time my parents stand behind me while I'm fixing their problems.
14 Feb 2018 03:14 - +1074
As someone who only uses Bash while wearing sunglasses and a trench coat, I can confirm this is The Matrix.
14 Feb 2018 02:49 - +652
I'm genuinely surprised this is a relatable thing. I've never worked with a designer who wasn't at least familiar with the concept of command line tools. Even the completely inexperienced designers and the crappy ones seem to get it.
14 Feb 2018 04:46 - +525
I impressed a designer once and it was a great feeling. I took his page and populated it with data from Django with a few tweaks in the terminal (and some quick vim.) Behind me I heard a "....whoah! That's incredible!" (we were on a time crunch and he came over to me) and I felt very proud of myself. Like a super-hacker. The thing is, if I had to design the same page it would have looked like a Geocities late 90s piece of crap.I have absolutely no eye for design or the patience to deal with css. ("But I told it to float!") I was more impressed by what he did.
14 Feb 2018 03:42 - +368
"You use j and k to move up and down? SORCERY!!!"
14 Feb 2018 03:26 - +119
And then when I ask an engineer for a simple UI mock-up they wind up eating their own foot.
14 Feb 2018 03:03 - +108
Im still a UI guy, it's too much work to remember the lines I need.
14 Feb 2018 05:08 - +86
I love that the engineer looks like a normal human being and the designer straight up looks like a hobo.
14 Feb 2018 05:20 - +35
This sub has a lot of r/comedycemetery material
14 Feb 2018 04:31 - +34
Haha hi Pablo! Funny seeing you here. Love these comics you make!
14 Feb 2018 06:49 - +27
14 Feb 2018 07:20 - +16
Anyone else like both design *and* engineering?
14 Feb 2018 05:29 - +12
As an engineering major, being around you programmers is like being around foreigners. I have no idea what you're saying, but i know you're saying something mean
14 Feb 2018 04:24 - +11
But how do they `... | grep ... | sed "s/.../.../" | sort | uniq` then using only buttons and dropdown menus?
14 Feb 2018 07:17 - +11
A designer once told me that my code in Vim looked like "christmas"
14 Feb 2018 08:10 - +8
I have a bachelor's in graphic design and a bachelor's in computer science, and I have this conversation with myself regularly
14 Feb 2018 04:37 - +8
As an engineer, this is me every time one of my peers works in VIM.
14 Feb 2018 04:55 - +8
My college makes the CIT Developers take a Networking Technologies class, and Command Prompt, cables, ethernet/wifi, and topology stuff along with the OSI Model is what is taught. There's many other things. That's what I like about this class is that I'm actually learning in it.
14 Feb 2018 05:25 - +6
As a developer who works with agile methodologies, the title of this post was a user story.

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