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14 Feb 2018 05:30 - +2227
See, art degrees aren't entirely useless. You got a funny comic strip out of it! And now it's useless.
14 Feb 2018 03:51 - +1975
Oh no, right in the degree.
14 Feb 2018 04:01 - +1508
More products of an art degree on [my site.]( My website has died. While I perform mouth to mouth, you can follow me on [facebook]( and [twitter.](
14 Feb 2018 04:05 - +689
Movies have taught me that if you’re an art collector, you’re a villain/terrorist/drug cartel.
14 Feb 2018 05:18 - +502
How is it everything you do has incredible meme potential and none of them are repeats of each other?
14 Feb 2018 04:01 - +378
As someone with a liberal arts degree I feel personally attacked
14 Feb 2018 06:39 - +120
DAE le Superior STEM?
14 Feb 2018 05:52 - +91
I would laugh but first I have to get in line for foodstamps.
14 Feb 2018 05:30 - +58
Art Degree is fine, if you use the knowledge it gave you... (as you do) same with my Computer Science Degree. useless if i don't use the knowledge it gave me
14 Feb 2018 03:39 - +48
Low hanging fruit
14 Feb 2018 06:21 - +47
Post-culture society
14 Feb 2018 06:57 - +45
I've studied fine arts (painting/drawing/theory/history) and did ok at it. I would always be annoyed at the ongoing joke about "arts" degrees, when people were referring to "fine arts" as I always thought the joke was initially meant to demean "arts" degrees which can consist of general-knowledge type-stuff, and have nothing to do with art. I think, as the joke has been told again and again, people believe it refers to "fine art" degrees, too, which is probably accurate as well, really. I am interested in your opinion. Does the joke about "art degrees" being shit and useless extend to studying fine arts and getting good at being an artist, or should the joke just refer to those general-subject degrees that do not contain anything about painting/art history ?
14 Feb 2018 07:17 - +27
I have a BFA. I do very well but it has dick to do with my degree, although, truth is I would have never gone into the field I’m in if I did not get my BFA.
14 Feb 2018 03:26 - +26
Oh man, this hits way too close to home.
14 Feb 2018 06:27 - +21
The facial expressions make me feel sad for that lil bro.
14 Feb 2018 06:51 - +18
As someone currently getting an art degree...fuck
14 Feb 2018 06:03 - +18
Sending this to my sister with a art degree, who is currently cooking at two restaurants.
14 Feb 2018 06:35 - +18
What's the difference between someone with an art degree and a park bench? A park bench can support a family! 🤣
14 Feb 2018 06:21 - +16
This punchline is definitely original and not at all played-out or tired
14 Feb 2018 06:59 - +14
I think art degree bashing is just a "haha I'm better than you" thing.
14 Feb 2018 06:23 - +12
I sent this to my art school graduate sister... she sent the fact that I do illicit narcotics and may potentially have a kid coming to our mother. I have received a proportional punishment.
14 Feb 2018 06:31 - +11
My BA works just fine, but only because I have a business minor
14 Feb 2018 07:05 - +11
What's ironic as fuck is that our modern high-tech culture is utterly dependent upon the works of intelligent, inspired weirdos. Without them we would all be living in caves, dying at 30 and eating some really horrible shit. But we call them losers and do our best to quietly execute them. Society is a fucking glacier.
14 Feb 2018 07:03 - +10
BFA industrial design checking in. Is true.
14 Feb 2018 03:50 - +10
Pffft try philosophy
14 Feb 2018 06:49 - +9
I laughed and then I was sad
14 Feb 2018 07:46 - +9
Creative professional working in advertising here ... I make money like a doctor. As do my peers. The "poor artist" stereotype isn't a thing anymore. It needs to by replaced with "poor talentless lazy FINE artist with zero business acumen."
14 Feb 2018 06:39 - +8
Wow what an original observation.
14 Feb 2018 07:19 - +7
My instructor commented "boring" on my book design today. Then I saw a rope hung around a beam on my way out of class.
14 Feb 2018 04:31 - +7
Right in the degree
14 Feb 2018 07:30 - +7
Haha art majors don't make money. What a fresh concept.
14 Feb 2018 08:06 - +6
Hey now, someone I know sells his art on Facebook for $9 a sketch. I think he's making $6 or $7 an hour, so he's doing pretty well for himself.
14 Feb 2018 08:53 - +4
“It’s basically a hobby for a job.” - Jim’s brothers, The Office
14 Feb 2018 08:24 - +4
All Bachelor of Arts degrees are useles without a Master's. Even then, expect a PhD to get hired anywhere decent. The goal is to saddle you with debt for a good 30+ years to keep you in line. The education system in this country is a **FUCKING** joke.
14 Feb 2018 06:42 - +4
I think it’s legit... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ a certain degree! (⌐■_■) YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
14 Feb 2018 07:43 - +4
Ow my Degree
14 Feb 2018 06:45 - +3
I don't think art degrees are useless, especially if you go to a good school that does a lot with networking. But what do I know though, I'm getting a nursing degree not an art degree!
14 Feb 2018 06:57 - +3
This hurts..
14 Feb 2018 07:41 - +2
Truth hurts.
14 Feb 2018 04:14 - +2
Don't go on lumberjack and professional fencer's night.
14 Feb 2018 07:41 - +2
Just wanted to say i love your comics
14 Feb 2018 07:21 - +2
Shake dat stock portfolio girl!

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