When you think about it, Shakespeare WAS the result of billions of monkeys trying to write stuff randomly for millions of years.

The monkeys just eventually turned out to be *us*.

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14 Feb 2018 03:42 - +8013
We're basically the result of a very inefficient machine learning algorithm. Some weird stuff sure came out.
14 Feb 2018 04:18 - +1076
Writing was invented in 3200 B.C. so it only took us 4764 years.
14 Feb 2018 04:28 - +1052
It was the BLURST OF TIMES? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no_elVGGgW8
14 Feb 2018 04:50 - +777
Wasn’t even infinite! Got that shit banged out by 1616!!!
14 Feb 2018 06:56 - +371
Apes. We're Apes, not Monkeys.
14 Feb 2018 04:59 - +264
I get it, but intuitively there is a clear difference between me typing a poem and me pounding on my keyboard with my fists. This of course begs the question, what is the difference between writing something meaningful and writing nonsense? What does it *mean* to mean? This is not an easy question, but clearly the answer is not "nothing". So I think I disagree.
14 Feb 2018 06:13 - +86
But typewriters weren’t even invented in 1656.
14 Feb 2018 04:33 - +77
In that sense Leo DiCaprio owes a lot of his career to da Vinci and Shakespeare
14 Feb 2018 04:31 - +77
There's a difference between evolution and infinite chance
14 Feb 2018 06:59 - +60
This sub is so fucking bad now
14 Feb 2018 06:52 - +31
But but but monkeys are actually our cousins and not actually humans themselves.
14 Feb 2018 06:54 - +29
Well technically we didn’t evolve from monkeys
14 Feb 2018 06:50 - +25
Oh my god! I was wrong!  It was Earth all along!  You've finally made a monkey,  (Yes, we finally made a monkey!)  Yes, you've finally made a monkey out of me! I LOVE YOU DR. ZAIUS!!
14 Feb 2018 04:33 - +18
I am going on a limb here, but I don't think the cumulative population of all monkey species is in the billions.
14 Feb 2018 07:07 - +16
We were never monkeys. We used to be part of the Catarrhini family who split into the surviving Old World monkeys and Apes.
14 Feb 2018 06:58 - +16
Except it wasn't random but okay
14 Feb 2018 04:11 - +14
By the time writing got involved, they had ceased to be monkeys for a very very long time.
14 Feb 2018 06:54 - +13
Unless you don't believe in evolution. Actually had someone in 8th grade say evolution was just a theory and refused to take the test on it. Don't remember much of it, but I do know he was just trying that cause he didn't study.
14 Feb 2018 06:59 - +7
grasping at straws
14 Feb 2018 08:20 - +7
Karl Pilkington's mind would not be able to comprehend this
14 Feb 2018 09:27 - +5
I hate to be pedantic but monkeys and humans are parallel evolution. We come from the same original creature but branched a long time ago.
14 Feb 2018 07:09 - +4
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