We lost our home in the Thomas Fire last December. While digging through the ashes afterward, my mother found her wedding ring.

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14 Feb 2018 04:22 - +3122
Sorry about the fire but maybe this can now be a symbol of their resilient marriage.
14 Feb 2018 05:41 - +3080
She had it polished but it will always have the [evidence](https://imgur.com/a/od8a2) of what happened
14 Feb 2018 08:02 - +833
My old family farm house home burned down about 25 years ago. Everything was burned to ashes, except a single Japanese ceramic doodad my oldest brother had picked up in Japan. It was of such kiln fired quality, it took the heat. 150 year old white oak really put out a hot fire.
14 Feb 2018 04:12 - +342
At least your mom can take comfort in the fact your dad got her a real diamond.
14 Feb 2018 04:07 - +298
super sorry about your loss. what a terrible terrible fire. did you get a new home (e.g. from insurance)?
14 Feb 2018 04:08 - +88
At least the diamond didn't burn.
14 Feb 2018 08:27 - +74
Ventura Strong!
14 Feb 2018 07:30 - +56
A ring so resilient, you'd have to drop it into a volcano in order to destroy it.
14 Feb 2018 04:19 - +53
One time, my friends/coworkers and I were tasked with throwing out an old wooden picnic table from the summer camp where we worked. We initially were going to chuck it in the dumpster, but it was kind of an old table and it had a bunch of people's signatures on it, as well as doodles and whatnot. We figured the table had too much character to throw away, so we retired it with dignity, in a huge bonfire. We invited the whole camp staff and made a big thing out of it. We collected all the bolts and nuts and gave them to staff members that were at the bonfire as a keepsake. It was a very nice moment, seeing something with so much history being retired while the people who gave it its character in attendance. I still have my bolt somewhere.
14 Feb 2018 03:59 - +35
Did you take it in to get it fixed and polished? It looks like it was/is pretty. Glad she found it!
14 Feb 2018 04:28 - +30
Why wasn't she wearing it?
14 Feb 2018 08:55 - +27
Ventura strong Love ventucky. Glad you are OK. I grew up in Ojai and evacuated my mother probably the day after you lost your home. My deepest condolences. This type of tragedy is something that will forever change the worldview. I sincerely hope that as a society we can recognize the impact we are having on the environment and how detrimental the result has become. It is time for change for the better.
14 Feb 2018 09:13 - +15
14 Feb 2018 06:10 - +8
A diamond in the rough.
14 Feb 2018 10:37 - +6
My parents house, which was my childhood home, burned down 2 years ago. Neither of my parents had been wearing their rings, my dad was a mechanic and didn't want the risk of his hand getting caught and my mom's rings needed refit. I begged them to find them, as they were literally the only things I wanted to inherit, but they didn't find them before construction on the new house was due to start. So many things are just buried underneath the new house. They'll still find stuff in the dirt around, but I doubt they'll ever find their wedding rings or so many other meaningful items. I hate that new house.
14 Feb 2018 09:38 - +6
What in the world is the Thomas fire?
14 Feb 2018 06:59 - +6
That's an arcane artifact now.
14 Feb 2018 07:55 - +5
Man, that’s one Phoenix of a ring. That would make quite the family heirloom. The ring lost in fire, but birthed again into new life.
14 Feb 2018 05:09 - +4
Reminds me of *mother!*
14 Feb 2018 09:39 - +4
From your SB neighbor I feel you. Glad to hear of a success story!! One love
14 Feb 2018 10:01 - +3
Sorry for your loss. I used to work Personal Property for a large insurance company. If you have any questions about your items within the home please feel free to message me.
14 Feb 2018 10:12 - +3
People arguing over the temps diamonds burn. I’m pretty sure the gold would have melted long before the diamond started to burn or change states.
14 Feb 2018 07:53 - +3
Wow, what area was this in? Ventura or further north?
14 Feb 2018 09:47 - +3
"a ring"
14 Feb 2018 10:32 - +3
Diamonds are forever, and ever, and ever...
14 Feb 2018 04:36 - +3
Sure she could get it polished like some of the other commenters have suggested, or she could wear it/keep it in its current state and have one hell of a story to share about it!
14 Feb 2018 09:26 - +3
Sorry for your home and the situation you're going through. That fire was close to home, my family had to evacuate, others stayed and the firefighters came and saved their home cause the fire was right behind the house. It was so sad seeing all the destruction happen, and then the mudslides were horrible too. Beautiful ring, has a story to it now.
14 Feb 2018 09:52 - +2
It actually looks pretty awesome
14 Feb 2018 06:48 - +2
I am very sorry to hear that. I have family in Ojai that were affected
14 Feb 2018 09:30 - +2
That’s so amazing, and that would have been easily overlooked!!!
14 Feb 2018 07:44 - +2
This is an incredibly beautiful metaphor.
14 Feb 2018 09:25 - +2
I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your home. I hope that you and your family will be okay.
14 Feb 2018 07:54 - +2
There’s a metaphor somewhere here
14 Feb 2018 09:48 - +2
Sorry that happened to you and your family. My house (and thousands of others) burned down 35 years ago this week in a huge bushfire here in Australia - the Ash Wednesday fires. The only thing I recovered was a half burned cricket ball from the back yard. It's so cool your mum found her ring. Every year I still find the week of the anniversary a difficult time. I hope you and your folks are OK.
14 Feb 2018 09:52 - +2
the one true ring!
14 Feb 2018 10:13 - +2
Wow she was meant to keep it. Imagine the odds of finding that ring?
14 Feb 2018 09:53 - +2
Your marriage tested by fire and came out the other side intact literally!
14 Feb 2018 09:55 - +2
I gotta say that I kind of like the burned version better. Sort of metal, if you get my meaning. Not very girly that way though.
14 Feb 2018 10:14 - +2
It was crazy waking up the night of the fire and seeing the mountains lit up. You could see it burning from Santa Paula all the way to Ventura. Smoke for weeks afterwards; the clinic i work at was giving out masks to patient or anyone who needed them. I have pictures from the fire that look like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.
14 Feb 2018 10:16 - +2
Diamond in the rough?
14 Feb 2018 10:17 - +2
Lost my wedding ring when I was a TV photographer shooting a Packers game at Lambeau Field. It was freezing and I had to keep taking my gloves off to flip the little switches on the camera. One of those times, the ring came off and ended up in the mud as Lambeau does not have frozen tundra- pipes filled with warm water keep the field from becoming fully frozen. I never found it. Surprisingly, she took it really well and I had a new ring within a couple of weeks.
14 Feb 2018 10:38 - +2
I was on a strike team assigned to that fire. So sorry for your loss.
14 Feb 2018 11:05 - +1
Ahh so sorry you lost your home, but so glad you found the ring! Much love and support from your neighbors in Santa Barbara ❤️

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