TIL that directing the famous "Truffle Shuffle" scene was so uncomfortable that "The Goonies'" director Richard Donner bought the actor who plays Chunk a gym membership and took a personal interest in his fitness. Jeff Cohen went on to be captain of his high school football and wrestling teams.

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14 Feb 2018 06:40 - +8757
Jeff Cohen went to Cal about the same time I did. He was one of the "yell leaders" at football games - the obnoxious guys with the megaphones that whip the students into a frenzy. Well, poor Jeff... even though he'd lost all the weight and was a pretty good lookin' dude, the student section would NOT let him do his job until he relented to the cheers of "truffle shuffle!" before every game. He'd do it for, like, a second then say, "OK, let's get get on with the game!" I want to say he was a good sport about it (he was) but, man... I always felt bad for the guy.
14 Feb 2018 05:01 - +4439
Relevant section: >“I got him a gym and some instruction and someone to work with,” Donner explained. “He lost lots of weight and built this great physique and became captain of his wrestling team in high school, captain of his football team, and president of his school class for two years in a row.”
14 Feb 2018 05:02 - +3407
Recently re-watched it and what went for "fat kid" back then is nothing compared to today's standards. People would barely give him a second thought.
14 Feb 2018 07:08 - +960
The [Truffle Shuffle](https://media.giphy.com/media/l0K47HwYT1jb6JqnK/giphy.gif) for reference Bonus [Combined gif](https://media.giphy.com/media/FKCXG8vn5wti0/giphy.gif)
14 Feb 2018 08:01 - +956
https://imgur.com/gallery/ycjgV Here is a picture of him now
14 Feb 2018 06:03 - +415
I always wonder about those scenes in movies where someone has to play "the ugly girl" or "that disgusting fat chick". I mean, obviously, someone wants to act and you can fill the role, but you are interacting with this person in real life. You set up the "eating scene" or something that let's everyone know this is the disgusting person -- get the joke, wouldn't want to be caught with her. It's got to be awkward. It's kind of cathartic to have some truly funny fat girls in comedy now like Melissa McCarthy. They get to own it. I think it's a matter of control; if the comedian gets to make fun of themselves or steer the character (as a winner), then it removes the awkwardness of treating someone as the loser. There were a lot of shows back in the day like the Goonies where you had that person playing the "loser" character. And it's good to hear a director helping them out.
14 Feb 2018 06:12 - +245
I've heard that he is quite successful in finance or something and that under the right circumstances, he'll still do the truffle shuffle. This is not verified, I heard it on a podcast that are proud of their 'tofop facts.' which are things that they say which sound true but it's funnier not to verify.
14 Feb 2018 08:06 - +244
It should be known that he wasn’t worried about body shaming when he did the scene. He had chicken pox and didn’t tell anyone. He was worried that he’d lose the part if they found out when he lifted his shirt.
14 Feb 2018 09:43 - +80
Jeff's an all around good guy and a solid entertainment lawyer, I've know him for over a decade now and only used his services once but many of my friends use him instead of an agent and/or manager. He doesn't overcharge especially on checking contracts, always takes your call and keeps his ears open for gigs for his clients/friends.
14 Feb 2018 10:04 - +63
The Goonies is a perfect example of how bad obesity has become. today he wouldn't even be considered fat
14 Feb 2018 08:31 - +62
I just want to know how that made him uncomfortable not all the pantie shots of the young female lead.
14 Feb 2018 08:21 - +61
[Chunk](http://intrepidnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/jeff-cohen-goonies-then-and-now.jpg) [grown up](http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Jeff+Cohen+Warner+Bros+Goonies+25th+Anniversary+jHIsO_4S9rDl.jpg)
14 Feb 2018 07:40 - +57
Jesus fuck. I just looked up Jeff Cohen. He is one attractive dude. And that is coming from a straight dude. Wish my ugly ducking younger self turned into half that good looking.
14 Feb 2018 06:40 - +41
Corey Feldman looks bad in this picture. 12 year olds shouldn't have bags under their eyes.
14 Feb 2018 09:44 - +22
That kid is downright skinny by today’s standards It’s alarming
14 Feb 2018 11:24 - +14
Ok so I have a bizarre drunk story about this guy. I spent a weekend in Hollywood with some friends who were working comedians. Comedy clubs and such. These guys were dirt poor and constantly wasted. So we went out to an improv night at a local comedy club. The show was shit. Everyone got drunk. And this guy was at the bar. One of the girls in the comedy troupe said he was Chunk from the Goonies. He was an entertainment lawyer, slimmed down, but tiny. The guy is maybe 5’5” or something? So this girl, a tank of a woman, started chatting with him. I don’t remember what, just drunk bullshit. Then she turned to us and said “watch this”. She gave the guy a bear hug from behind and lifted him in the air. He started yelling and squirming, but was powerless against this She-Hulk. She sort of wiggles him around like one of those fire fighter dummies, and finally put him down as the bartender yelled for security. We all got bounced, and just as she was being forcefully escorted out, she turned around, lifted up her shirt and yelled “Hey Chunk! Do the Truffle Shuffle!” Now, I learned something really strange that weekend. Everyone from every movie or TV show you’ve ever seen, is still likely kicking it around LA. We were at a guys house watching the Super Bowl and he says “hey see that old lady watering her plants next door? That’s the mom from the Wonder Years.” Everyone had a story like that. It was really bizarre and kind of depressing. Like all of these ghosts from entertainment history are still haunting Hollywood, and everyone else, like these comedians, are just full of sick desperation to end up like them. I never went back.
14 Feb 2018 10:17 - +10
Nowadays he'd be considered mildly chubby instead of obese
14 Feb 2018 09:52 - +10
Kids have gotten so fat that he doesn’t look that bad... Damn!
14 Feb 2018 10:08 - +10
Donner also removed everyone else on set to make it less embarrassing for Cohen. Cohen also had chicken pox and hid it with make up during this scene because he was afraid he would get recast or something cause he was contagious.

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