The bottom of Uma Therman's shoe in Kill Bill flashes across the scene for about 1 second.

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14 Feb 2018 14:00 - +2604
The font was a lot harder to read than I expected...
14 Feb 2018 11:06 - +1591
Adds to an already epic scene
14 Feb 2018 14:20 - +569
Quentin Tarantino wore a pair like that for his cement impression in front of the chinese theatre in Hollywood
14 Feb 2018 12:52 - +533
Just watched this hours ago, no way I was ever seeing that.
14 Feb 2018 13:51 - +242
They make a pair of these and show a how to on Adam Savage's Tested channel.
14 Feb 2018 13:39 - +127
This movie is weird for me. It’s a great movie, but I personally hated it, if that makes sense. Like I respected it and I understand why people like it, but this is a movie I would never in my life watch again because I just didn’t find it appealing. I’ve loved every other Tarintino movie tho, can’t count how many times I’ve watched Django
14 Feb 2018 13:32 - +107
How do you even come across this??
14 Feb 2018 13:50 - +68
14 Feb 2018 16:03 - +60
I actually interviewed the costume designer, Catherine Thomas, for a research paper and asked her about this! She said: "Ha! yes its pretty awesome. QT decided at the last minute when we got to Beijing the he wanted to do that under the glass floor shot and thought it would be cool if she left her asics tread mark in blood. He proposed that we change the tread to leave the message "fuck you". So I drew the Fuck you by hand and my friends at KNB (who did all the makeup effects) had the soles fabricated in LA." Also, you can see it again when she is on her motorcycle and on her way to fight o-ren!
14 Feb 2018 14:33 - +54
Can anyone confirm if you can see it in the snow when she is fighting O’Ren?
14 Feb 2018 13:51 - +40
I have a feeling he was doing something sexual to feet when he came up with this idea.
14 Feb 2018 14:42 - +37
So Uma's got the shoes; Sam Jackson has the "Bad Motherfucker" wallet; where's the rest of the ensemble?
14 Feb 2018 13:58 - +28
What does it say?
14 Feb 2018 14:44 - +15
The Bride is angry right down to her sole.
14 Feb 2018 15:18 - +10
I mentioned this last time this was posted, but my mother worked on Kill Bill and they gave out pairs of those shoes. I still have them somewhere.
14 Feb 2018 18:06 - +7
Man after hearing the Uma was treated during the filming of this, I had a hard time enjoying these movies the same way.
14 Feb 2018 14:11 - +6
Says "Fuck u"
14 Feb 2018 16:40 - +6
Breaks my heart that Tarantino has so much motivation, or so little respect for what he puts out in interviews and even tentative items on Amazon, that we didn't get The Whole Bloody Affair... the rejiggered edit, both parts as a whole, and the b&w scene turned colour, with a tad more footage. No knock on the guy but man, it broke hearts of a lot of fans. Now I know we won't get the revenge sequel he says he wants to do with the kid all grown up going after Beatrix, but that would be nice as well....
14 Feb 2018 15:27 - +6
Never underestimate Tarantino’s foot fetish.
14 Feb 2018 14:37 - +6
I’m still not sure why but this is my favourite movie of all time. So good.
14 Feb 2018 19:11 - +4
Side issue but I can never look at Kill Bill again without thinking about that article Uma just wrote.
14 Feb 2018 17:52 - +3
This is a modified pair of Mexico 66 cut by ASICS of onitsuka tigers. They're almost exactly the pair that Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death. Actually her entire outfit is a nod to Bruce Lee. Most know that. Zappos has a pair of an extremely close pair of these shoes for I think just shy of 100 usd. But the "fuck you" is not on the bottom as these shoes were hand made for this movie by a prop designer.
14 Feb 2018 16:49 - +3
I used to like pointing this out to my friends. Now everyone knows. Curse you, internet!
14 Feb 2018 15:46 - +3
I love the sound effect when she slices the guy in half. It reminds me of an old arcade game I just can’t put my finger on
14 Feb 2018 17:27 - +2
I, too, watch Tested on YouTube.
14 Feb 2018 16:31 - +2
If i remember correctly, tested did a video recreating these shoes including the fuck u.
14 Feb 2018 16:44 - +2
How many times did you try and take this screenshhot? This many times. Heh, fuck ya! Nice.
14 Feb 2018 15:16 - +2
She's got her "Fuck U" shoes on.
14 Feb 2018 18:47 - +2
Isn't that the same font as the Pussy Wagon?
14 Feb 2018 15:29 - +2
Unfortunately real Onitsuka Tigers don't have that.
14 Feb 2018 15:46 - +2
Show me the coffin nail breaking through the side of the coffin in p2
14 Feb 2018 16:40 - +2
Thanks. I have been wearing 66 for years now. I love tigers I would just like some that are more resilient... oh and good looking. Some of their sportier shoes are uggo.
14 Feb 2018 15:48 - +2
I feel like this is something you would only see pausing at the exact time
14 Feb 2018 17:00 - +2
I'm over here reading left to right. U lick, nope...U kick, no...U kcuf, close enough.
14 Feb 2018 16:12 - +2
Reminds me of the Nazi robot arcade machine on King Fury.
14 Feb 2018 18:42 - +2
Quentin's repressed anger
14 Feb 2018 16:19 - +2
would love a kill bill pair of onitsukas
14 Feb 2018 20:44 - +2
ha! Guessing you watched some kill bill 1 and 2 after a post from yesterday? I know I did :) edit: i felt weird also watching it after reading the NYT uma article
14 Feb 2018 14:31 - +1
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