Tonight’s CVS receipt for a $4 purchase

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14 Feb 2018 12:16 - +10783
CVS singlehandedly keeping Dunder Mifflin afloat
14 Feb 2018 12:31 - +4579
If you're not using it, can I have the $1 off mouthwash coupon?
14 Feb 2018 11:46 - +3603
We reached $1 per foot. That must be a record.
14 Feb 2018 12:19 - +2635
Employee: here you go OP: what's this for? Employee: ....feet of paper. OP: huh? Employee: four feet of paper. You go now.
14 Feb 2018 12:15 - +1219
I wonder how much CVS would save as a corporation if they just didn't print it. Millions probably. They're forgoing millions to annoy the shit out if us. Get the fuck outta here CVS. **Edit:** For those of y'all saying to have them emailed...I haven't even given my mom my email for fear of being spammed with pictures of cute kitten pictures. I don't think giving CVS my email to sell to someone else is an option for me :P
14 Feb 2018 11:45 - +786
All those valuable coupons though. /s
14 Feb 2018 13:02 - +541
[Did you know?](
14 Feb 2018 11:53 - +247
It's that an imperial only tape measure?
14 Feb 2018 12:17 - +194
LPT. Opt for having receipts emailed and load coupons to card.
14 Feb 2018 16:45 - +100
As a european, your sub-1" measurements *scare* me. Ours are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.
14 Feb 2018 12:14 - +85
I count $18 in potential savings!
14 Feb 2018 12:30 - +62
How do you think you paid for that countertop? That's 4FT of savings right there.
14 Feb 2018 17:38 - +43
That's 1.2 meters for the rest of the world.
14 Feb 2018 16:22 - +40
It's weird seeing a measuring tape with only inches on it.
14 Feb 2018 12:19 - +35
Always make your purchases in multiple transactions at cvs. You are almost guaranteed to get a coupon from the first one that you can use on the second one!
14 Feb 2018 17:14 - +32
What's this in civilised units?
14 Feb 2018 15:17 - +27
But how big is your house, measured in squared CVS receipts? #CVSreceiptforscale is the new #bananaforscale
14 Feb 2018 12:24 - +25
That's a pretty nice tape measure for only $4
14 Feb 2018 15:24 - +25
They give you a roll of toilet paper free with every purchase and you complain?
14 Feb 2018 13:55 - +24
$1 per foot. Try getting THAT deal at Subway.
14 Feb 2018 20:03 - +12
Came in here looking for the Europeans complaining about our tape measure, was not disappointed.
14 Feb 2018 15:29 - +10
I bought a tape measure in the US to use at work here in the UK. Didn’t realise until I got home they don’t care about millimetres
14 Feb 2018 14:24 - +10
Wow! Now I know the memes are true. I don't have CVS in my area so I thought y'all were exaggerating
14 Feb 2018 18:35 - +9
LPT: If you're homeless and in need of a blanket, go to CVS and buy a piece of candy. You'll have enough receipt to keep you warm.
14 Feb 2018 20:39 - +5
For me as a European I am really confused by that US tape measure.

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