Entitled old woman grabs autistic kid.

This story is kinda different, in the way that I (employee) witnessed a autistic young man, ( maybe 14years old) get caught up in some crazy lady Idwhl situation. Let me set the scene for ya, I, working as door greeter watching out for lost Customers and folks with returns, working in lawn and garden section, I see this autistic young man ,( I guess he is autistic, as he seems predominantly focused on his action and kinda has the actions of an autistic individual.) This young man is sorting and moving potted flowers around putting them in a very specific order, matching colors, size of pots, and height of the flowers themselves, ( doing an amazing job at it too I may add.) He is bothering noone and most folks are just noticing him doing a bang up job, But this one old crone of a woman sees him "working" she stands behind this young man arms folded and tapping her foot, (at first I was thinking maybe it was her son or someone she was shopping with, but the next thing she did proved to me I was mistaken.) She clears her throat in that dreaded fashion we all know, " ahem...excuuuuuuuse me You need to help me." The young man pays her no mind, continuing with his task, she doesn't like this, she clears her voice and replies louder,. YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME, YOU ARE GOING TO HELP ME NOW!!!. Before I can walk to her and ask her what she needs she reaches out and grabs this young man by the right arm just above his elbow, I guess the sudden action of this and the young man's condition caused him to spin around and jerk his arm away from this lady, and the sudden movement startled the old woman causing her to step backwards and lose her balance causing her to sit down on her butt. (It was like in slow motion watching her go from standing to sitting on the ground) By the time I reached the young man to see if he was ok, his mother had shown up and was asking what had happened, before I could say anything the woman who had caused this was up and berating this young man. Saying he attacked her and she will have him fired and arrested, meanwhile this young man was almost crying and his mother was shocked. I told the mom to take her son and calm him down, that he has done nothing wrong and just make sure he is ok. Crazy old women didn't like that I took his side, she began to lie and tell me she was the victim and she didn't do anything, that the employee (young man) attacked her. I told her not so kindly 1. she was a liar and I had witnessed the whole incident 2. The young man you forcibly grabbed does not work here and you assaulted him. By now a crowd has gathered, and the crazy woman has noticed that noone is giving her looks that they believe her side of the story. She just puts her head down and walks quickly out the store. When I turn to check on the young man and his mother She was smiling at me and was thanking me for my help, she shops here regularly and the young man likes to arrange the flowers, it's calming to him, I express my regrets about the whole incident, the young man walks over to me and Pats my shoulder once and goes back to the flowers, the mom informed me that was the equivalent of a high five from him. That was it, then they were gone. If this story doesn't qualify for this sub, mods feel free to delete. Just wanted to share.

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14 Feb 2018 13:45 - +3227
man, i don't understand the sense of entitlement in some people. DON'T grab people you don't know. You don't know how they might feel or react to physical contact. how is that a hard concept to understand?
14 Feb 2018 13:33 - +2126
It sucks that there are people like that in the world. But I'm glad that there are people like you in it, too. EDIT: I meant it sucks that there are people like that horrible old bitch in the world. Not the person with autism.
14 Feb 2018 13:45 - +755
When all you want to do is see the world in a state of beautiful oreder but some random crone starts screaming at you
14 Feb 2018 13:51 - +490
I don't care who you are, don't ever grab someone that you don't know. That's a quick way to receive an uppercut
14 Feb 2018 13:43 - +173
Good for you for sticking up for him. I'm seriously​ glad you shut her lying ass down.
14 Feb 2018 13:51 - +140
My gosh my blood was boiling reading about that old crone! Good on you taking care of it the way you did. I hope you get to see the nice young man and his mother again. Have you looked into having the unpleasant woman banned?
14 Feb 2018 14:23 - +112
Don't fucking touch people without their permission. I don't like to be touched by people either. Don't be a dick.
14 Feb 2018 14:24 - +109
Why would she think that grabbing any employee would get things done for her, whether they're autistic or not?
14 Feb 2018 15:53 - +91
An observation from reading this sub... It seems like some customers in US stores say things like this lady did: "You need to help me now." Is this sort of attitude common in the US? Coming from the UK, the vast majority of people in shops basically apologise for existing...
14 Feb 2018 14:36 - +84
I just wanted to point this out. If you hadn't witnessed this and he was indeed autistic this could have turned out so much worse. This crazy woman may have lied her ass off to have a poor, innocent, autistic boy locked up.
14 Feb 2018 14:39 - +79
Good for you! In so glad you stuck up for him. I have autism as well, and even at my level of functioning, people touching me out of the blue often brings a similar reaction. You're such a kind person for sticking up for that kid! Was he non-verbal do you know?
14 Feb 2018 14:42 - +43
As a father of a 14 year old autistic child I'm amazed at the resolve of his mother. My wife would have given that woman the worst tongue lashing she'd ever experienced. You do not fuck with her child. Hell, she doesn't even like it when adults *look* at him the wrong way.
14 Feb 2018 13:42 - +38
Oh a big reddit hug to you, Thankyou for being so understanding, I’d like to give that woman a big hi five... in the face.
14 Feb 2018 16:01 - +36
If the young man is a semi-regular and does some actual work to make the store prettier, you should consider making him a vest that says "I don't work here, I just like to sort things" on the back. His mom will appreciate it, and he will feel rewarded and useful. (Or he will have a random autistic preference you didn't adhere to, and you will still have pleased the mom)
14 Feb 2018 15:27 - +36
>When I turn to check on the young man and his mother She was smiling at me and was thanking me for my help, **she shops here regularly and the young man likes to arrange the flowers, it's calming to him**, I express my regrets about the whole incident, the young man walks over to me and Pats my shoulder once and goes back to the flowers, the mom informed me that was the equivalent of a high five from him. You know, it's very hard for these individuals to find jobs. It sounds like you work for Walmart, you should see if maybe they'd be interested in hiring him on to do stocking. There are so many advantages for everyone, including mom who I am sure could use a break. Anyway, just a thought. I enjoyed your story.
14 Feb 2018 14:53 - +25
Boomers are entitled assholes
14 Feb 2018 15:36 - +20
Aww, the shoulder pat. For most of my life that was equivalent to a hug, I wouldn’t hug people.
14 Feb 2018 19:11 - +19
That totally happened.
14 Feb 2018 19:07 - +18
My brother is autistic, and I've done a lot of personal assistant work for other young men with autism. I've had to deal with the fallout of interactions like this way too many times. Good job doing the decent thing, no doubt you helped a lot. I'm just sad to think about how much effort it's probably going to be to get the poor lad out the house again. Let alone doing that sorting activity, which his mother probably relied on so she could quickly grab other things without trailing him round. People have no idea of the work and complexities involved in having a single smooth-running day. And how much work can randomly be destroyed by one idiot. Grr.
14 Feb 2018 13:41 - +18
14 Feb 2018 16:10 - +18
Sounds like he was in the flow and never knew she was there till she grabbed him. Glad you were there to set the story straight.
14 Feb 2018 18:20 - +16
That young mans name? Albert Einstein.
14 Feb 2018 17:09 - +16
How horrible is it to live as that old woman? My god. She comes to the store to buy who knows what (maybe nothing at all, just going to browse and be out of the house, probably retired and has alienated all of her kids, if she has any). She's so dissociated from normal social mores that she not only verbally harangues someone who's not even in a uniform, she grabs them on the arm, she's so committed to her perception not just that this young man's an employee of the store but that it's okay to grab strangers too. He abruptly creates distance, as any sane person would; you find yourself shocked and startled and can't keep your balance as the narrative playing in your head starts crumbling all around you. You try to explain, to get some allies, to save face, but you're obviously in the wrong and there's no denying it. You sheepishly shuffle out of the store to your car, or more likely to the bus stop, and you play this incredibly embarrassing and difficult event over and over in your head. Maybe you're stuck shelving it away in your mind as another example of how you're the first martyr of the world and somehow no matter what happens or where you go, you wind up a victim. Or maybe you beat yourself up for ruining another trip out into the world for being so stupid. Maybe you have a window of clarity and wonder for a brief moment how the kind little girl that you were born to be grew up through a long, long, long life and wound up as a shrieking and inscrutable creature, unrecognizable to yourself and to civilized people, incapable of making successful human contact. Maybe you just go buy a handle of smirnoff and drown it all in the parking lot.
14 Feb 2018 20:09 - +13
this happened
14 Feb 2018 18:00 - +13
People don't understand that grabbing someone can cause that person to have an anxiety attack. Some people are more sensible when it comes to touch, I don't have autism but when people grabbing me it feel very intense and I have trouble coping with that feeling. I can only imagine how it would be like for someone with autism
14 Feb 2018 19:18 - +12
Customers that touch you are the worst. I used to be a merchandiser so I’d go to different grocery stores and stock our brand and the freedom was nice but it made it so that I didn’t really have anyone to turn to when shit like this happened to me. I didn’t technically work at any of the stores I went to and I knew nothing about them and people would still grab me and get irate if I didn’t have their answers. Or physically shove/pull me out of the way so they could take what I’d just put on the shelf. Old ladies were the worst. The amount of comments I got about doing “mans’ work” and “where’s your help you can’t do this alone (I totally can?)” was astounding. And super demeaning. Not to mention old ladies had this obsession with my hair because it’s really long and red and multiple times strangers would quite literally corner me against a shelf and just start grabbing my hair. I was abused as a kid so I don’t handle being touched well. I’d freeze, terrified and afterward that shit always left me in pieces. Please stop touching people you don’t know.
14 Feb 2018 13:57 - +12
I don't know whether I read these stories to lose faith in humanity, or to restore it.
14 Feb 2018 14:36 - +12
I want to pat your shoulder!
14 Feb 2018 14:41 - +11
Good job, OP! *taps you on the shoulder*
14 Feb 2018 15:09 - +11
He should have a job there. :D arranged flowers are the cutest.
14 Feb 2018 14:37 - +10
Thanks OP for standing up to her.
14 Feb 2018 13:57 - +9
Thank you for reacting the way you did. We need more people like you in this world.
14 Feb 2018 18:49 - +9
Thank goodness you were there, especially if he was a big for his age kid. My son is 9, looks 14...people tend to think something is wrong because he is big for his age. So, all this, plus possibly that had you not seen everything...could’ve gone extra wrong. What a cunt, pardon my français. And why was she just standing behind him?! Even if he did work there, was he supposed to get the feeling some one was watching him before she croaked out her “ahem?!”?! Lousy cunt. I’m so mad. Shit like this especially gets my retail trauma to rear its head, gets the rage going. Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze hard- that’s a hug from me. You did awesome bitching her out and defending that kiddo, and reassuring that mom that some one is willing to step in for her kid. I’m broke, but take this too, in addition to the hug- ⭐️
14 Feb 2018 17:04 - +8
As someone with a son that is autistic I just wanna say thank you. You're a fucking awesome person!!!!
14 Feb 2018 15:41 - +8
What the actual fuck‽ I can’t even gather up the words to describe how posses off I got reading about what that bitch did. God damn why are some humans such parasites on this planet?
14 Feb 2018 17:06 - +7
If we followed Game of Thrones rules, then she'd have been stripped naked and made to walk slowly back to her car while everyone spat on her chanting "shame, shame".
14 Feb 2018 18:57 - +7
Had a woman follow me around a store once because i "couldve knocked her elderly mother over" and then when I told her that approaching someone as confrontationally as she did is not the way to go about rectifying whatever her problem was. First thing after that she asked "do you work here?" People who try to manipulate others by using their livelihood deserve a severe beatdown, plain and simple. The bitch at walmart deserves it too. Useless lifeforms that only exist to hurt others dont deserve air to breathe.
14 Feb 2018 20:18 - +7
So a 14 year old is mistaken for a staffer? How the fuck does that happen?
14 Feb 2018 18:04 - +6
This sub never seizes to itch my curiosity as to why this phenomenon exists. It's such a weird psychology for me to grasp... People deciding for themselves that people work somwhere and not letting go of that thought. Its so specific
14 Feb 2018 19:24 - +6
I'm autistic and I usually pass unless I'm in the middle of a meltdown, but I would have lost my shit with that hag. Who the fuck touches people they don't know, without fucking asking?!
14 Feb 2018 21:11 - +6
Just grabbing someone you don’t know is bad enough.... But FYI: DO NOT TOUCH AN AUTISTIC individual for any reason without their expressed consent unless they are physically unable to respond (like medical emergencies). There are many reasons but it boils down to the sensory differences and autism neurobiology versus neurotypicals. Touching someone on the spectrum can push them down in to lizard brain (aka hindbrain, where meltdowns live/rule/ takeover the world). Push someone into the lizard, and that green lizard is likely to turn into a green Hulk. And that children, is where meltdowns come from.
14 Feb 2018 19:22 - +6
That kid is a future master gardener! Also, dumb jerks shouldn't grab at people just because they want attention; doesn't matter if they DO work there or not, it's straight up assault. She deserves any ass-damage incurred.
14 Feb 2018 18:18 - +5
*you need to help me * *you are going to help me now* Who the fuck are you lady?
14 Feb 2018 20:15 - +5
I once had women walked into my car as it was stopped on parking lot. She hit my car and fell \(She was looking at her phone all the time\). She insisted that I hit her and she is victim. That her entire body is hurting. She called Police. 2 people were also direct witnesses as they were the reason I was stopped and they both saw this situation. When Police went to see camera footage from witness dash cam and parking cameras she tried to walk away like nothing ever happened.
14 Feb 2018 20:00 - +5
14 Feb 2018 15:11 - +5
I'd X post it to r/humansbeingbros for what you did, but it won't qualify unless that old lady isn't human. Good job OP if things weren't made clear early on, with the crowd and everything? Things could have turned very very ugly.
14 Feb 2018 15:21 - +5
Way to keep calm and teach her a lesson.. I would have gone right for the stone cold stunner but I guess that's why I don't do customer service
14 Feb 2018 17:15 - +4
You managed to turn this into a wholesome story with your kind action. I respect that.
14 Feb 2018 14:41 - +4
Awesome story. I'm glad to see everything worked out literally as well as they possibly could have given how the situation started.
14 Feb 2018 15:58 - +4
Does it make me a bad person that I wish that lying crone gets what is coming to her sooner rather than later? Thank you for helping the young man in that situation.
14 Feb 2018 16:49 - +4
So where in FL was this
14 Feb 2018 17:46 - +4
I dont care how bad you need my attention dont touch me.
14 Feb 2018 16:21 - +4
The two worst types of customers in retail are 300lb steroided muscle-dummy rig workers and old white women over 50.
14 Feb 2018 18:42 - +4
They don’t even have to have worked food though, that’s the thing! I have get to know my customers where I work, and some of the nicest ones have never touched a fryer in their god given lives. The most entitled acting people are 35+. They had everything handed to them while they were growing up and whine at us because we work for basically what amounts to pennies serving their crotchety, inconsiderate asses.
14 Feb 2018 19:08 - +4
You're a good guy, as an autistic man things like that scare me, that boy was lucky to have you there.
14 Feb 2018 20:44 - +4
If I could go back in time, I wouldn't kill Hitler, etc, I'd kill whoever started that "customer is always right" bullshit. They're never right. Never.
14 Feb 2018 21:13 - +4
I bet the lady went home and told all her Facebook friends How she got assaulted at this store.
14 Feb 2018 18:00 - +3
It's awesome that people like you exist.
14 Feb 2018 14:39 - +3
Some people are absolute idiots
14 Feb 2018 16:08 - +3
I hate people who would try to get someone else in trouble falsely just to cover up their own mistakes. People like that are no better than thieves in my opinion because they are stealing your good reputation.
14 Feb 2018 15:37 - +2
Great post OP.

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