Shooting at South Florida high school

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15 Feb 2018 05:04 - +28267
After I got shot, I kept hoping someone would just tell me what to expect. On the very slim chance you, person who is reading this right now, was at Parkland or knows someone who was: Whoever you are, I remember what today feels like, and how alone and overwhelmed you must feel. You are not alone. There are thousands of us shooting survivors around, and we are all rooting for you to get through this. I'm going to lay out the advice I wish someone had given me, but the key pieces of advice are that it is okay for this to be big and scary and messy and overwhelming right now, and that it will get better. **PRIMARY TIPS** * **Do not drink or do drugs to cope with this. Go to therapy.** You frankly can stop reading here. Everything else I am going to tell you derives from these two points. * The state government will pay for you to go to whatever therapist you want, even if you move out of state. They will do this until you are better. Pick the best therapist you can find and be greedy with how often you go. * There is no set timeline for getting over this. Some people get over this stuff in a month. Some people take years. **However long it takes you is okay as long as you are actively engaging in your recovery.** * Your parents will need to take keep track of a lot of paperwork. If that is not something they are going to be able to do a good job with, that's okay. Ask the hospital social worker if you can get a victim's advocate's card and make the victim's advocate handle the paperwork. * It's okay if your world shrinks for a while. It's okay if your mom drives you around for a few weeks because you don't feel safe driving yourself around. It's not okay if you develop a drinking or drug habit. You will need to pick your emotional battles. Pick the ones that are going to matter five years from now. * Fourth of July and New Year's Eve are going to be unexpectedly hard for you because fireworks sound like gunshots. This completely blindsided me while I was out on NYE--I don't want it to blindside you. Please also be watchful for signs of PTSD. Here's a non-exhaustive list of symptoms to watch out for: * Having bad dreams at night or have trouble sleeping * Being afraid or nervous * Feeling very sad or angry or without hope * Being forgetful or not able to pay attention * Feeling as if you cannot control your thoughts and memories * Losing or gaining weight * Having headaches, stomach aches or problems eating * Feeling like no one understands you or that your life was stolen from you * Avoiding places with crowds * Drinking or doing drugs * Avoiding talking about the shooting You might experience a few of these for a while, and then they'll dissipate on their own. Great! But if they persist or are interfering with your daily life, you might need to seek professional counseling. Please hear this: counseling is not anything to be ashamed of. If you need it, get it. Seriously. Like I said above, Florida will pay for it, and society wants you to take advantage of it. **WHAT KIND OF COUNSELING SHOULD I GET?** I did prolonged exposure therapy (PET). I have gotten PMs from folks who did EMDR and liked it. At any rate, the most important thing is to find a **good** therapist. Someone at the school will develop a list of folks who are qualified to treat you. If you don't get the list directly given to you, contact your school counselor. If you don't have access to a list, or if you end up needing a therapist after you go to college, look for a level one trauma hospital in your area. See if the hospital has an affiliated "traumatic stress center" or "post-traumatic stress center." Very often, a hospital that receives GSW patients (like a level one trauma center) has a baked-in PTSD clinic. If they don't, they can probably refer you to wherever they refer their PTSD patients. **ARE THERE RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR ME IN FLORIDA?** Yes. The standard Florida Victims' Compensation Program should apply, and I am confident there will be other financial and medical resources made available to you. I am also confident that your parents or a social worker will handle all of the paperwork--you should not worry about this today. If you ever need help figuring out what forms of compensation are available to you, you can contact [the Florida Attorney General.]( **I'M A PARENT AND NEED HELP FIGURING OUT HOW TO TALK TO MY CHILD ABOUT THIS** [This guide]( from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology might help guide your conversation. **DOES IT GET BETTER?** Yes. You're not the first person to go through this, as awful as it is. I'm about three years out from being shot, and life is fairly normal these days. I sleep fine. I can go to places that look like where I got shot. I promise you, it will get easier--and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what to expect. ETA: A school shooting survivor reached out to tell me that one of the challenges she faced in the wake of her shooting is that some people judged other people’s grief and trauma if they weren’t in the “right” area of the school or something. She asked me to mention that you may feel the urge to discount or judge someone else’s story by comparing it to yours or to discount or judge your own story by comparing it someone else’s. That urge is super normal, and you should talk about those thoughts. (My therapist called it the process of “right-sizing the tragedy”). Talking about it with friends might make them less likely to get the help they need, though, so to the extent you can save that topic for therapy and your parents, you will probably be doing your friends a favor. *If you are a shooting survivor and would like to help me refine the above text, please PM me, and I will add it. I was not a victim of a school shooting, so I am particularly interested in hearing from school shooting survivors, as the issues facing teenagers are different than those facing adults. If you are a licensed therapist or psychologist, please reach out--I would really value your input.* *This is an edited repost of a previously posted comment.*
15 Feb 2018 04:23 - +17905
ABC Action news is interviewing a student live on air, and he brings up how when he was being evacuated he saw two dead bodies outside of his class. They've now brought up those two bodies three times. It's a fucking kid. Stop asking him about his dead fellow students on live television. Jesus christ Edit: If you're one of the students effected, [this]( comment is here to help.
15 Feb 2018 04:52 - +15641
A parent just put the news reporter on blast for showing the faces of the kids crying.
15 Feb 2018 04:25 - +13145
These reporters are really badgering a high school kid to describe the bodies he saw as he ran out of the school? Fucking shameful reporters
15 Feb 2018 05:29 - +11947
[heard loud gunshots but really didn't see anything]( , just saw blood, not really much else. I saw kids that I regularly saw in the hallways with injuries.
15 Feb 2018 05:07 - +11275
Jesus christ sounds like literally half of Reddit went to this high school Special shoutout to the dude below who "went there 30 years ago" when the school hasn't even been around for 30 years
15 Feb 2018 04:20 - +9565
One of the students being interviewed by the news said they thought it was **another** drill where they were just shooting blanks. What school has drills with blanks?
15 Feb 2018 04:56 - +8644
Wow some dad on CNN giving specific location of where his daughter is hiding in the school. Messed up.   *^EDIT: ^Dad ^essentially ^told ^Brooke ^Baldwin ^on ^CNN ^that ^his ^daughter ^is ^hiding ^in ^some ^closet ^in ^a ^classroom ^in ^"building ^700." ^This ^was ^when ^the ^shooter ^was ^still ^active.*
15 Feb 2018 04:36 - +8172
It's so rare to have a school shooter run. I hope they find them soon and no one else is injured.
15 Feb 2018 04:32 - +7845
WSVN reporter: Breaking down on live tv...announced a teacher protecting students "may have passed"
15 Feb 2018 04:55 - +7837
so from what i've hearing, the shooter tried to blend in with the other students afterward?
15 Feb 2018 04:59 - +6829
It will be interesting to see how this goes on since the shooter is alive and will be tried, most of the time they kill themselves and we're left without many answers.
15 Feb 2018 06:36 - +5782
This mom on CNN was just on the phone with her daughter and said "let me do this interview and I'll come get you." WTF WOMAN GO GET YOUR DAUGHTER YOU FUCK. Edit: please stop asking me for a link. I do not have a link. Edit2: I stand corrected, someone came through with a link. Link: @ 33:40
15 Feb 2018 04:53 - +5269
A mother just started to say the alleged shooters name after receiving a text from her sons but the Fox reporter cut her off
15 Feb 2018 04:02 - +4748
Reddit Live Thread: Two Live News Streams: and Hardly any information on this shooting as of right now. Live news (CBS) is saying that there will be an update from an officer in 15 minutes (3:15PM EST). Edit: News is saying this is "a very good school" which I take to mean it's probably in an upper class neighbourhood. Edit 2: (removed older estimate of injured people. Newer sources currently point to 14 injured. 4:52PM) Edit 3: Fire department saying it's a "mass causality incident" (~~Meaning 20 to 50 victims, which includes injured alive victims~~. There's differing definitions of mass casuality, my first definition came from live news, however that may be wrong.) Edit 4: Haven't heard anything about this officer interview/press conference - but this is really common, it's still an active situation and I imagine the officers are very busy. Pressers are almost always late. Edit 5: AP News is reporting shooter is still at large. 3:35PM - Suspect is apparently white male wearing burgundy shirt. ( 3:45PM - Suspect is being reported as being in police custody. ~~Unsure if suspect is alive or dead at this point.~~ Suspect captured alive. (source: streaming news from ( 3:59PM - President Trump: "My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school." 4:20PM - "a number of fatalities" according to Sen. Bill Nelson interview - unclear what "a number" means. 4:23PM - From interview with superintendent Robert Runcie, he used the phrase "numerous fatalities." 4:45PM - 14 victims transported to hospital 5:00PM - Sheriff reiterated that there are numerous fatalities in interview. 5:03PM - Sheriff states suspect is a former student, about 18 years old. ( ( ( 5:34PM - multiple news outlets naming the shooter, but I say, fuck his name. If you care it's everywhere else. 5:45PM - CBS: "NEW: Parkland, Florida, high school shooting suspect appeared "to have pulled the school fire alarm causing chaos and then began shooting," law enforcement source briefed on shooting tells CBS News" ( 6:30 PM - Sheriff - at least 17 dead :( Jesus. ( .. ( 6:45PM - CBS - Suspect had "AR-15 style rifle" with "countless magazines". (
15 Feb 2018 06:12 - +4217
We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” said math teacher Jim Gard, who said the former student had been in his class last year. “There were problems with him last year threatening students... he was asked to leave campus.” hmmmmm
15 Feb 2018 04:11 - +3346
Reports there are like 20 kids injured man edit: 60 reported... Edit 2: 14 - 20 dead, shooter caught. Last edit: 17 dead.
15 Feb 2018 04:35 - +3182
I don't know what frustrates me more.. The unreal gun violence in schools or the fact that reporters ask the most wtf questions "Was it scary?" Yes. "How scary?" Like wtf. What u mean how scary u want a rating??! EDIT: SORRY I MADE IT SOUND LIKE BOTH ARE ON THE SAME LEVEL OBVIOUSLY SHOOTINGS ARE WORSE AND KILL PEOPLE! it's just me trying to say it wasnt the best time, place or procedure and it's frustrating, that's all.
15 Feb 2018 06:40 - +3137
Watching CNN. Reporter interviewing a mom. Mom is on the phone with her daughter who is waiting at the Marriott for her mom to come pick her up. Mom tells the daughter into the phone (while the reporter holds the mic up to the mom) "Yeah, I'll be right there. As soon as I do this interview, I'll be right there. Okay. Bye. Love you." Hangs up phone. There's a little boy with her who she hands the phone to (assuming it's her young son, the teen daughter's little brother,) and then the mom engages with the reporter to answer the reporter's questions. The phone rings immediately, little boy picks it up, hands it to his mom. "Mom, it's Sofia again." "Okay, tell her I'll call her back right after the interview." She grabs the phone, doesn't put it to her ear, just says into the receiver, "I'll call you right back after this interview," and hangs up. I had to mute the TV. As a mom who is 2000 miles away from my daughter right now, who wants nothing more than to hold her while this shit unfolds, I can't fathom standing for 1 second and talking to an interviewer much less telling my (possibly scared) daughter I will *call her fucking back after this interview* when my body would be physically sprinting and climbing over fucking cars to get to her. I'm sorry if that is judgy but it's coming from a place of anger. ETA: I realize people react differently under stress, I can't imagine how she feels. I think emotions are just high everywhere right now.
15 Feb 2018 05:01 - +3094
Man it looks like they either drugged the dude upon capture, or he's a total sack of potatoes.
15 Feb 2018 05:02 - +1834
Kids Evacuating: Do yourself a favor and distract yourself if you've seen something traumatic ~~within the past twenty minutes~~ at all in this situation. In fact, play any game that you can focus on intently if you want for the next few hours. The new Monster Hunter should have a similar effect. Tetris, specifically, has been shown to disrupt emotional reconciliation in a vital window of memory formation. Games that involve heavy spacial reasoning are most effective. "Getting Over It" is another great title. MIT did the legwork on the research. Long story short, focusing your attention on a complex game makes your brain moderately crappy at jotting down how you're feeling about a memory. Sources and Further Information: * [Easy Reading]( from Scientific America. * [Heavy Reading]( on the mechanisms for Memory Reconciliation.
15 Feb 2018 04:03 - +1490
Local news was suggesting at least 20 victims... hoping that isn’t the case.
15 Feb 2018 04:53 - +1488
Both my brothers went to that school. One would still be there but he dropped out, but he knows the shooter. The kid was banned from brining bags to school in freshmen year because he snuck a machete on campus.
15 Feb 2018 04:49 - +1391
the way these reporters are talking to kids is sickening.
15 Feb 2018 06:36 - +1235
Watching CNN, this lady really would rather do an interview instead of going to pick up her distraught daughter....speechless
15 Feb 2018 05:40 - +1218
I literally just saw a comment in this thread from a person saying they are a student at this school and saw people with injuries. The next comment was from someone at MSNBC asking the student to contact them.... Hey MSNBC, how about you fuck off right now?
15 Feb 2018 04:57 - +1144
CNN talking to a father whose daughter is currently hiding in a closet with 10 friends. She is apparently texting her dad. Just asking him questions and he’s giving up her location. This is so bizarre.
15 Feb 2018 04:34 - +1053
they are concerned that the shooter is going to blend in with students during evac.
15 Feb 2018 05:08 - +874
15 Feb 2018 04:06 - +858
15 Feb 2018 05:14 - +822
Based on the interviews, it was common knowledge that: * The student fantasized about school shootings, and * The shooter had access to firearms There seems to be a solution jumping out here in terms of prevention.
15 Feb 2018 06:50 - +760
The media has identified the shooter and now every person on Facebook with a similar name is getting their page blasted with hateful comments and death threats. Ridiculous.
15 Feb 2018 06:48 - +694
WTF. Just saw a mom whose daughter was in the school shooting tell CNN while she was on the phone with her daughter: “I’ll come pick you up after this interview.” CNN even told her to leave but she wanted to stay. Priorities people.
15 Feb 2018 05:17 - +607
I was taking a test and the fire alarm went off so we walked out and then shots started, they were in the building next to me and sounded like firecrackers so I thought it was a drill because there was a massive rumor that they would do a code red drill and fire blanks or something. Everyone started running and I ran back to class and now I’ve been in here for hours , lots of people crying because they know people who got shot . The kid that shot used to break the toilets and bathrooms and was crazy, I remember two years ago he broke a rooms glass. Pretty sure he got kicked out of school though
15 Feb 2018 04:04 - +548
Per Broward Sheriff: reports of victims update 1 : News is reporting 20 victims Update 2: Shooter still at large - broward sheriff office Update 3: Link to live TV coverage Update 4: Live news report is stating that they know the name of the suspect, was a student at the school. Not releasing name yet Update 5: Unconfirmed reports of suspects name, please do not share. Wait for confirmation from authorities. Update 6: Media is reporting still at large Update 7: Picture from inside a classroom, student barricaded in room.
15 Feb 2018 05:12 - +513
"Watch live." It's the fucking Hunger Games out there these days.
15 Feb 2018 06:57 - +474
NBC currently interviewing a girl whose sister is still missing inside the school and asking her what she's feeling and how her day is. Absolutely disgusting.
15 Feb 2018 04:43 - +410
Suspect is in custody as of 3:43pm eastern time.
15 Feb 2018 06:37 - +393
It's never going to stop. It happens, we talk about it for a couple weeks, and then nothing changes and everyone forgets. Until it happens again.
15 Feb 2018 06:47 - +323
I really wanted today to be about stupid memes about how single I am but I know that's selfish now. I remember going to high school on Valentine's Day and being excited to see the girls I had crushes on. really unfair. rest in peace to those who lost their lives and I hope those injured or otherwise affected learn to heal.
15 Feb 2018 07:53 - +307
I am a student there and it must have happened about 50 yards from me downstairs and across a pathway. We all thought it was fake at first but when we were ushered back to the classroom. The shooter pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out. Once reports started creeping in from the cell phone dead zone that is the corner of my classroom, we all figured out it was real. I was in the room for 2 hours until the SWAT team came in and escorted us out. The moment I walked out the room with my hands up and people armed with assault rifles all around me did it really dawn on me. I never thought this would ever happen, please never have the feeling that it can't happen to you because it very well could.
15 Feb 2018 05:11 - +245
CBS News just played video shot by a student in a classroom with audio of the shooter firing his weapon in the hallway/other classroom. Holy shit.
15 Feb 2018 06:41 - +226
This kid had one weird fucking instagram. No wonder most the kids knew who did it right after it happened.
15 Feb 2018 06:27 - +211
Living in Asia it’s 7AM and I just woke up to this .. Jesus Christ.. this is horrible .. and the reporters are making me lose faith in humanity as a whole. Why are they asking kids “how scary it was ?” Very unprofessional coverage.
15 Feb 2018 04:43 - +177
shooter in custody.....thank fuck
15 Feb 2018 04:05 - +170
Just saw live pictures from a helicopter on the news. Looked absolutely chaotic, saw what looked like a kid being loaded into an ambulance in a rushed manner. Looked like he had blood all stained all over his shirt
15 Feb 2018 07:11 - +154
I teach preschool for a school district and our classes are located in portables on the back side of the building. I’m supposed to hide my students, who are mostly 3 years old, in our tiny bathroom. My niece is in the classroom next to mine. I’ve always said that I’ll blast someone with our fire extinguisher if it comes to it, but a determined person could just shoot through the walls. Every shooting that happens I get this dark cloud of dread over me because I realize it could happen to us next. I can think of few things that are worse than losing one my students.
15 Feb 2018 07:01 - +136
[Warning: Disturbing Video]( View from inside the classroom as the shooter reigns down bullets from outside the door. What an awful situation. 15 families sent their child to school today and will never see them again. So sick of this shit.
15 Feb 2018 05:31 - +125
Is it possible the shooter himself pulled the fire alarm to get people to evacuate and essentially be sitting ducks? Makes sense given current information.
15 Feb 2018 07:19 - +111
Let's just make it policy to leave flags half mast permanently.
15 Feb 2018 05:01 - +105
Suspect is limping to get to police vehicle. Appears to be injured.
15 Feb 2018 05:22 - +83
The suspect looks really drugged, like he's trying to commit suicide before being arrested! Hope they keep him alive to stand trial.
15 Feb 2018 07:27 - +39
"There was no warning that there was going to be a shooting today" Wouldn't ever have guessed that without you, cbs
15 Feb 2018 03:59 - +1
Read this comment. You will be permanently banned without warning if you do not follow these three very crucial rules. * **DO NOT** post about police movements. In other words, if you are listening to scanners and radio communications of emergency personnel, hold off on sharing the play by plays. * **DO NOT** share the personal information of alleged suspects or victims until the identities are confirmed by the police or mainstream media. * **DO NOT** post identifiable images/videos of the dead or dying. Reddit is one of the most high-traffic sites in the world, especially in times of crisis. No one should find out that their loved one has died in a reddit thread. To clarify, you can still post images and videos of the incident, just no closeups of someone's face as they die. Edit: The shooter's name is now public. Please do not share the personal details of the shooter's family members (things like addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc will all still be removed). You still cannot name or share personal information of victims.

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