South Africa's President Zuma resigns

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15 Feb 2018 05:06 - +13007
He was half an hour late to his own resignation speech. Also, 2% gain for the rand against the dollar, just minutes after. This is what a nationwide smile feels like I think.
15 Feb 2018 05:04 - +11831
South African here. This is the best news I've heard since the 2010 World Cup was awarded to us. Edit: I'm proud this is my highest rated comment ever and thanks for the gold kind stranger :).
15 Feb 2018 05:10 - +4387
I honestly can’t put into words how happy I am. We are free from this evil man. The country has high hopes for Cyril Ramaphosa, Zuma’s replacement. Whether he will deliver remains to be seen. But tonight, we celebrate! Viva South Africa! 🇿🇦
15 Feb 2018 05:07 - +4375
This fucker dragged our country into the dirt, beat it to shit, made it kneel down and expect an execution-style sendoff as he prepared to plunge it into chaos, and did it with a smile. Gedleyihlekisa indeed. >EDIT: For those of you wondering, this is Zuma's middle name given to him by his mother. It means, "the one who laughs while he is physically hurting you." It is pretty badass, and there are many words in our native African languages that explain complex things with a single word like this. Now clear out your shit and check your badge in at the door. >EDIT: By the way, South Africa is amazing. Come visit us!
15 Feb 2018 05:04 - +3285
The start of a new era for South Africa, hopefully in the right direction too.
15 Feb 2018 05:03 - +2337
South African President who is renowned for his firm believe that showering after sex cures AIDS
15 Feb 2018 05:07 - +1483
Full article thus far: >**South Africa's embattled President Jacob Zuma has resigned his office with immediate effect.** >He made the announcement in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday evening. >Earlier, Mr Zuma's governing ANC party told him to resign or face a vote of no confidence in parliament on Thursday.
15 Feb 2018 05:02 - +811
Best news this week.
15 Feb 2018 05:02 - +490
Cheers you cunt thanks for nothing.
15 Feb 2018 05:07 - +443
Good. Zuma was *this* close to going full Mugabe
15 Feb 2018 05:22 - +353
Time to dust off the vuvuzelas!
15 Feb 2018 05:23 - +349
A series loss to India was the final straw
15 Feb 2018 05:08 - +213
Goodbye, you shit-flinging poes.
15 Feb 2018 05:19 - +209
I don't know much about South African politics but people seem happy about him resigning. Can somebody explain why he's so disliked?
15 Feb 2018 05:40 - +201
A few months ago I would never have even dreamed this possible. So many years of corruption and treachery, mountains of allegations, and he managed to elude justice the entire time. Let's hope Cyril can make South Africa proud and restore this wonderful nation.
15 Feb 2018 05:21 - +137
15 Feb 2018 05:14 - +133
Ramaphosa should make his first job to secure the prosecution of Zuma and the Guptas.
15 Feb 2018 07:01 - +129
Fucking good riddance. Also, what the hell is wrong with the politics in Africa? I just watched a video of people chanting "Kill the white farmers". What the fuck?!
15 Feb 2018 06:40 - +107
Nelson Mandela can spin a little bit slower in his grave now.
15 Feb 2018 07:16 - +86
15 Feb 2018 05:15 - +70
I’m so druink right now
15 Feb 2018 06:39 - +64
15 Feb 2018 06:59 - +57
Is the next president planning on confiscating white farmers land too?
15 Feb 2018 07:19 - +47
Good news. Zuma was incredibly corrupt, a racist demagogue, and there were fears he could had pulled a Mugabe/Putin/Erdogan.
15 Feb 2018 07:16 - +46
15 Feb 2018 05:06 - +45
I don't know a lot about the guy but that speech was so long and drawn out, I can see why people don't like him.
15 Feb 2018 05:03 - +32
This is huge, good for South Africa
15 Feb 2018 07:16 - +30
Fuck Yes! As a South African expat, happy to see this. Please God, all the people of South Africa can turn a page on the horrendous corruption that has been a plague on my beautiful former homeland for quite some time. The ANC of today is not the ANC that Mandela and so many others fought for. South Africans of all colours and backgrounds deserve better from their government.
15 Feb 2018 05:16 - +20
I love you Zuma, we coulda been together, think about it, you ruined it now, I hope you can’t sleep and you dream about it.
15 Feb 2018 05:35 - +20
WOW! Out of nowhere, I thought he’d be stubborn enough to stick out another year but apparently not! Congratulations South Africa, that incompetent buffoon was long overdue to quit! 🇿🇦
15 Feb 2018 05:12 - +19
Hopefully Ramaphosa will stick to his promise of cleaning up the ANC and government. It's going to be an uphill struggle though — every level has been corrupted.
15 Feb 2018 05:59 - +19
Is the next guy going to be any better?
15 Feb 2018 05:04 - +16
Good riddance
15 Feb 2018 05:59 - +15
Feeling pretty good right about now. So long you verlepte nai.
15 Feb 2018 05:21 - +15
Where’s the money?
15 Feb 2018 05:27 - +14
Thank goodness. Hopefully the people of South Africa end up with a leader who actually deserves to lead.
15 Feb 2018 07:22 - +9
Hey /u/pipsdontsqueak, This is now the top post on reddit. It will be recorded at /r/topofreddit with all the other top posts.
15 Feb 2018 07:01 - +9
This dude had over 750 corruption charges against him. Good riddance! Cheers to all you saffies celebrating!
15 Feb 2018 07:22 - +7
Though he is resigning in shame, Zuma will have his revenge

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