This episode is spot on.

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15 Feb 2018 05:16 - +1881
It was heavy handed, but it needed to be because reality is not that less subtle.
15 Feb 2018 05:08 - +731
This is going to posted after every terrorist attack, isn’t it?
15 Feb 2018 05:09 - +654
In case anyone has missed it, [there was a shooting at a Flordia school today.]( [Trump tweeted, "My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school."](
15 Feb 2018 07:14 - +288
I can't believe this country hates women more than it loves guns
15 Feb 2018 05:48 - +201
Better set a Google alert.
15 Feb 2018 08:05 - +157
I’m just saying if people have the right pumped up kicks, maybe they can outrun the bullets.
15 Feb 2018 05:25 - +125
DUDE TOO SOON... Give it another hour and you're in the clear
15 Feb 2018 06:41 - +55
Try arguing against anyone who is even slightly pro-gun. It's the fucking worst. They have no emotion, they attack you personally and they will never actually talk about firearms when defending them. Gun culture is toxic and it's literally killing this country. *edit* Check out how glad they are to talk shit about me talking shit. Notice how they never talk about the toxicity of gun culture but the absolute GALL of anyone who would dare doubt their precious 2nd Amendment and super cool weapons of destruction. "Oh ho ho I've got you now you fool, you have called me a fool therefore YOU are the fool! Anyway, time to go sympathize with a tool instead of the thousands of victims from the gun culture I fully support."
15 Feb 2018 06:59 - +40
This makes me think of Anthony Jeselnik
15 Feb 2018 06:11 - +38
I was just about to post this. Everyone, call your legislators. Tell them you're sick of this shit.
15 Feb 2018 08:18 - +34
Literally got downvoted yesterday for taking a jab at someone saying thoughts and prayers
15 Feb 2018 08:27 - +26
15 Feb 2018 08:41 - +21
Someone should make a law forbidding people from shooting high school students. Oh wait.
15 Feb 2018 08:38 - +11
Dark but spot on.
15 Feb 2018 09:05 - +9
Welp this comments section is a cesspit.
15 Feb 2018 09:24 - +6
Good episode, I liked Diane’s ringtone in this episode... I think it was something like, “the House Majority ship is putting forward a motion that you should answer your phone. Funny, in the gun episode because... the current house majority whip (and at the time of the episode) is Steve Scalise, who’d just recently been shot by that lunatic at the congressional baseball republican team practice.
15 Feb 2018 08:53 - +6
No-one really cares.Why they bother reporting I don’t know.
15 Feb 2018 07:51 - +5
I really hope this has been attributed properly to Anthony Jeselnik
15 Feb 2018 08:22 - +4
Great, what do you think should be done? Exactly?
15 Feb 2018 09:16 - +4
am i the only person that thought this episode was a bit of a mess? i liked the other political episodes but this one was kinda bad.
15 Feb 2018 10:16 - +3
First thing I thought of when I heard about the shooting today. Bojack is smarter than the members of the White House/Congress.
15 Feb 2018 09:30 - +3
The episode where todd is in bojacks suitcase in the hotel room was pretty spot on too
15 Feb 2018 13:13 - +2
Every episode of Bojack is spot-on. The anxiety episode especially, that's one's just wayyy too spot-on.
15 Feb 2018 08:23 - +2
It is, but I wish it wasn’t.
15 Feb 2018 09:23 - +2
Guess they can’t make their Florida high school action movie now
15 Feb 2018 09:00 - +2
Ts n ps.
15 Feb 2018 10:02 - +2
Christians think this is the most powerful thing they can do for someone and everyone else thinks its the most useless.
15 Feb 2018 10:00 - +1
Facebook Profile Picture Filter when? I stand with ~~Columbine~~ ~~Vegas~~ Parkland
15 Feb 2018 10:13 - +1
Ok, never seen this show before. But I can’t help but hear Patton Oswalt’s voice. What is the characters name or voice actor?
15 Feb 2018 13:13 - +1
The world is saying "ban guns!" while the NRA and pretty much every Republican is saying "If people had the right pumped up kicks maybe they can outrun the bullets!".
15 Feb 2018 10:00 - +1
15 Feb 2018 13:21 - +1
I don’t get it..... it’s only good intentions. Why does reddit have to criticize people for not being hateful? Ohhh yeah, this is reddit.
15 Feb 2018 08:35 - +1
This is actually so weird. I just read an article about the shooting in Florida and immediately thought about this episode, especially this part right here.
15 Feb 2018 09:55 - +1
also: thank you i'm sorry

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