Footage of a Florida lawmaker carefully reviewing the reasons NOT to ban assault weapons.

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21 Feb 2018 22:45 - +2756
"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." -Guy with 2 guns for sale
21 Feb 2018 20:31 - +677
the world is a sad place, where anything can be bought
21 Feb 2018 22:08 - +446
Assault weapon is not a gun category if I'm not mistaken
21 Feb 2018 22:34 - +433
ITT: people dancing around the intended joke
21 Feb 2018 22:45 - +263
I am a hunter and gun enthusiast that can see both sides of the divide on this topic. While I believe lawmakers need to create stricter policies on gun control, I don’t see that being a cut and dry solution. Many people are convinced it’s as simple as banning AR-15s and other various semi automatic weapons. I personally don’t believe that is a solution to our problems. Others believe the solution is not to change gun control laws but to promote more mental health awareness programs. I personally don’t feel like this is enough either. My belief is that the best solution is a mixture of both. I think we need stricter gun laws that still allow guns to get into law abiding citizens hands but reduce the chance of a criminal getting them. I think people should be held accountable for weapons they own. This could be as simple as requiring some sort of registration for every weapon that is sold and that weapon is tied to your name. If your weapon is used in a crime you are held accountable if you never notify law enforcement that the gun was lost or stollen, you will be punished accordingly The huge problem with gun control is that there is already a huge number of guns in circulation. For those of you who think the solution is to ban all AR-15 and semi automatic rifles, what is your proposal for those who already own them? Do you think everyone is going to willingly turn them in? There are people who have spent thousands of dollars LEGALLY buying and building them. Do you expect them to turn thousands of dollars in for nothing? Another aspect of the problem is that in this day in age, many people don’t see how valuable human life is. Mental illness is rampant and the majority of people don’t speak up when something seems amiss. We need to teach people and inform them of ways of reporting suspicious behavior. We also need to give law enforcement more control on how they handle these situations. As of right now, they can’t do much of anything even though they know something is not right with an individual. Another possible solution is armed security at schools. We have armed security at establishments of high importance but we don’t at schools? Our children aren’t important enough to have armed security to protect them in these sort of events? Sending my two daughters off to school when they are of age is going to be nerve racking this day in age. I shouldn’t have to worry about their safety in a school setting. I think people need to realize we have a major problem on our hands. They also need to realize the solution isn’t straight forward. It’s not as simple as banning semi automatic rifles and it’s not as simple as mental health awareness. It’s a mixture of both and we need to come together to find a solution. The fact politics and differing opinions on the matter will prevent anything from changing is sickening. Let’s just hope one day people come to a consensus and start looking at this problem together. Edit: I think some of you are missing my overall point here. The solutions I gave are just topics to discuss. I by no means think what I talked about is an end all solution. In fact, many of you are making some very good arguments against what I said that I can agree with. What I want, is for us as a country to come together. We need to put politics and opinions aside. We should all have a common goal here in that we want to protect human life. The problem is that people have such strong opinions that it’s impossible for us to work together. Differing opinions and debate is good! We all need to realize that none of us are going to get exactly what we want. The government isn’t going to outright ban semi automatic rifles and public health awareness isn’t going to be an end all solution. If people can accept that, we can move forward and find a solution that incorporates both gun control and mental health awareness.
21 Feb 2018 21:25 - +194
Define "assault weapon" This should be hilarious
21 Feb 2018 23:02 - +175
Vince McMahon is who Donald Trump would be if Trump were articulate and successful.
21 Feb 2018 22:03 - +130
Florida, a state that has millions of guns; I'm curious as to how you think they can just ban 'assault weapons'? You do realize that we are the second most populated state and a large state for boar hunting which Ar-15's are commonly used for. Do you think the people here who have them will give them up? Do you think LE will actually go house to house collecting them? People like you who think you can just ban owning a weapon because it's scary are moronic and have no idea or will to understand why it's impossible. Make more regulations? Yeah maybe possible, but ban people from owning one of the most widely owned weapons? Not gonna happen or work. Also people in the state of Florida hugely support the owning of firearms, bring your bullshit elsewhere.
21 Feb 2018 23:16 - +113
The sad fact is that the NRA does not buy politicians with money. Why would they bother? They buy politicians with voters. [Check the numbers.]( Last cycle, they spent $827,850 across 242 politicians. (An average of $3,420 per old, white dude.) Those numbers are peanuts compared to other lobbies and Super PACS
21 Feb 2018 22:28 - +103
Every post on this sub is so intellectually dishonest. There is so little money flowing into Florida from the NRA I bet it barely breaks six figures.
21 Feb 2018 22:51 - +101
But porn is a public health crisis
21 Feb 2018 22:24 - +76
Greedy politicians buying souls from us are PUPPETSSSS
21 Feb 2018 22:28 - +67
[Just google things before you buy into this stuff]( [The amount the NRA gives to politicians is small compared to even teachers unions]( if anyone is going to be for a ban, it would be them) I think the US gun culture is ridiculous and there are legislative changes that need to happen, but I don’t think the Reps are doing this for any sort of payout. If they are, you can buy them for cheap! If you want to make a difference, argue the facts: these shootings happen way too often in the States and accusing the other side of taking bribes isn’t going to make a damn difference because they aren’t (at least not nearly as much as other organizations).
21 Feb 2018 20:05 - +60
Ah yes all that money the NRA pours into Florida state representatives...
21 Feb 2018 22:24 - +50
1. Define "assault weapon." 2. The money the NRA spends on lobbying is absolutely dwarfed by the amount the anti-gun groups spend on lobbying. Justify why you think it's okay for anti-gun lobbies funded by millionaires to spend millions of dollars pushing their political agenda, but it's not okay for the citizen-funded NRA to spend millions of dollars pushing theirs. 3. Justify why people who have never harmed another human being with their weapons should have their property stripped from them at gunpoint just because someone they've never met did something bad.
22 Feb 2018 00:08 - +46
What's an "assault weapon" tho
21 Feb 2018 22:52 - +46
"Assault weapon" is not a gun classification. If you meant "assault rifle," then you should know that assault rifle refers to automatic guns which are already mostly illegal for civilian use in the United States. If you want to have a discussion about what practical measures, gun control or otherwise, we can put in place in order to decrease crime, you should at least be familiar with the terminology relating to your policy proposals. Edit: Automatic guns are mostly illegal not entirely illegal.
21 Feb 2018 22:50 - +41
Or maybe its because its my constitutional right to own an AR-15, and that banning them, like they did with the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994-2004 would not stop mass shootings, like how the mentioned Assault Weapons Ban did not stop the Columbine shooting, which happened in 1999.
21 Feb 2018 22:51 - +30
Death by rifle: 351 Death by hammers/blunt objects: 623 Death by fists: 817 Death by knives: 1,836
21 Feb 2018 22:39 - +26
The 2nd ammendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. My constitutional rights will not be stripped becuase of your feelings.
21 Feb 2018 23:33 - +26
Just a reminder, assault weapon is a term made up by the media.
21 Feb 2018 23:56 - +25
How stupid do you have to be to realize that an AR-15 isn’t a fucking assault weapon. No special forces or military would ever use a standard issue AR-15, it is a varmit gun whenever I use mine. Relatively low caliber, same rate of fire as any semi auto weapon. Including weapons made out of less scary substances like wood. Also the term “assault weapon” in this context means any semi-automatic weapon which could be interpreted to mean even semi auto shotguns. Oh and pistols, which are also semi automatic. But hey if it looks scary then it must be the problem right? This is such a joke I can’t believe this echo chamber on here is so successful at blinding people to reality. AR stands for ARMALITE not ASSAULT RIFLE.
21 Feb 2018 22:26 - +23
Assault weapons have been banned since 1994, the AR is not classified as one. Please understand current gun laws before throwing more around.
21 Feb 2018 22:29 - +14
Or maybe they already realized that in 1994 Democrats wanted an "assault weapons" ban, and got it. It helped reduce zero crime btw, shown over that decade. Also after banning "assault weapons", Democrats then tried to get handguns banned.
21 Feb 2018 23:12 - +14
21 Feb 2018 23:49 - +12
Oh shit, a post that doesn't mention Trump.
21 Feb 2018 22:46 - +12
Unfortunately assault weapons isn't a real term there is no such thing
21 Feb 2018 22:57 - +10
Ah assault weapons. You mean the guns that look spooky right? If I take a legal rifle and put a banana clip in it it's now illegal because it looks like an AK47 even though it holds the same amount of ammo as it did before and is still semi auto.
21 Feb 2018 23:11 - +9
Not even bot to ban, they voted against *even discussing* the issue.
21 Feb 2018 23:54 - +7
Too lazy and ignorant to address the root causes of gun violence, so you focus on inanimate objects.
21 Feb 2018 23:51 - +6
>assault weapons This sub is the epitome of talking through ones ass and acting like their 9gag tier "humor" is funny
21 Feb 2018 23:26 - +3
My school just got a Shooting threat 10 mins ago. Booked it out of there while they crowded literally almost every kid in school in one spot. Everyone had to be individually "signed out" because it would be skipping otherwise... Yeah fuck that, I actually value my life.
21 Feb 2018 23:17 - +3
We just had a walk out at my school it's crazy.
21 Feb 2018 23:26 - +3
Is it just me or is Vince McMahon slowly taking on the visual traits of Trump? It's like Gollum and the ring. Too long around money and you develop the lips and jowls...
21 Feb 2018 23:55 - +3
>If you add it all up -- candidate and party contributions, independent expenditures, and lobbying -- the NRA has spent $203.2 million on political activities since 1998. The GOP running Florida is raking in that dirty money, look at how bought off they are :
22 Feb 2018 00:15 - +3
I'd just like to say how much I appreciate Vince McMahon and his endless over the top and awesome reactions. Truly, a national treasure.
21 Feb 2018 22:11 - +1
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