DEADMAU5 said this bassline is impossible to play, someone proved them wrong


23 Feb 2018 02:41 - +11792
23 Feb 2018 01:53 - +6603
although the bassist on this video is a pro, you don’t have to be a prodigy bass player to follow this bass line. most of it i would consider intermediate. digital musicians say the dumbest shit sometimes. its a combination of ignorance and sweet innocence. this is a clear example. impeccable performance.
23 Feb 2018 03:05 - +6424
[Deadmau5 response (Twitter)](
23 Feb 2018 03:24 - +2724
Sounds way better with an actual bass
23 Feb 2018 01:56 - +2306
That's some fine bass playing there. But DEADMAU5 must not have heard of Bootsy Collins, James Jamerson, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorious,.. I mean, shit, feel free to add to the list of bassists who could play the funk out of that line.
23 Feb 2018 04:06 - +2249
Seen all of this guys vids, happy to see him on front page, no nonsense intros just gets right into it
23 Feb 2018 02:38 - +821
By the offhand way DEADMAU5 throws out "it's technically impossible", I have a feeling he meant it in a more colloquial sense and not that it was *literally* impossible to do.
23 Feb 2018 03:10 - +645
[Deadmau5's reaction to the Strobe remix]( [The actual remix by Sparkee](
23 Feb 2018 02:27 - +492
Not even close to impossible. What? Countless more complex and challenging riffs.
23 Feb 2018 03:39 - +375
If I saw that guy walking down the street I'd just know he was a bass player. It's probably his ten-foot-long fingers.
23 Feb 2018 03:37 - +265
How many ~~guitar players~~ *bass players* does it take to screw in a lightbulb? All of them. One to screw in the lightbulb, and the rest to sit around and talk about how much better [insert favourite bass player here] would have done it. ...not that I disagree with any of it, I just thought it was a good thread to drop in a modified guitar player joke, although I'm sure most of us thought the same thing. For the record, the bass player/lightbulb joke usually goes... How many bass players does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One. But they need to see the guitar player do it first!
23 Feb 2018 02:36 - +256
Technically he said the way the program writes shit, it can be impossible at times. He said he'd like to hear someone shred that, so I don't think he thought it was ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE definitely a dope riff though
23 Feb 2018 03:10 - +200
"wwwhhhaaAAATTtt this isn't even impossible this is totally like, intermediate!" - everyone on this thread.
23 Feb 2018 02:30 - +125
Ok, what song is this?
23 Feb 2018 03:10 - +112
Deadmau5 just said he'd love to hear a live rendition of it, and then he invoked Cunningham's Law to make it happen.
23 Feb 2018 03:13 - +105
I am a man and this made me pregnant.
23 Feb 2018 02:51 - +56
Davie504 is a beast on the bass. Love the way he just knocks this out like it’s nothing. Like he does every time.
23 Feb 2018 05:33 - +54
Deadmau5 streams on twitch a lot, one time, I was just hanging about listening to him mix a song, I made a suggestion not thinking anything about it, he acknowledged it and tweaked his song to my suggestion, said he loved the idea, not sure if he used it in the final cut, but holy shit I love how down to earth he is, I am a nobody who critiqued his art and he was that chill about it, it blew me away.
23 Feb 2018 02:51 - +24
This just made me feel really shitty for not playing my bass anymore
23 Feb 2018 04:41 - +16
Knowing deadmau5 this will end up in a collab with this guy playing bass on a track almost guaranteed.

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