Russian anthem plays prematurely

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13 Mar 2018 22:15 - +21180
Dude in blue is shitting bricks.
14 Mar 2018 00:24 - +13664
Guy in the blue is actively trying to figure out how to not be taller than Putin lol
13 Mar 2018 23:47 - +6496
Putin actually touches him in the shoulder.
14 Mar 2018 01:10 - +5873
Black and white stripes guy is the most patriotic. He got up incredibly fast.
13 Mar 2018 22:53 - +5509
That guy in the blue shirt has never been so nervous all of a sudden haha
13 Mar 2018 22:46 - +4020
You can literally see the guy in the blue shirt's inner monologue. "Clap.. clap.. don't make eye contact.. oh shit national anthem.. holy shit Vladmir fucking Putin is standing right besides me.. I should adjust my shirt cause this is definitely going to be on TV.. be cool.. just look around.. try not to stare.. ah shit.." Edit: As others have pointed out, Putin did tap the guy on the shoulder. That kinda explains a lot about his reaction.
13 Mar 2018 22:15 - +1231
Well, Someone's entire family lineage was executed or jailed. In Russia, anthem plays when it wants.
14 Mar 2018 00:50 - +1033
This is literally like the end of every first date as I try to figure out what to do.
14 Mar 2018 01:24 - +965
source: with sound
13 Mar 2018 22:57 - +702
Man, you ever think of how pissed off Putin must get about shit like this, while he's trying to make Russia an indomitable superpower again?
14 Mar 2018 01:17 - +676
Is it just me or does the guy in blue look at Putin almost waiting for him to tell him what to do. “Do I stand for the anthem or remain seated for Putin. TELL ME WHAT TO DO VLAD” And then putin is like “alright child you can stand”
13 Mar 2018 23:54 - +538
Someone was russian to get the ceremony started!
14 Mar 2018 01:42 - +314
Putin is furious that he ended up juxtaposed against the tallest guy in the building.
14 Mar 2018 02:00 - +309
Putin has the face of a man who could kill and go play with his kids half an hour later.
14 Mar 2018 00:48 - +299
That's a **deadddd** sound engineer
14 Mar 2018 01:06 - +284
That guy in the blue shirt literally looks scared for his life.
14 Mar 2018 01:31 - +120
Guy in blue is ~~nerve gas~~ nervous.
14 Mar 2018 01:38 - +106
14 Mar 2018 00:54 - +59
The guy in blue is shitting bricks, yes, but the guy who played the play button on the anthem probably went pale.

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