When you get the job you're overqualified for

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14 Mar 2018 10:24 - +1718
explains why michael had so much time to goof around and why he didnt get paid much more than darryl.
14 Mar 2018 11:48 - +1458
This is so great because it supports how Michael had so much time for shenanigans and undermines the pride Michael had in that position. Deangelos delivery is perfect. One of my favorite moments.
14 Mar 2018 11:10 - +333
Honestly how many seconds does Jim asked for
14 Mar 2018 12:00 - +318
I mean it's obvious Michael doesn't do much since he agonized over signing a few papers all day.
14 Mar 2018 11:57 - +182
Is he over qualified tho bc he made Andy look like a good salesman at one point...
14 Mar 2018 12:30 - +92
Oh man, remembering the delivery of this scene gave me a hearty, 9 oz. sirloin steak laugh. Thank you, OP. It's easy to forget D'Angelo's character, but god dammit is he funny.
14 Mar 2018 11:10 - +60
It’s kinda weird that I just finished watching that episode again then opened reddit
14 Mar 2018 12:01 - +31
Got that rundown yet ?
14 Mar 2018 13:14 - +25
I got turned down from a job because they said I was overqualified, I was flattered but also frustrated because I needed a job. A friend of mine ended up getting the job and I felt a little weird but never told him the reason why I didn’t get it.
14 Mar 2018 13:05 - +23
or the job you're incredibly under qualified for, but nothing has gone wrong just yet for anyone to notice how inept you are.
14 Mar 2018 12:50 - +20
I seriously just watched this episode an hour ago with my SO. I told him I’m going to restart the series because it’s pointless to me without Michael in the show.
14 Mar 2018 13:32 - +11
Usually when I turn someone down for a job they are overqualified for its for one of two reasons: a) I don't think they'll stay with me long because they will want more pay than the position entails. b) They have a strong, powerful, leader personality and a history of managing people and are applying for a position where they only have equals and superiors to work with. I have a very vivid memory years ago of not being allowed to get a job at disneyland because I failed their personality test, meant to weed out leadership qualities and independent thinkers. :p And they were right: I was just planning on working there for 2 months during a school break. Tried to fool the mouse and failed!
14 Mar 2018 13:20 - +9
I worked at an insane job and applied to a job I'm overqualified for, with same pay. I hope I get the call today! Still something inside me is All "what if I don't get this job..?" Here is hoping reddit!:)
14 Mar 2018 13:15 - +8
Is that will Ferrell
14 Mar 2018 13:29 - +5
I love The Office, but this is so seriously me at work, everyday. Edit: kinda of over paid but not worth the shit show
14 Mar 2018 13:43 - +3
Ugh currently experiencing this. So bored
14 Mar 2018 13:56 - +3
Have you signed the forms yet? In theory I have, I just have to cross a few Ts and dot a few Is
14 Mar 2018 14:16 - +2
I loved Will Ferrell in the Office. Wish he could have stayed longer.
14 Mar 2018 14:05 - +2
Lol I wouldn't know. I didn't go to college.
14 Mar 2018 12:46 - +2
this job's a joke, you're broke...
14 Mar 2018 13:41 - +2
Rip DeAngelo
14 Mar 2018 15:44 - +1
English teacher in China here. 95% of the time I'm sitting at a desk browsing reddit.
14 Mar 2018 17:31 - +1
14 Mar 2018 14:27 - +1
Or the job you’re perfect for...
14 Mar 2018 16:45 - +1
This was the one time I hated Will Ferrel being in a tv series/movie.
14 Mar 2018 14:39 - +1
How do I get this job?
14 Mar 2018 14:18 - +1
14 Mar 2018 14:39 - +1
I want a job like this.... you know an office job... where I'm at an office doing office things.
14 Mar 2018 16:37 - +1
14 Mar 2018 15:24 - +1
My job involves sitting in my cube and being annoyed that my daily internet bullshit is interrupted by blips of actual work. I'm actually the most senior person on a team of 5. Now I'm being trained after more than 2 years to perform more senior level tasks. The whole time im wishing I was in my cube. It's the only reason I've stayed so long.
14 Mar 2018 17:09 - +1
Spoiler for people not at S7+ (am on season 6, thanks)
14 Mar 2018 15:40 - +1
That was pretty much my attitude towards management. No I get paid more and do WAY less. It doesn’t make sense.
14 Mar 2018 14:17 - +1
Woah that's weird I literally just watched this episode for the first time and then opened Reddit and BAM

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