The time Stephen met Jim Carrey RIP Stephen Hawking

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14 Mar 2018 15:12 - +5536
Well, I guess that's one way to find out he died.
14 Mar 2018 16:26 - +5158
Damn, it’s always sad when someone dies but in this case I feel it’s especially easy to celebrate his life instead of mourn his death. R.I.P. Stephen, you made ALS your bitch for half a century and accomplished an incredible amount along the way. Rest easy, you earned it.
14 Mar 2018 19:23 - +5109
Reportedly he enjoyed running over people he didn't like and allegedly one of his great regrets in life was never having the chance to run over Thatcher's toes. Hawking denied this and once said it was just a rumor and if he caught anyone spreading it he'd run over their toes
14 Mar 2018 14:57 - +2421
This is cute af
14 Mar 2018 18:35 - +1355
It was always brilliant to see him smile. He had a fantastic and witty sense of humour. I also heard he was quite good at math
14 Mar 2018 15:36 - +1124
I don't think I've ever seen him smile like that.
14 Mar 2018 16:09 - +749
Holy shit, what a strange time in the world where this is the moment I find out a human being like Stephen Hawking died. Truly sad moment. As odd as it is, I'll remember his likeness through his hilarious moments in family guy, and his actual interview/s? with Colbert. It's been interesting to be alive at the same time, with a man such as him. Rest easy.
14 Mar 2018 15:35 - +311
Pity Stephen didn't school Jim on vaccinations
14 Mar 2018 18:38 - +197
I just learned Stephen Hawking was British. I would have never guessed it based off his accent.
14 Mar 2018 16:40 - +129
It’s in the bone, it’s in the bone, it’s in the booooone! Ouda! Throw me a spear!!!
14 Mar 2018 16:06 - +105
only Jim can make people smile like that
14 Mar 2018 15:17 - +89
Guys, i just found out Stephen Hawking is dead. WHAT!!? FOR HOW LONG?
14 Mar 2018 16:08 - +69
#HA. HA. HA .
14 Mar 2018 16:04 - +69
I can just imagine the banter between these two. Probably near constant rolling. Their humour must have been aces. I'd ventura guess that day was a favourite one for both of them. It'd be hard to mask the amusement. But Carrey probably bruced his foot on the chair and let out an almighty roar. That's all I got. Good day, sir.
14 Mar 2018 19:06 - +63
Ace Ventura: Legs Defective
14 Mar 2018 18:05 - +40
I really like how Prof. Hawking was so into Comedy, and was willing to poke fun at himself. Usually people in a position such as his strive to maintain a certain image, but in reality he was just a geek who knew a lot about physics and loved cartoons. And was a British guy that spoke in an american accent (Couldn't help it, I'm a bad person).
14 Mar 2018 19:54 - +30
A year or two ago, there was a job posting I came across. It was to be Hawking's assistant with his voice machine. Apparently the machine has no manual, is quite old, and requires upkeep. It paid only $30k a year but imagine the opportunities to travel, meet others, and gain insight from Hawking himself. Would have been a pretty amazing opportunity.
14 Mar 2018 15:17 - +22
RIP Jim Carrey
14 Mar 2018 17:41 - +18
Guess he got “Carrey”ed away Edit:grammar mistake
14 Mar 2018 17:30 - +13
Didn't know Stephen was a prankster. Not surprised though. Great pic.
14 Mar 2018 19:36 - +10
This post is how I just learned Stephen Hawking died and it made me smile. OP did a good thing for a lot of people.
14 Mar 2018 21:18 - +10
Stephen Hawking was a modern day hero for me. I might not be smart enough to understand everything he talked about, nor am I seeking to become a scientist, but just being human and curious about the universe I was fascinated when he spoke. I always felt like I could trust him. Listening to him was like downloading an expansion pack to the universe. Idk, I just really wanted to comment and share my favorite memory of him. Short 1min 30sec it was a simple concept but it’s ideas like that are fun and bring an avalanche of ideas to ponder. My buddy and I sat for about an hour tonight talking about Mr Hawking.
14 Mar 2018 19:37 - +9
I’ve been seeing a lot of hawking posts but didn’t know why. Now I do.
14 Mar 2018 19:55 - +9
I just learned Stephen Hawking died through memes. Fuck you, internet....
14 Mar 2018 16:07 - +6
Jim Carrey's energy is infectious!
14 Mar 2018 22:36 - +6
It comforts me knowing that no matter how smart, rich or successful you are, you'll always end up with the same set of murky green patio chairs as everyone else on the planet
14 Mar 2018 19:30 - +4
He died the same day Einstein was born which happens to be Pi day also. a coincidence ? I don't think so
14 Mar 2018 19:41 - +4
What an amazing picture!! RIP Stephen, the world didn’t deserve your mind :(
14 Mar 2018 18:15 - +2
So cute RIP

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