LeBron gives his wristband to a young fan holding "You are more than an athlete" sign

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14 Mar 2018 23:53 - +7543
It's about time the 9-year-old in the courtside seats caught a break.
14 Mar 2018 23:30 - +4639
I like the thumbs up into shaka. Cool move.
15 Mar 2018 00:27 - +2477
To the adult man sporting a LeBron jersey, trying to mask your envy of a child: I see you. Only for a second, but I see you.
14 Mar 2018 22:29 - +2301
[Here's the sign.](https://i.imgur.com/tfuNsTd.png)
14 Mar 2018 23:58 - +1001
That was his shooting sleeve, not a wristband. You can see the dude who's giving it to the kid motion to his arm, and it's clearly much bigger than a wristband
14 Mar 2018 23:56 - +758
That’s more of a regift. Security guy didn’t want it.
15 Mar 2018 00:45 - +474
In France he is known as LeBon James
15 Mar 2018 00:56 - +224
That man's thumb is larger than the penises of a large portion of the male population.
14 Mar 2018 23:19 - +193
LeBron has come a long way since The Decision
15 Mar 2018 00:04 - +136
as a native clevelander i’ve gotta over the decision. he works his arse off and brought the city a championship. he’s done so much good for akron and cleveland. if he leaves this summer i’ll be sad, but i’ll always love and support bron.
15 Mar 2018 01:14 - +91
That has to be one of the greatest compliments a professional athlete can get. Especially coming from a kid.
15 Mar 2018 02:14 - +84
We don't deserve Lebron. Seriously. When all is said and done, he might go down as the greatest athlete of all time. When you just measure the amount of pressure he's had since he was 15 years old to actually becoming a top 2 NBA player of all time... while NEVER getting in trouble or arrested, by all accounts has been a great father, husband and teammate and is an outspoken activist/social justice proponent taboot. The guy is simply incredible on all levels. And I used to be a hater.
15 Mar 2018 00:29 - +58
Why wouldn’t LeBron give the wristband himself? EDIT: Not trying to judge, was just wondering why. Lebron is the man.
15 Mar 2018 01:40 - +45
A few people in this thread bring up LeBrons "The Decision". All I want to say is he was in his early 20's. How many stupid things have you done in your early 20's? And did your stupid decisions raise millions for charity?
15 Mar 2018 01:44 - +26
Is LeBron morphing into Abe Lincoln?
15 Mar 2018 01:08 - +22
Good guy Lebron also did this: https://youtu.be/oMRreZvLXbY
15 Mar 2018 00:45 - +13
What does the sign mean
15 Mar 2018 01:48 - +12
15 Mar 2018 02:21 - +10
Say what you will about Lebron but that guy is a class act all the way.
15 Mar 2018 03:59 - +4
Came here for the salt. Was not disappointed

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