Cop Does Not Shoot Unarmed Man

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18 Mar 2018 22:54 - +6221
>Stevens got back up. The two cops wrestled with the man, who fought them hard. (The man is black; Stevens and Zannelli are white.) What?
18 Mar 2018 22:35 - +2483
This cop acted in a way which we wished more cops act. He's been commended and held us an example because of that. I fully support that. It's a bit pathetic frankly to on the one hand blast cops who act poorly and then on the other ridicule those who are commended for acting well. If you want to reduce cops shooting mentally ill people perhaps it's useful to hold up and publicise an example of a cop dealing with the situation in the desired way and saying 'look at this, this is how you do it'. EDIT : To be clear, yes the article headline and writing is absolute pants. But I didn't think the poor writing alone was the reason it was posted, so I saw it as an attack on the content matter itself. If you're just deriding the absolutely atrocious level of journalism than fair enough. I'm glad I put my comment up anyway as it separates out the two. EDIT EDIT: To be clear it's from a series called 'cop of the week' it's not a news piece like 'oh a cop didn't shoot someone let's write a story'. They do a little write up on a local cop doing something commendable each week.
18 Mar 2018 23:36 - +2101
"Farmer grows potatoes on land" "Lawyer practices law" "Doctor saves man's life" "Cop does not shoot unarmed man" --> wait what?
18 Mar 2018 21:42 - +1060
Was he out of bullets?
18 Mar 2018 22:57 - +893
In all honesty came to comment "r/nottheonion" and then the banner/page loaded...
18 Mar 2018 22:14 - +276
The problem is that we see stuff like this as a joke. Hell, its in a subreddit that shares true stories that sound like jokes. Instead just be happy he did his job and don't make a mockery of it. Edit: for those of you who are saying that it's hilarious that they have to report stuff like this, I'm glad you think it's funny that all police officers are represented by the less than 1% of bad officers. With the way the media and internet has taken off, people can no longer differentiate the difference between a single incident and a common incident. The fact of the matter is that most police are good people, however they've been under a lot of scrutiny because only the bad ones are in the public eye. That forces stuff like this to have to be written up.
18 Mar 2018 22:23 - +111
Let's savour the irony of this headline. In most countries this would have people looking at each other wondering what the hell they are talking about. Of course you don't shoot an unarmed man. Only in the US this exceptional enough to have to be singled out.
18 Mar 2018 22:50 - +61
Lots of people in here getting upset because a police officer NOT shooting someone is a big deal.
18 Mar 2018 23:27 - +58
Finally, Something right happened in New Haven
18 Mar 2018 23:23 - +41
Half of you are ridiculing the guys for doing his job in an unusual way, and half if your are praising them for doing their job in an unusual way. You're both wrong. This isn't unusual. Want to find out what cops really do? Go on a ride along or join up. 99.9999% of law enforcement has nothing to do with shooting people. I've been a cop for half a decade and I've yet to shoot anyone. The vast majority (95%ish) of people I know retiring after 20-25 years haven't either. Three times so far I've had someone come at me with a knife. Twice I've had guns pulled on me. I didn't shoot or kill any of them. None of of those incidents made headlines.
18 Mar 2018 22:38 - +21
Despite the obvious issues of it happening way too often, the idea that cops shooting unarmed people is standard is largely inspired by the media covering as many incidents of it as possible, and like everything our media seems to do anymore, it's clearly meant to increase viewership by stoking tensions. Cops not shooting unarmed people is much more common than the opposite, and people need to realize that. Instead of mocking the story, embrace it. We need more media organizations writing stories like these, instead of pushing the "all cops are murderers" line.
19 Mar 2018 00:02 - +18
99.98% of cases.
19 Mar 2018 00:06 - +15
Happens every day folks.
18 Mar 2018 23:17 - +15
the added sports records of each officer was interesting.
19 Mar 2018 01:13 - +9
Using some random article, I found that cops shoot at people around 4000 times per year. Not kill; shoot at, including nonfatal and unknowns. It's a little strange to point out a completely normal encounter, given that there are 62.9 million total face-to-face encounters with police each year.
19 Mar 2018 00:51 - +7
[Since OP's link is down]( [Wayback link](
18 Mar 2018 23:38 - +6
Are we really praising cops for NOT shooting people??? Good for the cops, they did their [job...?] (
19 Mar 2018 00:15 - +5
Website seems to be hugged to death, mirror anyone? Edit: [Wayback Machine](
19 Mar 2018 01:59 - +3
This has to be the worst writing I've read in quite some time - as if a 5th grader had to rewrite a proper news report in his own words and overdramatised it.
18 Mar 2018 23:09 - +3
Hey, that’s my city!
19 Mar 2018 00:14 - +3
Looks like we hugged the site to death.
19 Mar 2018 02:46 - +1
What a god damned hero. He basically saved this mans life by choosing not to kill him.
19 Mar 2018 02:37 - +1
> “Shoot me!” he cried. “Shoot me!” Using reverse psychology on the cops, that’s pretty smart

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