Don’t forget to make a poo hammock, y’all

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16 Apr 2018 20:50 - +5794
Me: cities should make an effort to have more public bathrooms so that people always have a clean place to go Me, now: oh right people are fucking *garbage.* edit: hey, thanks for the gold stranger.
16 Apr 2018 20:26 - +1560
Now I know better than to ask 'why?' But I really want to know "how?"
16 Apr 2018 20:54 - +1238
If I was that janitor I don’t know if I’d be extremely pissed or just confused on how and why
16 Apr 2018 20:03 - +1176
Now that's just fucking vile.
16 Apr 2018 19:31 - +1031
Who deadass has the time for this, like that’s a nice shit hammock
16 Apr 2018 21:27 - +581
A sadistic genius made this. he gave you a simple method of cleaning it up. But that means cupping your hands around it like it's a precious gift wrapped in white paper. If you try to remove any of the straps suspending it, it will go toppling to the floor. This is one poo you're meant to embrace
16 Apr 2018 21:12 - +508
What came first the turd or the hammock? Was it placed there? If so, did they poop into their hands and place it in the hammock? If the turd was plucked from the toilet you’d think the water droplets would have caused the turd to fall through the paper. Too many unanswered questions.
16 Apr 2018 20:08 - +106
I think this is sicker than the guy smearing shit in his jail cell. Smh.
16 Apr 2018 21:24 - +101
the first time i saw this post a few years ago the person said it was connected to the door so when you open it its supposed to act like a catapult and hit you in the face
16 Apr 2018 22:04 - +71
Don't touch it! The mother will abandon it. Edit: an apostrophe
16 Apr 2018 19:52 - +65
What the hell? Where is this pic from?
16 Apr 2018 20:01 - +52
This is just another level of insanity.
16 Apr 2018 20:40 - +42
As a janitor, this offends me
16 Apr 2018 22:15 - +39
Funny story: my department store has an individual we call "the shit ninja." He comes into our store every month or so, goes into one of the mens bathrooms, and takes an enormous dump on the floor. He also throws it on the walls and once got it to stick to the ceiling. He leaves immediately after and all we know about him is he is clean shaven and is about 5' 11". As disgusting as it is, his process is actually quite impressive. He managed to map out the exact route to avoid getting his face on the cameras, and never wears the same clothes twice. Never has anybody walked in on him, never has anybody seen what his car looks like.
16 Apr 2018 20:39 - +18
They will have had to pick that out of the toilet wtf
16 Apr 2018 21:19 - +17
I just wanted to point out that it's a pretty amazing turd. At least 2 Courics.
16 Apr 2018 21:40 - +14
John Mcafee approves this post.
16 Apr 2018 22:22 - +12
This person was raised terribly. One of the first things I learned was to not play with my food. Shame on them.
16 Apr 2018 21:21 - +12
As fucking disgusting as this is, I’m actually kinda impressed
16 Apr 2018 21:48 - +10
Wow. That's one well made poo hammock. This is almost /r/ATBGE material.
16 Apr 2018 21:18 - +10
Someone actually deserves to die for this.
16 Apr 2018 21:26 - +7
Poo hammock lol did anyone see the documentary on John McAfee ? He liked poo hammocks
16 Apr 2018 21:19 - +7
And you know this asshole left the bathroom without washing his hands
16 Apr 2018 20:44 - +6
That took some effort lol
16 Apr 2018 21:21 - +6
Every time I go out here in Europe I'm annoyed by the prevalence of paid public bathrooms. And then I see this and suddenly I'm thankful.
16 Apr 2018 21:18 - +6
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16 Apr 2018 22:37 - +4
Repulsive yet intriguing
16 Apr 2018 23:54 - +4
It's like Spiderman strung up a deuce
16 Apr 2018 21:32 - +4
I can smell this picture.
16 Apr 2018 21:50 - +4
John McAfee was here.
16 Apr 2018 23:37 - +4
This is everything I’ve ever wanted
16 Apr 2018 22:40 - +4

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