Well... That was close.

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16 Apr 2018 20:06 - +5522
Take the rest of the day off and head to the pub.
16 Apr 2018 20:22 - +3144
Knowing that he almost died, he nods and thinks to himself, "I have a good life."
16 Apr 2018 20:27 - +2540
the person driving that car needs to be arrested
16 Apr 2018 19:48 - +1921
What a cunt
16 Apr 2018 20:17 - +922
The little nod he does is my favourite part.
16 Apr 2018 20:39 - +424
r/hitboxporn irl
16 Apr 2018 20:39 - +313
It was a matter of a second that could have turn this vid from /r/youseeingthisshit into /r/watchpeopledie
16 Apr 2018 21:03 - +266
Fuck that driver
16 Apr 2018 20:14 - +228
Didin't even flinch
16 Apr 2018 20:59 - +193
Always a good idea to look both ways before crossing the street, you never know when some idiot might be trying to kill you.
16 Apr 2018 20:33 - +87
What a calm & composed man
16 Apr 2018 21:28 - +70
16 Apr 2018 20:26 - +70
How close this semester is to wrecking my GPA
16 Apr 2018 21:36 - +27
Whenever I'm at a stoplight, I always take a moment to look at the driver in my rearview, to my right, my left, and straight ahead. Without fail at least one of them will be looking down in their lap. Usually, two. It's fucking insane how many people simply cannot resist looking at their phones while driving. Just as frustrating how many of those people refuse to invest $12 in a phone dash mount, so they can at least *partially* keep their eyes on the road. So yeah, I don't use crosswalks like I used to any more. Now I step into them like I'm Neo and every moving object is Agent Smith. Seriously people, always make eye contact with drivers before you step in front of their cars. Many of them are just not looking at you. Stay safe.
16 Apr 2018 21:30 - +20
That nod was like he was saying "Yup, just cheated death again. Off to work."
16 Apr 2018 20:18 - +19
That's some /r/ANormalDayInRussia type shit right there
16 Apr 2018 22:19 - +15
This almost happened to me yesterday. Except I looked bothways before I went to cross the road because I trust no one. The woman looked up off her phone and then slammed on the brakes and ended up in the middle of the intersection looking like a real jackass.
16 Apr 2018 20:46 - +13
This is a mixture of precison driving and lunacy. I am both disgusted and impressed.
16 Apr 2018 21:05 - +9
"See... that's the kind of day I'm having." Proceeds to nod the rest the way to work.
16 Apr 2018 22:29 - +7
Something like this happened to me and my gf, except we couldn't even see the car because a bus was in the way. We were walking in front of the bus and someone speeds past the opposite side just a few feet in front of us about as fast as the car in the gif. Crazy how if we had started walking a few seconds earlier, one or both of us might have been killed, but instead we go home like any other night.
16 Apr 2018 19:47 - +7
16 Apr 2018 21:39 - +5
Someone almost got me like that except I saw them and threw what I had in my hand (just a quarter), they stopped to tell at me. I should've called the cops, but cell phones weren't as prevalent at the time.
16 Apr 2018 22:15 - +5
Worst part is you can't do anything about this as the pedestrian besides stand there in shock
16 Apr 2018 20:36 - +5
16 Apr 2018 22:10 - +5
This is the one situation where I think the whole system in China is good, I think it should be implemented in the us but to use license plates. Like when a camera sees a hit and run it notifies the authorities of the plate number.
16 Apr 2018 22:13 - +4
I have had similar happen to me a couple of times in central London. The fast cars that almost killed me were in the second lane though. The car closest to my side of the road had stopped and I was just about to step into the second lane when a car went straight past at high speed. There is also a twat that lives near me who has almost killed me a few times at the crossing at the end of my road. When I am halfway across the empty crossing he just floors it out of a nearby side road and drives through the lane I am just about to step on.
16 Apr 2018 22:10 - +4
Love how he looks at the camera like "OMG DID ANYBODY SEE THAT"
16 Apr 2018 21:18 - +4
1 inch and i would've seen that in another subreddit.
17 Apr 2018 00:26 - +3
It is 100% the driver’s fault. But who walks out into the street not looking?
16 Apr 2018 20:52 - +3
Future lottery winner right there
16 Apr 2018 20:46 - +3
Lol I can only assume that was more like "Ok well I'll check to make sure the other car isn't moving too"
16 Apr 2018 21:34 - +3
Such a thin line between living and ending up on wpd...
17 Apr 2018 00:48 - +3
That is why I always look both ways, no matter what. You don't trust drivers on the road enough to not wear a seatbelt, so why would you cross the street without looking.
16 Apr 2018 22:09 - +3
16 Apr 2018 20:39 - +3
I relate to this level of apathy
16 Apr 2018 20:53 - +3
He knows and thinks, " I should probably go change my pants."
16 Apr 2018 22:13 - +2
Damn...you have to respect that recovery time. I mean, I think I'd shake it off and make it across before the light changed, but the man didn't even stop for a breath!
16 Apr 2018 22:27 - +2
A normal day in Asia
16 Apr 2018 22:20 - +2
This is why I don't want to sell my car and bike everywhere. I'd have to ride on the side of the roadways with these psychopaths.
16 Apr 2018 22:25 - +2
Even the fact that in some countries the drivers always using a dashcam is kinda sad. These driving maniacs get their drivers license from cornflakes packages.
16 Apr 2018 20:55 - +2
My butthole clenched so hard I inverted my sphincter muscle.
16 Apr 2018 22:34 - +2
I similar thing happened to my son as he ran out a little a head of me when we crossed the road once. I’m glad he did not get hit and also sad than in an alternate dimension he got all splatted and ended up on r/watchpeopledie. The good news is that he looks before crossing now even if we do have a green man.
16 Apr 2018 22:23 - +2
he looking like neo from the matrix lol

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