Congratulations, /r/The_Mueller! You are Subreddit of the Day!

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16 Apr 2018 20:17 - +2202
hoo boy, some strong silent stoic manly men who love triggering libtards and think SJWs are stealing their freedom are going to have some awfully hurt feelings about this
16 Apr 2018 20:48 - +2179
Oh god, the poor mods.
16 Apr 2018 20:47 - +854
I love when controversial subreddits get SROT. This will be tasty salt.
16 Apr 2018 21:08 - +625
I can hear /r/The_Donald warming up the derp cannons now. This is going to be ugly. I almost feel bad for them at this point.
16 Apr 2018 20:49 - +335
There's gonna be something outrageous in the news today It's electric
16 Apr 2018 20:15 - +301
Welcome, fellow redditors! Here's a video that expresses what a lot of us want to see. And some of it is already happening!
16 Apr 2018 20:50 - +282
16 Apr 2018 20:58 - +280
Lordy I hope there are upvotes.
16 Apr 2018 21:41 - +227
The president is a citizen who holds the office of a public servant. The very idea that he should be above the law is contrary to our democracy and dangerous to us all. If Rod Rosenstein is fired, we need to take to the streets and bring this country to a halt until he is reinstated and law enforcement is allowed to do its job: protecting us. We will not allow the work of 250 years to be thrown out to benefit a corrupt few. Our democracy is at stake. **** * If it happens before 2pm local time, protests will begin at 5pm local time. * If it happens after 2pm local time, protests will begin at 12pm the next day. --- **Q:** Why Rosenstein? I thought Mueller was conducting the investigation? **A:** While Robert Mueller's name has been more famous over the past year, it is actually Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, who controls the Russia investigation. If you have Rosenstein's position you can simply stop the investigation. Worse, you can leave Mueller in place but simply not allow him to do anything, and never release any information about the crimes that were uncovered. **Q:** Then why do people focus on Mueller so much when Rosenstein being fired is the real danger? **A:** Mueller is the star player and Rosenstein is the coach. Everyone comes for the star player, but the coach decides who plays, and in this case if there is even a game. We need everyone to be clear that the real danger is Rosenstein being replaced. Firing Rosenstein _is_ firing Mueller. **Q:** Why is this being called a ["constitutional crisis"]( **A:** If Trump is allowed to stop the investigations into his criminal activity, that will be an abuse of power that the founding fathers never intended when they wrote the Constitution. They did not intend for the president to be above the law. If he is, he can run a criminal enterprise out of the White House with impunity. He can commit any crime he likes and not allow it to be investigated. The founding fathers absolutely did not intend this. That kind of autocratic rule is completely contrary to the democracy they were creating. They were very clear about their intentions: _"A government of laws, and not of men."_ - John Adams
16 Apr 2018 20:04 - +216
Subreddit of the rest of this ‘administration’.
16 Apr 2018 20:54 - +170
Release the pee pee tapes
16 Apr 2018 21:25 - +121
I'm just poking in to say hi before this gets brigaded and/or locked. Hi everyone!
16 Apr 2018 20:42 - +96
Hopefully this milestone can be celebrated with the unsealing of another criminal indictment today. If not, I'll settle for Combover Caligula getting [humiliated in court]( this afternoon.
16 Apr 2018 22:24 - +94
To all of the Red Caps who are going to inevitably be flowing into this sub today like Russian prostitute piss onto a presidential suite bed [here]( is a card made for you to air your grievances in a more expedient manner. Check those that apply.
16 Apr 2018 20:23 - +85
Ohhh shit. It's goin down today isn't it
16 Apr 2018 20:14 - +69
Bout time we got some love round these parts.
16 Apr 2018 20:41 - +58
*Todays the day, sun is shining, the tank is clean, THE TANK IS CLEAN!*
16 Apr 2018 21:20 - +57
Peter Carr, Mueller's spokesperson, declined to comment
16 Apr 2018 20:53 - +51
On another note, check out the new sub that's about to get banned /r/ welfarewatch
16 Apr 2018 20:48 - +51
Maybe just for today we can do an Anti-T_D banner with realistic pics of Trump? Like so: or so:,h_900,c_limit/donald-trump-history-hair-ss09.jpg
16 Apr 2018 20:25 - +49
In Mueller we trust.
16 Apr 2018 21:23 - +45
Lordy, it's gonna be Stormy today.
16 Apr 2018 22:35 - +43
1. Remove plastic overwrap from Microwave Popcorn Bag 2. Insert popcorn bag into Microwave Oven, with correct side up as indicated on bag. 3. Set Microwave to 4 minutes, with power on HIGH. 4. Either stop, or extend microwaving until time between pops is around 2-3 seconds. 5. Remove Popcorn bag from Microwave Oven. Caution: Bag, and escaping steam from bag may be hot. 6. Open Popcorn bag. 7. Sort by Controversial.
16 Apr 2018 21:41 - +41
A stupid, angry storm is coming for us today. T_D are already planning on discord. This should prove to be a weird ass day for this sub.
16 Apr 2018 22:25 - +40
I'm from T_D, congrats on your Subreddit of the Day!
16 Apr 2018 20:52 - +39
It's kind of appropriate given what we learned about Trump again last night.
16 Apr 2018 20:54 - +38
Hahaha coming up shortly on this thread: the donald on some bullshit
16 Apr 2018 21:25 - +32
/r/The_Mueller is subreddit of the year. Subreddit of the life.
16 Apr 2018 21:59 - +32
Bookmarking this thread so I can come back and take a leisurely bath in some Trumptard tears later.
16 Apr 2018 20:39 - +26
Oh boy...
16 Apr 2018 21:21 - +25
**We are all Mueller on this blessed day!**
16 Apr 2018 22:20 - +24
r/The_Donald triggered in 1/1295 mooches
16 Apr 2018 20:53 - +24
Brace yourselves boys, these seas are about to get choppy.
16 Apr 2018 20:38 - +24
Must be another MUELLER MONDAY
16 Apr 2018 22:38 - +19
RIP Mods. Press F to pay respects. F
16 Apr 2018 22:50 - +19
I bet the mod of SotD that snuck T_D and a white supremacist subreddit into SotD months ago is fuming over this one. I remember asking their team about that those decisions, and being told in response that it was a rogue moderator, and that they made no effort to remove him. As far as I know (although I haven't checked in months), that mod is still on their mod team.
16 Apr 2018 21:13 - +17
This guy needs a movie.
16 Apr 2018 22:38 - +16
\> Be me \> Scroll through comments wondering where all the salt is \> Oh there it is
16 Apr 2018 21:35 - +15
I'm just here to comment before this thread is locked. Mueller it up boys!
16 Apr 2018 22:13 - +13
Sort by *controversial*
16 Apr 2018 23:24 - +12
Robert Mueller isn't exactly the Boogeyman. He's the man you send to arrest the fucking Boogeyman. Robert is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will. Something Trump would know little about. I once saw him execute three simultaneous no-knocks against an attorney, a fucking attorney.
16 Apr 2018 23:13 - +12
While you're here, why not make sure to be registered to vote in this year's midterm elections?? The GOP and Trump are ***hoping*** that you don't do this! **** State-by-State voter registration links [O = online application available; P = printable forms only] [Alabama]( ^O | [Alaska]( ^O | [Arizona]( ^O | [Arkansas]( ^P | [California]( ^O | [Colorado]( ^O | [Connecticut]( ^O | [Delaware]( ^O | [Florida]( ^O | [Georgia]( ^O | [Hawaii]( ^O | [Idaho]( ^O | [Illinois]( ^O | [Indiana]( ^O | [Iowa]( ^O | [Kansas]( ^O | [Kentucky]( ^O | [Louisiana]( ^O | [Maine]( ^P | [Maryland]( ^O | [Massachusetts]( ^O | [Michigan](,4670,7-127-1633_8716_8726_47669-175878--,00.html) ^P | [Minnesota]( ^O | [Mississippi]( ^P | [Missouri]( ^O | [Montana]( ^P | [Nebraska]( ^P | [Nevada]( ^O | [New Hampshire]( ^P | [New Jersey]( ^P | [New Mexico]( ^P | [New York]( ^O | [North Carolina]( ^P | [North Dakota]( ^P | [Ohio]( ^O | [Oklahoma]( ^P | [Oregon]( ^O | [Pennsylvania]( ^O | [Rhode Island]( ^O | [South Carolina]( ^O | [South Dakota]( ^P |[Tennessee]( ^O | [Texas]( ^P | [Utah]( ^O | [Vermont]( ^O | [Virginia]( ^O | [Washington]( ^O | [West Virginia]( ^O | [Wisconsin]( ^P | [Wyoming]( ^P | [District of Columbia]( |
16 Apr 2018 21:48 - +11
I can’t wait to be included in the locked thread, I never get to these early
16 Apr 2018 22:59 - +11
I have a feeling you are going to be subreddit of the year! Get him and get his entire fucking disgusting family.
16 Apr 2018 22:58 - +10
I'm just here for the salt.....and impeachment.
16 Apr 2018 22:42 - +8
What’s with the hard-on for Sweden in T_D?
17 Apr 2018 00:04 - +8
t_d trigged that they didn't win this award
16 Apr 2018 22:34 - +8
Oh, there will be many triggered Trumpets in here...
16 Apr 2018 23:37 - +6
Fuck Trump and his dotard supporters!!!
16 Apr 2018 23:42 - +6
Oh boy, here I go *sorting by controversial* again
16 Apr 2018 22:37 - +5
Just commenting to be a part of the fun
16 Apr 2018 23:25 - +5
A Republican will be the one who destroys the Republican party. And Robert Mueller will be the one who prosecutes this person.
17 Apr 2018 00:33 - +5
legit question, is it mew-ler, or mull-er?
17 Apr 2018 00:07 - +4
Scrolling all the way to the bottom, the salt mines are full.
16 Apr 2018 22:52 - +3
This gonna b good
16 Apr 2018 21:48 - +1
Welcome r/all! If you like it here or want to discuss Muellers investigation (those two things aren't necessarily exclusive hopefully) consider subscribing! Also please keep it civil in here or you will be indicted. E: Have some reports you beautiful people!

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