Wearing glasses for his first time

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16 Apr 2018 21:17 - +9380
"Have you fuckers been this ugly the whole time??"
16 Apr 2018 21:47 - +7051
I remember the first time I put on glasses. It's not just that everything becomes clearer/less blurry, the colors are so much brighter/stronger and everything is more beautiful. Im so happy for him
16 Apr 2018 21:17 - +3451
Doctors can tell if a baby needs glasses by performing a [retinoscopy.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retinoscopy) *The examiner uses a retinoscope to shine light into the patient's eye and observes the reflection (reflex) off the patient's retina. While moving the streak or spot of light across the pupil the examiner observes the relative movement of the reflex or manually places lenses over the eye (using a trial frame and trial lenses) to "neutralize" the reflex.*
16 Apr 2018 22:30 - +1990
My brother was always running into things as a toddler, my parents and my other sibling wrote it off as him being clumsy. But then we noticed that when he tried to look at books his entire face would be on the page. Turned out he needed surgery (something about his retina) and glasses. The first time he had his glasses on he said "I only see one mommy, and one daddy!" and my parents felt just awful for thinking he was running into things when he was clumsy!
16 Apr 2018 23:42 - +779
Until I had glasses, I always assumed that the words on the chalkboard were only seen by the kids in front row. I also had no idea that there were lines that connected from telephone pole to telephone pole. I'm so grateful to live in a time and place where I have access to good glasses
16 Apr 2018 21:23 - +683
Rick Moranis
16 Apr 2018 21:25 - +448
16 Apr 2018 21:37 - +400
I was waiting for the smile. Was not disappointed. His parents must have been so happy to see his response. No pun intended
16 Apr 2018 22:53 - +353
Haha that’s awesome. I have twin boys and one has been wearing Miraflex glasses since 6 months. Same reaction it was great knowing he could see! They both had stage 3+ retina detachment when they were born. Doc told us they will be lucky if they can tell if the lights are on or off. After weighing our options they both had a cancer treatment drug injected into their eyes and it reversed the process. They were actually the first two kids to have this done at Children’s hospital and now it’s the standard because of their success.
16 Apr 2018 21:08 - +187
So how do they determine the prescription for babies? Not like they can ask “Better 1 or 2?”
16 Apr 2018 21:58 - +121
Is it just me or was it supposed to be upside down ?
16 Apr 2018 22:49 - +97
[With sound. ](https://youtu.be/twKDbiXNp6g)
16 Apr 2018 22:29 - +68
He looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys
16 Apr 2018 22:48 - +34
it's 360p to HDR 1080p. when i got my last contacts, i couldn't help staring at people's faces because there was now so much detail. it's crazy. i hope i didnt freak some girls out, because i didn't realize a few at my office worse so much makeup.
16 Apr 2018 22:27 - +31
Is there a subreddit for this? I could watch babies putting on glasses for the first time for a good while.
16 Apr 2018 21:10 - +16
How do they perform eye exams on children this age? It's not like the babies can confirm if one lense is indeed better or worse? Why can't my eye doctor tell exactly what prescription is right for me without any of my input? Or, are baby glasses not an exactly perfect match and some sort of estimation? Hell, I want to know how they even get a baby to sit still long enough to be examined in the first place.
16 Apr 2018 23:45 - +14
The first time I got glasses I cried . There was a clock behind the receptionists desk about 10 feet or so away from me . Anyways I stared at it and saw how clear I could see the dots where minutes are marked . It was beautiful . My vision is progressively getting worse. But I’ll always remember that day.
16 Apr 2018 22:50 - +14
« I can see clearly now »
16 Apr 2018 23:06 - +14
These are called "Tomato Glasses" where I live. They were designed for children with Down Syndrome, as they tend to have a very soft nose bridge. As babies also have a very soft / not yet developed bridge, these stay on much better. They're super cute.
16 Apr 2018 23:38 - +12
16 Apr 2018 22:50 - +11
It be like that though! I remember getting my first pair of glasses in 1st grade. I was amazed by the individual leaves on the tree. I got home and ran around the neighborhood looking for my friends to tell them. Immediately got dizzy and fell on the ground. I laid on my back and stared at the tree for a bit.
16 Apr 2018 23:39 - +8
This always makes me happy seeing these type of videos. My mom didn’t realise until I was about six or seven that I need glasses and my eyesight to this day is really shot. We were in Kaiser waiting for medicine at the pharmacy and she’d say “hey Mvrio let me know when your name comes up and we can go back in line” to entertain me and keep me busy so what I would do is every minute or so I would get off my chair run to the board which read off the names, read it as I squinted my eyes, and then come back and say nope. After a while my mum noticed and then analysed me. Got the medicine, Played it off cool, got home immediately and made an appointment. She cried to my dad that night. Not even thinking about all the years of having a son to check if he can even see. To everyone out there, don’t be my mom lol
16 Apr 2018 22:49 - +7
Almost the exact same thing happened when we first put glasses on my son at about the age of one. He hated them until he realized the world was now much more interesting to look at.
16 Apr 2018 23:50 - +6
I remember the first time I put on glasses I was in 3rd grade My whole life up to the point had been a blur, and I never even knew it I wouldn't say my joy in that moment was without *theoretical equal*... But now having lived long enough to have gone to college, held down several jobs, been married and divorced and in love again... I still have never experienced anything like it

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